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Friday, April 21, 2017

Genesee Township: Miller and Luce were not elected

Genesee Township

We have a very important election coming up in Genesee Township on May 16. Here are some very interesting facts to consider:

Miller and Luce were not elected. They were appointed by previous Supervisors.

The Citizens have been overcharged in the past for Solid Waste services, and Luce and Miller have been repeatedly questioned about this overcharge. At an open meeting, Miller and Luce voted to continue to run Solid Waste for 2017 as they did in 2016. Last year, the township charged taxpayers $23,732.12 just for labor, plus $16,718.00 just for the use of the township pickup. (the Township could buy a new truck every two years at that rate on just what they make on Solid Waste, and in the end, Solid Waste has nothing to show for that outrageous amount of money). With the tipping fees at Gold, which is roughly $8,000.00 per year, the total from Miller and Luce runs around $48,000.00 for Solid Waste pickup.

An accounting furnished by taxpayers to the Township, shows that all garbage could be collected in accordance with our Solid Waste Ordinance for around $21,000.00 per year, still leaving around $5,000.00 surplus in ending balance. That means that you are being overcharged by $27,000.00 each year!

It is time we make a change and elect supervisors who will be responsible with our money. What happened in the past can't be changed, but you can change what happens in the future. Use your vote to tell Luce and Miller they've got to go.

(Paid for by friends of the candidates)


Anonymous said...

So just whom do you support as friends of the candidates?

Anonymous said...

seems excessive.. We pay 18.50 in our area and that to me is excessive since we only toss one bag of garbage every week.. that's 5 bucks and some change..a week doesn't really seem like much I guess... so i'm good ... lol

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, "friends of the candidates," I politely suggest that you become informed on registration requirements for political organizations or committees in Pennsylvania. This law assures transparency in the finest traditions of free and open elections. There is no public record of your registration, which would require revealing your identity so that the public might have some standard by which to assess your comments.

Anonymous said...

So where is the remainder of all the money in collection fees??? $40,000 roughly as a balance and no accredit ability of where it is?? Or am I just missing something??

Anonymous said...

For the love, really? This has been spelled out at several meetings, at last month's meeting a tax payer brought figures what it cost back in 1981 and 82, more than we pay any of you three oe 4 listen to anything being said at meetings??? You have done nothing but cost us the taxpayers over 10,000.00 in attorney fees with a lawsuit against every taxpayer in this town.Residents we all should be very fearful of what may happen to our lil town due to what "they" think is going on and not having facts. This a ploy people..a ploy, certain people are doing nothing but causing issues for our town, is this what we want? Do you like our taxes as they are??? I certainly do, be very careful of what you believe in these articles that "they" are writing. I am not identifying myself as these certain few have many of us targeted, sad but true. I say if you don't like the fees for garbage move!

Not afraid to share my name, Susan Williams said...

This makes me chuckle. The Solid Waste Fund is self- supporting. PERIOD.
But look at it this way.. apparently the "friends of the candidate" have emptied their toy box of tactics and merely have this broken record to resort to. It's those that lack common sense and common courtesy that care to listen to this old song & dance that is full of accusations, half truths and theories that can't be verified or trusted.

Anonymous said...

I hope the residents of Genesee clearly see that the other party (not Miller & Luce) have resorted to tactics of defamation of character and libel through their repeated false allegations and statements, both written and verbal, at public township meetings and written postings. The community should see through this and choose the candidates who are looking out for the best interest of the community.

It is clearly a conflict of interest for Mr. Thompson to be a township supervisor while also suing the township. As we all know he has stuck Genesee residents with over $10,000 in legal fees, and yet refuses to address the nature of the lawsuit in township meetings. His demanding and unprofessional speaking at township meetings is clear evidence of his lack of character and ability to be a fiduciary of the township. He consistently makes false allegations without providing any support documentation. He's a tremendous financial liability and risk to the residents of Genesee.

Anonymous said...

How many people Believe spending 48,000.00 to pick garbage for 1 year is a reasonable way to spend our tax dollars??? When only around 25% of residents use the service. i think 21,000.00 to collect garbage,in accordance with our township ordnance,and budgeting 27,000.00 to serve 100% of the people makes a lot more sense. Let's try to look into the future not hide the past. Covering it up does not make it go away.fix it,

Anonymous said...

The township has now spent around 30,000.00 in the last 10 years defending the 50.00 unnecessary fee. Miller and Luce continue to defend this,time for a change. Fix it.

RJR said...

Seems to me we need 2 more guys with commonsonce. I will be voting for Mr. Furman and Mr. Smoker,these two gentleman know what hard work really is. They do care about the entire township. We have a few squeaky wheels in town who think they know it all, but we need to remember, we have roads to worry about. Furman and Smoker care!