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Monday, February 13, 2017

Galeton Borough Council Regular Meeting February 8, 2017

The regular meeting of the Galeton Borough Council was held this date in the Borough Office with the following members present: Michael J. Messino, Doug Droppa, Ron Tarabori, Rob Pflug, Joe Petrencsik and Denny Dean.

Others present were Mayor Salvadge; Solicitor-Mike Plummer; Chief Brackman; Michelle Batterson; Library Board President-Rabbit Jensen; and Borough Secretary-Andrea Caracciolo.

President Messino called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM followed by the Pledge to the flag.


After reviewing, a motion was made by Rob Pflug, seconded by Ron Tarabori approving the 1/11/17 minutes as presented. All were in favor, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

After reviewing, a motion was made by Rob Pflug, seconded by Joe Petrenscik approving the treasurer’s report for Jan/Feb. 2017 as presented. All were in favor, motion carried.

Citizen Participation

Rabbit Jensen, the new Library Board President, attended the meeting to present a list of the current library board members to be approved by Council. The following is a list of current members for the 2017-2018 term: Rabbit Jensen, President; Sue Miller, Vice President; Karen Werner, Treasurer; Renee Kratz, Secretary; Rebecca Brown; Jean Hess; Beth Lounsbury; Ernestine Lovell; and Debby Paul.

A motion was made by Ron Tarabori, seconded by Joe Petrenscik appointing and approving the current board list. All were in favor, motion carried.

Michelle Batterson, representative for the Gale Pride After School Program, attended the meeting to inform the Council that funds are needed for the program. She explained that there are approximately 75 students registered for the program which of approx. 35 attend per day. This is way beyond what they expected to register. She said that they have an exercise program, followed by a full meal, due to the length of time from when these students ate their lunch till the time they go home and then an activity period. 

She said that it costs approx. $40.00/day to feed the children a full meal instead of snacks and their funds were getting low. She told Council that the GalePride board met and axed the meal due to running out of money. Michelle feels that it is important to have the full meal and is out trying to gather sponsors for the meals. She said that it would be great if someone could sponsor one day, one day a week or one day a month or whatever was possible. At this time she had one sponsor that is sponsoring one day a week until the end of this school year.

Committee Reports

Doug gave a description of the grant we are applying for through the Potter County Conservation District. It is a low volume, dirt or gravel road grant. We are applying for the grant to do First Street from Railroad Avenue to Third Street. The grant will cover storm sewer separation and paving. The maximum amount of grant we can receive is $45,000. The project totals approx. $81,000. If other avenues of grant money can be applied for and obtained the project may extend from Head Avenue to First and from Third to Fifth St. (Fairview Avenue). Also, the Authority was asked if they would consider new water and sewer lines while the road was dug up. The Authority would if grant monies could be obtained. They couldn’t commit without a total price and grants available.
The Borough is still going to submit the grant app for the Railroad Ave. to Third St. section. This grant would be for 2018/2019.
A motion was made by Joe Petrencsik, seconded by Denny Dean approving the submission of the grant application to the Potter County Conservation District. All were in favor, motion carried.

Police Report

Chief Brackman presented his monthly report with the following:

Traffic Warnings - 14
Traffic Citations - 13
Non traffic citations - 5
Criminal Arrests - 2
Open cases - 12

The Code Enforcement report was also discussed regarding the letters that have been sent out on code violations. Three dangerous structure violation letters have been sent and one unregistered, uninspected vehicle violation sent. The three that received the dangerous structures violations have 30 days to present a plan and 60 days to complete it. The Council said there would be no exceptions. If a plan wasn’t submitted within the 30 days or a hearing requested before Council then they would be cited.

Borough Secretary

The secretary told Council that she had a message from Carol Hoke, a real estate agent from Howard Hanna on the Brosius property on East Main Street. She said that the property across the street from the house, which is the embankment off Route 6 that abutts the school property was available and would the Borough consider purchasing it or taking it in lieu of a lien. Council is not interested.

The Mayor made a proclamation of April being PA One Call Safe digging month as requested from PA One Call.


