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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Think About It

Your Inner Voice
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

Do you have an inner voice? We all do, and whether we call it our conscience or something else, it is always with us. Sometimes it is a critical voice, a voice that condemns and attempts to control us. It is this voice that will often tell us how to act and what to do.

Do you ever feel guilty for not doing something? Do you have difficulty when people are upset with you? Do you like peace and tranquility? If you do then it is often this inner critical voice that attempts to silent your emotions and feelings in order to bring that harmony and tranquility into existence. What we need then becomes second to the establishment of peace. In reality we are conforming to the standards and wishes of those around us. Real or perceived, we are more apt to know what others want from us rather then what we want or need for ourselves. Perhaps you’re thinking, “But didn’t Christ say that we were to deny ourselves and take up His cross daily”? And of course the answer is yes, He has given us that command, but if you are in denial about the very things that you feel etc. then how can you deny something that you are already in denial about having?

Children, by their very nature, attempt to please their parents. It is a basic need in all of us as children to be accepted and nurtured. However, if for some reason we are not getting this we will learn a behavior where by we gain acceptance and nurturing through performance or by doing the “right” thing. Our value and worth then becomes based on what we do, rather than who we are. We grow up to be pleasers of people because we are still looking for acceptance for self. Sadly, this is quite common today. How does this happen? It gets passed on from generation to generation as part of our sin nature.

The Scriptures state that we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds, (Romans 12:1, 2), and that’s exactly what it will take. It is only His truth that will set the captives free, and that critical voice will keep you a prisoner. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

All these words, sentences, and paragraphs rambling on about God and the Scriptures. Do we really need all of this garb to explain positive self talk. No we do not...but the churches do. $$$

Anonymous said...

You described my personality, my life, my actions and beliefs. I knew I was always steered by other people's words desires and opinions, but never really thought along the lines in reference to your column. I've been in deep thought, and you are so right, so full of common sense. I've allowed myself to live according to other people's opinions and orders, afraid to do otherwise. I am by no means a young person, but maybe I can change and spend some quality time in Golden years. I thank you for your wisdoM and your words and thoughts placed on Solomons Words.

Anonymous said...

Great message Bernie, need to apply it to myself, we only answer to God, not man nor their opinions.
Enjoy reading your messages,& thank you for you spiritual insight, wisdom, & knowledge, God Bless YOU