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Sunday, February 12, 2017

First Presbyterian and Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church of Galeton, 2-12-17

by Martha Pennell,

Women’s monthly Bible study is Wednesday, February 15th, at 3:15 pm at Saint Paul’s Lutheran church. 

Both Session and Deacons of First Presbyterian church meet after church February 19th. 

The Lenten Seder meal will be held Thursday, April 13th, at 6 pm at First Presbyterian church. Planning is initiated with sign-up sheets for needed supplies, and for attendance on the office door. 

Please continue to leave items for the GalePride after school program in the kitchen of either church. 

In his sermon, “In Defense of Pharisees…to a point,” Pastor Roger said Babylonians conquered and deported the Israelites for 70-some years. 

When the Israelites returned to Jerusalem they found rubble and devastation almost too much to bear. Decrees and laws dating back to Moses had been violated. 

A new class of leaders, Scribes and Pharisees (lawyers) arose. Their motive of wanting to restore Israel was to perfectly keep the laws. They insisted upon the letter of the law. 

This was exemplified in Nehemiah 12: 15-21 (Do not sell on the Sabbath, keep it holy). 

With the Pharisees, it was “my way or the highway!” 

Pastor Roger believes Matthew 23 is what put Jesus on the cross (Jesus exclaims, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” eight times and explains why each time). 

Pastor Roger believes our nation is almost divided as it was during the Civil War due to being governed by Pharisees. 

As we become secular our congregations must speak and work together. Dr. Billy Graham drew many into God’s kingdom by working with all churches. 

There is more that unites us than divides us. Let us remove vestiges of “Phariseeism” so we can be what Jesus and God want us to be!


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the feckless lawyers, LOL! Pastor Roger is right that we are divided. As it says in the Good Book, we should not judge and in fact judging is hanus. We should love one another as we are all God's children and to target people based on religion or country of origin is also hanus. Big government should not be so ultra liberal as to want to control a woman's health or womb or other body part. It is very unamerican in that it infringes on a constitutional right. Treasonous, really. And it is about as left wing liberal as you can get when it comes to the government intruding on our personal rights.

Anonymous said...

Good points 6:51. Hope the current regime in Washington follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

I what 6:51 said is what that sermon was about, then I for one do not want anything to do with such a Liberal church.

Anonymous said...

The message was about unity so what 6:51 was saying was that Pastor Roger was right in calling for us to work together. And the teachings of Jesus about tolerance, acceptance, loving one another and seeing those who are different than us as God's children and His creation are things we need to bear in mind. 6:51 was also pointing out that people who want to deny a woman her constitutional and God-given right to control her own womb and her own body are part of the liberal "government knows best" philosophy. I get it and I agree. These same people are opposed to "family planning" and want Big Brother Government to dictate that you must have a certain number of children. So if you have sex and conceive then Big Brother Government wants to force you to just keep adding kids to your family, even though the constitution ( the law of the land ) prohibits Big Brother Government from forcing that on your family.

Anonymous said...

Let's get the abortion debate out of this and focus on the message that Martha so eloquently summarized here. Love one another! Bridge the divisions with God's love and the teachings of Jesus Christ. You folks can debate abortion on some other forum, please.

Anonymous said...

Spell check please. It is HAYNOUS probably from french derivatives and not HANUS!

Anonymous said...

Spell ck "Heinous"

Kathy said...

Well, Martha, glad to see people are reading your weekly posts. Thank you for your faithfulness each week with your inspirational messages.

Anonymous said...

Hey 829 your haynous yourself. No parlay view da francay? That's stupid how you spelled it.

Anonymous said...

3:30 pm, take it up with the so called Dictionary.......8:29 spells it right,
It's heinous.....correct spelling..
It's not haynous.....