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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Potter County Women’s Center will remain open

Black Forest Broadcasting

The Potter County Women’s Center will remain open after the first of the year, but under a different operation. 

The possible closure came to light when the 2017 County Budget did not include funding for the center. The Center, located at the former Northern Tier Children’s Home in Harrison Valley was originally funded by a state grant and the Potter County Commissioners were hopeful that women sent there by other counties would help to keep the Center financially viable. But the population dropped and there recently were no placements from other counties. 

Commissioner Susan Kefover, in response to a question from Black Forest Broadcasting, explained at yesterday’s board meeting, the Center will be operated by The Northern Tier Children’s Home with counseling provided by Potter County Human Services. 

Kefover explained that NTCH no longer has a childrens’ home, but offers several other services, including resale shops in Genesee, Harrison Valley and Port Allegany and provides units for the homeless. 

Potter County contracts with the non-profit organization for homeless housing which is provided to anyone in need, including families who have lost their home due to fire or other situations.


Anonymous said...

Actually there were not any placements from Potter County either and just one woman being held there. That was in the newspaper 3 or 4 weeks ago. There is no way that place can be kept "financially viable" without getting the county money and I'm glad the commissioner's bit the bullet and said enough is enough when the grant ran out. How is the staff going to be paid? Are the directors of the Childrens Home going to bankrupt the Childrens Home and bankrupt the Potter County Human Services fighting this loosing battle?

Anonymous said...

How are the Amish connected with this, and don't tell me they are not cause I know for a fact they are?? what part do they have in this?

Anonymous said...

if it Is NO longer a Children's home maybe a name change is in order

Anonymous said...

I do know the Resale shops used to fund lots of money to them until the GoodWill took a big chunk of their business, the one in Port needs to drop their prices or they'll end up going out of business, people are going to go to Goodwill on Sun/Mon .49 cent days,You can get really nice things there, it's a very nice Store in Coudersport, the money is not here anymore,the county can not afford to keep it running & it is a losing battle I agree !!

Anonymous said...

Are the senior staff salary a reason for the financial Problems? If there are no clients,no income should be viable.. Hope things get better for those who do need the help.

Anonymous said...

The commissioners touted this as being so successful and a model for the state. They even accepted awards. Were they just just trying to convince us or themselves? Seems like once again, we are not being told the whole story. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the commissioners, it was Human Resources!

Anonymous said...

It was successful for a long time and Judge Minor, District Attorney Watson, Probation Supervisor Mosher and others received an award which was written up in the paper and on here. Why wouldn't they accept the award if it was being presented to them for something that was successful? But then the number of women sentenced there declined so the center wasn't financially feasible and they did what they had to do. That's the "whole story" isn't it? Why do certain people always assume there is some hidden conspiracy with everything that happens?

Anonymous said...

Okay 9:04, this is the story that was on Solomons' Words in June 2015. It was about more than just the Women's Center:

Potter County’s three-phased criminal justice restructuring initiative received statewide recognition during an awards luncheon in State College.

The Pennsylvania Committee on County Criminal Justice System Best Practices for the 21st Century announced that Potter County is winner of the Jail Overcrowding Best Practices Award for 2015. John Wetzel, Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections, presented the award. Secretary Wetzel prefaced the award with a summary of the strides that have been taken in recent years to address the causes of both juvenile and adult criminal activity in Pennsylvania.

He cited changes that have been implemented in Potter County as an example. “This focus on evidence-based outcomes is relatively new,” he said. “We’ve recognized our responsibility to assess, reform and get better outcomes.” Wetzel and two other speakers cited the results of a more coordinated and comprehensive approach to criminal justice — emphasizing strides that have been taken in reducing the number of re-offenders.

Potter County’s entry was titled, “If It’s Broke, Fix It!”

It detailed a multi-agency initiative to implement a DUI Specialty Court/Drug Specialty Court, a Women’s Residential Rehabilitation Center, and a Re-Entry Program for men who are within a month of their release from the Potter County Jail.

Each element of the criminal justice restructuring project is designed to encourage and support eligible offenders in their efforts to become more responsible citizens, lessening the likelihood that they’ll return to criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

I still want to know where the money goes from those resale shops. There IS NO children's home. So all those donations and the profits from their sale - where does that go? This has seemed like a scam for several years now, since the children were taken out of the picture. This is a FOR PROFIT situation taking advantage of the general public's generosity....isn't it? I quit shopping at the resale shops - not because of Goodwill - because I don't feel that using non-existent children to make money is something I want to support.