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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Attorney General Drops Charges In Baby Selling Case Against Coudersport Attorney Jarett Smith & 3 Others

Charges dropped in Pa. baby-selling case

By Matt Miller |
More than seven years after the prosecution began, the state attorney general's office has withdrawn charges against a Potter County lawyer and three others accused in a baby-selling case.

Jarett Smith
Attorney George Stenhach, who represents embattled lawyer Jarett Smith, said he received a letter from the AG's office on Thursday notifying him of the prosecution's decision to drop the charges.

Jeff Johnson, a spokesman for the AG's office confirmed the withdrawal.

A review conducted by his agency "showed the evidence that remains more than seven years after the charges were filed is insufficient," Johnson said. "We moved to withdraw the charges because the remaining evidence would not have resulted in a successful prosecution."

The case, lodged in Potter County Court, had taken a yo-yo course. It seemed to be dead once before when the presiding judge dismissed the charges in 2013 on grounds that prosecutors had taken too long to bring Smith and the other defendants to trial.

However, this past March a state Superior Court panel overturned that dismissal and revived the case.

The case was more than a little unusual.

It began in 2009 when former Potter County President Judge John Leete gave a tip to a state trooper. The judge said he had learned that Smith had tried unsuccessfully to buy one baby and had bought another baby from a new mom, Krista Eveland.  Read more...


Anonymous said...

That figures judge leete at the core of it ! I thought judges are held at a higher standard than being a snitch ! Guess not !

Anonymous said...

4:36 so your saying if you had learned that there was black market baby trafficking true or false you wouldn't contact the state police and let them investigate it?
Some people are so naïve. yeah that means you 4:36

Anonymous said...

Poster 4:36, really? You think it's OK to buy & sell babies?!! I would be thankful he gave troopers a tip! This was morally, ethically wrong for anyone, yet a lawyer! His career is ruined, that is some justice. Scum bag should see jail time & the others involved also!

Joe Dirt said...

Not saying that it's right, but I would rather see babies being sold to families that want them than having the government subsidize the abortion and killing of them to harvest baby parts under the false guise of "planned parenthood".

Anonymous said...

Well in todays world it's ok for planned parent hood to sell baby's body parts and there are a ton of so called adoption agencies that take money for getting baby's from pregnant mothers . What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

When will people understand if someone has established credibility in their life and has money there really isn't much they can't get away with. We see it every day so why act shocked I'm definitely not..

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe ... The child would've had a chance for a better life... just saying...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe Dirt... The child would've had a chance for a better future.... guess you should know all the details ... just saying...

Anonymous said...

Snitching is admirable and honorable.

Tony said...

money talks... bullshit walks

Kirsten Wolfe said...

So, did he commit a crime or not? If his relation want to adopt a baby they must realize they broke the law by giving the bio mom cash rather than going about a legal adoption. They should have just gone about it legally and then no harm would have come to anyone. It just doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I go with that post(Snitching is admirable and honorable.)It is a way of life out in Potter County!

Anonymous said...

you people are idiots!! There are professions where reporting a crime is required and even some that are mandated by law. Usually those are admirable type professions but for all you druggies out there...yes, reporting a crime (usually in an effort to minimize or get yourself out of a crime) is called snitching.

Anonymous said...

Big effin surprise. You're either part of the club, or you're not.