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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bill Pekarski: Day 246, Living life on my terms

Bill Pekarski:

Day 246, Living life on my terms.

As most of you have read already; yes, I mowed my own lawn today. So, in celebration of achieving this goal in my recovery, I cooked fresh hamburgers out on the grill, topped them with cheese, and a fresh cut of my first Vidalia onion of the year! Hey, it may not sound like much to you, but for me it was a celebration of health and spring.

Beth informed me that I looked the happiest I have looked in a long time. She always said I seemed to get some strange excitement out of mowing the grass on my tractor. To me, it just felt good to be useful again.

Anyways, as I have alluded to before, being out and about I have gotten some great feedback on my stories. I think what amazes me most is what stories people seem to like the most. It is never what I think it would be.

Take Faye Furman for example; I have known her and her husband Wic since I was a classmate of their youngest son Derek in grade school. Her favorite story was the one about the wiener wings. I explained to her that after that story posted, I had more comments and messages from people that were going to make them because they missed them also. Many of them sent me photos of their successful culinary endeavors. In all honesty, I thought it was kind of a fluffy piece on a night I couldn’t think of anything.

This week however has proven that above all, most people really enjoy reading about the old businesses and people that are no longer with us. My personal knowledge is limited to my lifetime, but I am planning to start talking with people about what they remember and incorporating their memories with my own.

I was asked this week if I remember the old Paul’s Motel. While it has not been gone all that long, I do remember it from when I was in first grade. The reason is because that was the year that my best friend in elementary school moved to Coudersport and lived in the apartment above the store and gas station.

Chris Murphy and his mother Jenny moved to Coudersport in 1977 when she was hired at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital as an X-ray technician. Chris and I became really good friends and as such I would spend the night at his place and he even stayed at my house.

I remember riding on bus number three to get to his place with Wade Mottern and some other kids we knew. I also remember thinking it must be nice to live over top of a store where you could run down and get a candy bar and some soda whenever you wanted. It was a half mile walk to Erway’s from my house so his situation seemed optimal to me.

The Gerhart family owned the business as far back as I can remember and it was always a nice little place to stop for some gas, snacks, drinks, or that emergency loaf of bread. In the winter months, all of the snowmobilers would stop there to warm up and fill up their tanks before continuing their ride. They didn’t have anything fancy or a huge menu, but that little hot dog cooker and bun warmer worked just fine and the coffee was always hot.

The little store was also one of those places that sold Pennsylvania instant lottery tickets. If I was out with my mother and her left palm started itching, she would make me stop and get a couple dollars-worth of scratchers. Funny thing is, 9 times out of 10 she was right and we would get a little winner. Normally five or ten bucks, but it was a winner all the same.

At least today the motel is open under a new name and management. The units have that same old charm and as Coudersport continues to grow, they should prosper as the Big Oaks Inn.

Today I am dedicating my progress to Faye and Wic Furman, Chris and Jenny Murphy, and the Gerhart family. It really is the little things from the past that we cherish the most.


Anonymous said...

Things I remember A&P, McNarys, Careys, Florences Dress shop, Olympic, smiths drug, the shoe repair, Texaco, 2 car dealers, Hollrands, B.Grabys, New Stand on east second st, Jim & Hildas, Beer stores, up south main & across from Erways market, Karhand s, 3 resturants John McCains, the lady, what was her name, and jerry wrights ( goodwill).carpet store(south main) a knock off of the texas hot, OMG THE FUN AND FOOD BARN!!!!!!!! the cows, the BUFFALO, the truck with the elephants, and the BANANA licence plate ... I know the use to hang deer on the critt baloney, and court house square, and I remember my parents telling of the hanging ( a man) on the square, am I telling my age ????oh the memories.....

Anonymous said...

How about the water fountain on the corner at the courthouse square.

Anonymous said...

You never wrote about the silly stuff you and Paul Gaine's and the rest of you guys did with the basketball fans all chanting dill dine at the high school basketball games at Clarion when the fans from the city school kept asking what are they chanting and the guy on the radio said dill dine. Didn't some kids get kicked out of the basketball game for that chanting one time in Port Allegeny?

Anonymous said...

The good old dildine. LOL! Mr. Merrick and Mr. Kuratomi were not fans of that chant.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts Bill, Sincerely Cindy Kazimer