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Thursday, December 15, 2016

G2 Gymnastics – Uzelac Results

Pictured L-R:
Front: Kira Lee, Hanna Wysocki
1st Row: Emily Proctor, Morgan Mattison, Sayedie-Skye Fields, Ashley Oswald
2nd Row: Brielle Fidurko, Hanna Fleniken, Irelyn Rounsville, Kate Mitchell, Aeralyn Salada, Kaylee Oswald, Natalie McDowell
Back Row: Emma Saulter, Selin Sumer, Madison Cady, Danica Yates, Samantha Proctor, Emma Chamber, Kara Longo, Laci Miller

Recently, G2 Gymnastics of Shinglehouse traveled to Johnstown, PA for the Kristal Uzelac Invitational hosted by Uzelac Gymnastics. Many gymnasts were in attendance from PA and MD. Twenty-two members represented G2 Gymnastics at the event. The Level 2 and Level 3 Team brought home the 2nd place team award. G2 received almost 90 individual awards including all around champions: Kira Lee, Kaylee Oswald, and Kara Longo; and event champions: vault -Kira Lee, Brielle Fidurko, Kaylee Oswald, Kara Longo; bars -Kira Lee; beam -Emily Proctor, Kaylee Oswald, Ashley Oswald, Kara Longo, Selin Sumer; and floor – Emily Proctor, Kara Longo.

G2 Gymnastics had 3 more gymnasts qualify to the PA State Competition held this spring. Congratulations to Level 3: Danica Yates, Level 4: Samantha Proctor, and XCEL Gold: Kara Longo.

After the holidays, G2 Gymnastics will be attending the Stars & Stripes Invitational hosted by Erie Gymnastics Center at the Bayfront Convention Center that will include over 1,700 competing gymnasts.

If you are interested in a great small town, family operated program, we invite you to join our gym family. We offer classes starting at 3 years old including preschool, progressive, tumbling, and competitive programs. No experience necessary! We also offer sibling and bring a friend discounts. We provide open registration – Pre-register at any time during our session at or email for more information. Our next session begins January 7th. Classes are filling quickly so please register asap!

Top 3 All Around Winners:
1st Place: Kira Lee, Kaylee Oswald, Kara Longo; 2nd Place: Aeralyn Salada, Hannah Fleniken, Emma Saulter; 3rd Place: Emily Proctor, Selin Sumer

Top 3 Event Winners:
VAULT: 1st Place: Kira Lee, Brielle Fidurko, Kaylee Oswald, Kara Longo; 2nd Place: Aeralyn Salada, Hannah Fleniken, Irelyn Rounsville, Danica Yates, Emma Saulter; 3rd Place: Emily Proctor, Laci Miller
BARS: 1st Place: Kira Lee; 2nd Place: Aeralyn Salada, Danica Yates, Kara Longo; 3rd Place: Emma Saulter
BEAM: 1st Place: Emily Proctor, Kaylee Oswald, Ashley Oswald, Kara Longo, Selin Sumer; 2nd Place: Kate Mitchell; 3rd Place: Irelyn Rounsville
FLOOR: 1st Place: Emily Proctor, Kara Longo; 2nd Place: Morgan Mattison; 3rd Place: Kate Mitchell, Emma Chambers, Kaylee Oswald.

9.0 CLUB:
VAULT: Level 2: Aeralyn Salada-9.025, Kira Lee-9.0; Level 3:Irelyn Rounsville-9.40, Brielle Fidurko-9.25, Kaylee Oswald-9.25, Danica Yates-9.25; Level 6: Emma Saulter-9.525
BARS: Level 2: Kira Lee-9.0
BEAM: Level 2:Emily Proctor-9.025; Level 3: Kaylee Oswald-9.0; Level 4: Ashley Oswald-9.25, Samantha Proctor-9.05; XG: Kara Longo-9.05; Level 6: Selin Sumer-9.20
FLOOR: Level 3: Kaylee Oswald-9.05; XG: Kara Longo-9.30; Level 6: Emma Saulter-9.20

34.00: Level 2:Morgan Mattison-34.05, Hannah Fleniken-34.55, Emily Proctor-34.35, Emma Cambers-34.075; Level 3:Brielle Fidurko-34.45, Danica Yates-34.325; Level 6: Laci Miller-34.10, Selin Sumer-34.90
35.00: Level 2: Kira Lee-35.10; Level 3: Irelyn Rounsville-35.35, Kaylee Oswald-35.50; XG: Kara Longo-35.65; Level 6: Emma Saulter-35.95

Full Meet Results:
Kate Mitchell: vault-8.45-5th, bars-7.15-7th, beam-8.45-2nd, floor-8.325-3rd, AA-32.375-4th
Aeralyn Salada: vault-9.025-2nd, bars-7.85-2nd, beam-7.45-8th, floor-8.225-4th, AA-32.55-2nd
Morgan Mattison: vault-8.40-7th, bars-8.50-5th, beam-8.325-9th, floor-8.825-2nd, AA-34.05-5th
Madison Cady: vault-8.65-5th, bars-7.40-9th, beam-8.35-8th, floor-8.475-6th, AA-32.875-8th
Hannah Fleniken: vault-8.90-2nd, bars-8.40-6th, beam-8.70-4th, floor-8.55-4th, AA-34.55-2nd
Emily Proctor: vault-8.80-3rd, bars-7.60-8th, beam-9.025-1st, floor-8.925-1st, AA-34.35-3rd
Sayedie-Skye Fields: vault-8.45-6th, bars-7.0-10th, beam-8.10-10th, floor-8.30-8th, AA-31.85-9th

Kira Lee: vault-9.0-1st, bars-9.0-1st, beam-8.55-5th, floor-8.55-4th, AA-35.10-1st
Emma Chambers: vault-8.70-4th, bars-8.20-7th, beam-8.525-6th, floor-8.65-3rd, AA-34.075-4th

Irelyn Rounsville: vault-9.40-2nd, bars-8.10-6th, beam-8.95-3rd, floor-8.90-4th, AA-35.35-4th
Brielle Fidurko: vault-9.25-1st, bars-7.60, beam-8.85-4th, floor-8.75-5th, AA-34.45-6th
Kaylee Oswald: vault-9.25-1st, bars-8.20-4th, beam-9.0-1st, floor-9.05-3rd, AA-35.50-1st
Hanna Wysocki: vault-8.90-6th, bars-6.85, beam-7.90, floor-8.55, AA-32.20-12th
Genecis Easton: vault-8.50, bars-7.95, beam-7.10, floor-8.675, AA-32.225-13th
Natalie McDowell: vault: 8.65, bars-8.30-5th, beam-8.20, floor-6.95, AA-32.10-8th
Danica Yates: vault-9.25-2nd, bars-8.75-2nd, beam-7.65, floor-8.675-5th, AA-34.325-4th

Ashley Oswald: vault-8.35, bars-7.20, beam-9.25-1st, floor-8.70-6th, AA-33.50-9th
Samantha Proctor: vault-8.275, bars-7.80, beam-9.05-4th, floor-8.675, AA-33.80-7th
Kara Longo: vault-8.70-1st, bars-8.60-2nd, beam-9.05-1st, floor-9.30-1st, AA-35.65-1st

Laci Miller: vault-8.80-3rd, bars-8.0, beam-8.35, floor-8.95, AA-34.10-8th
Selin Sumer: vault-8.45, bars-8.30-4th, beam-9.20-1st, floor-8.95, AA-34.90-3rd
Emma Saulter: vault-9.525-2nd, bars-8.475-3rd, beam-8.75-6th, floor-9.20-4th, AA-35.95-2nd

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