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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Elk County Approves 2017 Budget With 1.5 Mill Tax Jump

Elk County approves tax increase, attributes hike to 'the failings of humanity'

By Katie Weidenboerner katiew@thecourierexpress.com
DuBois Courier Express

RIDGWAY – In a special meeting Wednesday, the Elk County Commissioners approved the 2017 budget with a 1.5 mill tax increase.

The 1.5 mill tax increase bridges a $630,000 shortfall.

The hike would mean the average taxpayer with a $50,000 home would pay $43 more annually than the $366 in taxes that they currently pay to the county.

In 2017, the county will see a $12,700,752 operational budget and overall budget of $37,043,662. Read more...


Anonymous said...

100 years ago a single piece of rope served justice and cost the taxpayer very little!

Anonymous said...

I guarantee I could make cuts in places that aren't needed that would be equivalent to what increase is needed. It's amazing how our households need to live within a budget, or make cuts, but our government just asks for more money. Hire 1 more person to help curb the drug problem? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

What those who voted for whathisname don't realize is that this is the beginning of many, many local tax increases. he says he is going to cut federal taxes so who makes up the shortfall in income? We the locals do, exactly like this, pay more local tax. The Feds cut money to the states, who then cut money to the local municipalities who then have to raise taxes to cover their shortfall of the expected money. You cannot cut income (tax) without cutting spending (state funding), even a failed businessman should realize that. Or maybe that failed businessman doesn't, that's why he has bankrupted so many businesses and owes BILLIONS OF $$ to Russian and Chinese banks.
Unfortunately there are some murder cases but what this demonstrates is that the increased court costs that takes up so much tax revenue is caused not just by drugs. It is caused by the continued alcohol use and abuse. As someone said previously, every dollar in alcohol revenue gained is offset by spending eight dollars to deal with the "failings of society" with a large portion caused by alcohol. Yet our government continues to promote more alcohol use which then becomes abuse. Then we all bear the increased costs of the court system, CYS, foster families, jail, public defenders, parole officers and on and on. Look at the court dockets and individual cases, the vast majority has alcohol involved. So now what?

Anonymous said...

Amen 6:45 pm, you are so RIGHT, I witness to everything you said, bottom line is we as the hard working people pay for every bit of it !!!! I often wonder when ? If it will ever end ? We even have to keep on working after we retire & this is very sad, can't enjoy life......taxes, taxes, taxes, !!!!

Anonymous said...

So if federal tax is cut (less tax good) and you make up the difference locally (more tax bad) then there is no change on the actual tax rate you pay as an individual. Your taxes stay in the state and are used in your state and county. And this is bad? You people are unbelievable. Your complaining about tax cuts and paying more taxes in the same breath. Taxes are how we function as a society. I for one would rather pay more local tax for a police officer that I will see than more bail outs to a state that I have no interaction with, or could care less if it fell into the ocean.