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Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Law Enhances Texting Penalties In Crashes With Injury Ot Death


Anonymous said...

this isn't going to do anything ... people will still do it.. You know the other day I was messing with my radio in the car while driving and i went off the road .... As Hilary would say "What difference does it make" I was distracted and that's all texting is.. a Distraction.. Why don't they make a Device that scrambles ones' phone if driving.. Won't be able to text cause it isn't available.. Enuf said!

Anonymous said...

How about a devise that prevents a vehicle from starting if a cell or other electronic devise is inside the vehicle and disables the vehicle if it is brought in after starting the vehicle.

dingleberry said...

How about sharks with laser beams on their heads!

Anonymous said...

How about if you do like I do. One eye on your phone, the other on the road. I've never so much as crossed the yellow line, its called coordination people.

Jimmy Crackorn said...

How about you people just pull your heads out of your butts and drive responsibly??? it that difficult?

Anonymous said...