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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump Takes McKean County By Storm, 64% Voter Turnout


Anonymous said...

Yes ! Yes !!!!!!!!
That is Awesome Donald Trump !!!!

Karen Cochran said...

Way to go McKean county!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad the white House is white again. The presidency is no place for a woman and America proved it last night. Now that's making history.

Anonymous said...

People down Bradford be like, Yo! Where my food stamps?!?!

Anonymous said...

I just thank God for having mercy on us & America that He chose Donald Trump to bring America back to being GREAT again

Anonymous said...

you voted for him?? you own it now. When your teenaged son is killed on a foreign battlefield three years from now, i hope you're proud of your vote,

Anonymous said...

Hoe many Americans killed in Benghazi & Killarys comment;
"What difference does it make ?"
I sure am proud of my vote, TRUMP
No more babies will be killed,
MNo more partial/ birth abortions
No more selling baby parts
We will support Isreal,
No more lies, corruption, etc,
You voted for someone who is ok with killing innocent little babies, WOW!!

Anonymous said...

But It Was OK For "FOUR" of our military men killed IN Benghazi &
CLintons remark...............

Apparently she didn't care & why would she care now ???? I think not !!!!
Listen God is the one who put TRUMP in there, Trump was God's choice, God is God & that's it !!! Many Christians were praying & we prevailed, There is Power in prayer & it proved itself getting on our knees to pray !!

Anonymous said...

I went to the cemetery just before I voted and I asked my Dad and God to help us.
My Dad was a WWII Vet. A working man with a hard life. I asked God not to let all the Veterans from the world wars and before, who made this country great, be forgotten and shamed by Hillary and Obama and all the democrats and liberals.
I asked for Trump to be elected'
I haven't been to church for years.
I believe my prayers were answered. Thank you God. Thank you Dad
God bless America.

Anonymous said...

Awe, 5:36, very touching story & I believe with you, God heard your hearts cry & answered your prayers honey, I believe God chose Donald Trump to give us back America, GOD BLESS ANERICA

Anonymous said...

Totally amazing how many welfare recipeints voted trump just to fit in and follow the majority. Little do they know by doing so they voted for their free ride to come to an abrupt end.They will be forced to take a minimum wage job somewhere and have them their families starve. No more steak n shrimp on he ole EBT card! Hope you all love Ramen Noodles for every meal!