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Friday, February 10, 2017


Hi Jim,

I wanted to pass this information on. Today I received two separate calls, both of them were on my cell phone. The callers said they were calling to "extend my vehicle's warranty". They immediately asked me for my personal information. I told them I needed their personal information first. 

The NJ number (551) 258-8010 Bayonne, NJ immediately hung up. The Clarion number (814) 297-9384 Clarion, PA did give me a name, something like John Smith. I asked him which vehicle this was for and he said that "unfortunately the sheet came over blank". 

Sure it did! 

I told him the only vehicle I'm currently driving is my 2016 Tesla! (Ha, I wish). I said that it's still under warranty. 

Click! Gone!

These lowlifes are getting slicker and slicker. I do get a lot of out of town numbers calling me that I don't recognize that I have to answer due to my job. Most times, I will pick up and not say anything, if they are legit, they will say my name or ask for me. The scammers usually hang right up.

I could not imagine sitting in some call center all day long for the sole purpose of scamming and stealing from anyone and everyone. So sad that there are people like this in the world.

Thanks Jim for posting this.


Anonymous said...

I had 2 of these calls come on my cell as well. They knew what kind of vehicle I had and wanted to know if I wanted to discuss my options for coverage and I said no I don't and I hung up. I have had numerous calls on my home phone from Clarion. The answering machine picks up the calls on my home phone but they never leave a message.

Anonymous said...

Sounds unusual, but I keep them on the phone as long as I can. I know it's a scam, my thinking is it's fun to mess with them (you can hear the excitement in their voices sometimes) and the longer I keep them on the phone the less of chance they have of hooking someone!

Anonymous said...

I have recieved ones on the cell an they ask for ken or keith when you say no one here by that name well whats you name I can talk to you BS you can hang up

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing. They are always calling me and telling me I have a computer problem and I just laugh cause I know better!!!

Tony said...

seattle washington 206 282 2781 and ft. meyers fl. are some more. told me my warranty was run out ... I said no shit, my truck is a 1978. click

JP said...

I had one call me about "coverage options" for my vehicle.. I told them I drive a golf cart with a lift kit and a nos fuel injection system... They hung up.. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

when I get a call I do not recognize I put on my answer machine. If they want me they will ask or leave a message. other wise they hand up if it is a robo call.

Anonymous said...

Just last week I got a call on my landline they said they were the State Police and would I like to make a donation. It came up as an Erie number. I have gotten these State Police calls many times. I always hang up on them. I was told the police never calls asking for money.