Mike Plummer informed Council that negotiations with Benesch over the Wetmore project are concluded. The Authority will be receiving a check in the amount of $40,000 as settlement for the Wetmore project infiltration gallery never operating correctly and the Authority having to rectify the problem with the help of Larson Design Group.

The Solicitor was asked as to what the status is of the sale of the old ambulance building. He said that their solicitor had two minor issues with the title search, but that he has helped her resolve them and the closing should take place in the next couple weeks.

A motion was made by Ron Tarabori, seconded by Joe Petrencsik adopting Resolution 2-2017 concurring with the Potter County Commissioners merging the Potter County Visitor’s Association with the Tioga County Tourist Promotion Agency. All were in favor, motion carried.


A motion was made by Ron Tarabori, seconded by Rob Pflug to advertise the Notice of Intent to adopt Ordinance 368 of 2017 ordaining Henry Lush Lane as a Borough Street. All were in favor, motion carried. After the ordinance is adopted the Borough will begin receiving Liquid Fuel money from the State for the maintenance of the Union Street entrance into the park and to the library.

Old Business

Rob Pflug asked the secretary where the Authority’s vacant seat was advertised. He said that the Authority was curious because they didn’t see the ad. The secretary told Council that it was advertised in the Potter Leader, the Valley/Mountain Express (Proofs of Publication are on file in the office), the Borough of Galeton’s Facebook page and Solomon’s Word. There were no responses.

Rob told Council that he spoke to the Chamber about getting the Christmas lights off the street light poles. They contacted who put them up and told him that it would be done this week.

Rob told Council that he would like to give his opinion on the collection of water and sewer delinquencies. He feels that the Authority should continue to do so after all that they did this past year to get the delinquencies down. Mike Messino said that he agrees that the Authority did a great job on getting the delinquent accounts down and has no problem with them continuing to do so but that there should be one member designated to be the go to fellow when a customer has a question or a problem and needs to speak to the Authority.

A motion was made by Joe Petrencsik, seconded by Rob Pflug designating the Authority Chairman as the go to representative of the Authority for customers with extenuating circumstances to talk to and then l take to the rest of the Board for an answer. All were in favor, motion carried. It was noted that the current policy in place will be strictly followed unless there is a rare case that needs to be brought to the Board’s attention. The current policy is that the customer must pay ½ of the delinquency and the balance paid off in six months.

President Messino appointed Rob Pflug, Joe Petrencsik and Doug Droppa to a committee that is to review the current Water and Sewer Operations and Maintenance Agreements between the Authority and Council to see if there need to be any updates. The auditors are recommending that this take place. The Authority and the Council are both to review and give opinions.

The agreement from Larson Design Group was once again tabled until the Authority decides what they are going to do with their agreement.

New Business

Rob Pflug said seeing that the Police have to give a monthly report on what they do for the previous month, that he would like a report done on what the Borough crew does for the previous month so that in case people complain or have questions as to what they do, the Council will have answers.

Rob told Council that at the Authority meeting it was decided to purchase phase protectors for the pumps at the Wetmore at the cost of approx. $1,000 for both. This will save the expense of $900.00 to get the pump calibrated every time the electric goes off.
He told Council that Joe had the water inspection the other week and it went real well.

Rob told Council that it was brought up that the pump house at the sewer plant needs a new roof. It has been leaking for quite a while. Bob Lehman was going to be notified to see if he could put a metal roof on it.

Rob also brought up that he was told that there is a list of houses that need their meter replaced and wondered if any have been replaced yet because two dozen meters were purchased for this reason. Trixie is to prepare a list of houses that need meters replaced and present to Council for their next meeting.

A motion was made by Joe Petrencsik, seconded by Ron Tarabori appointing Rob Pflug to fill the vacant seat on the Authority for a five year term. Motion carried with Rob Pflug abstaining.


A motion was made by Joe Petrencsik, seconded by Doug Droppa to pay the bills for the month of February 2017 as presented. All were in favor, motion carried.


A motion was made by Denny Dean, seconded by Rob Pflug to adjourn. All were in favor, motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 9:13 PM.

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Anonymous said...

well i see another increase in water and sewage rates......start making people pay.....really getting tired of this