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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Candidates Forum Held In Preparatiion For Genesee Supervisor Elections

by Sharon Corderman

The photo is of the message of support and solidarity sent by the Genesee Fire Dept. on Sept. 11, 2016. It symbolizes the manner is which great Americans come together in a time of crisis and stand together through a time of healing. A great message for our own community.

Yes, there has been undercurrents of dissent in Genesee for quite some time (I’ve covered the story for about five years, first for the Leader-Enterprise when I worked there, then for Solomon’s Words), but recently the political disagreement has turned personally ugly.

With a hotly-contested race for the two supervisor positions, we had a great candidate’s forum last night, with questions from residents for the candidates. I wish all four candidates had participated in the forums, but I think the folks who attended got to know better the two candidates who were there, sitting supervisors Scot Miller and Scott Luce.

I was asked, along with Jack Jones, to moderate the forums and decided, because of the current situation, to make a closing statement. I’ve been asked to post it to FB, so here it is.................................

"I had not planned to offer any comments at these forums. I agree with what Jack has said at the beginning of both events and didn’t feel I had anything to add. But because of something that happened recently, I feel compelled to say a few words tonight.

"I would like to, first, thank Ruth and Darrell Davis for organizing these candidate forums. Without their sponsorship and coordination it’s unlikely we would have had this opportunity to get to better know our candidates for the two township supervisor positions. Also, thank you to the others involved for your time, input and contribution.

Next, I would like to thank our candidates who have attended for their willingness to participate and field questions. The right to elect our leaders is one of the most precious liberties we enjoy as citizens of this great country and we are justified in expecting that the honor of our vote should be earned. In proclaiming their candidacy, and thereby asking us for our support in the upcoming election, a candidate commits to a duty and obligation to the residents of the township. Thank you for recognizing that duty and obligation by making yourselves available to the residents at these forums.

"And I would like to thank everyone who attended these forums for your interest in our community and your concern for its future.

"The purpose of these forums was to provide an opportunity for residents to get to know the candidates and hear what they think, from ‘the horse’s mouth’, as they say. Hearsay, rumor and innuendo are seldom accurate and it’s impossible to know with certainty where a person stands unless they tell you themselves. Within the past two weeks, several people from the community have repeated to me accounts and accusations about individuals involved in this election, including an allegation of a personal nature than I can only describe as slanderous. If, as it was portrayed to me, these vicious rumors were politically motivated, I would hope that as a community we would shun such tactics and make our decisions next Tuesday based on things we have seen with our own eyes, heard with our own ears and witnessed to be true. I trust the information that came out of these forums has helped in that process.

"Folks, there is only about 700 of us, total, in this township. That, in my opinion, is a population too small to be divided by political differences. It’s not as if, after this election, we can go on with our lives and never have to see one another again. We will continue to live together in a small community, where we see one another at the grocery store, bank, library or gas station. We will continue to eat across the table from one another at spaghetti dinners and chicken barbecues and attend sporting events to watch our children and grandchildren. And, most importantly, we will continue to need our friends and neighbors when tragedy or misfortune strikes and we will always need to join together to support one another in the event of a disaster.

"I trust that our decisions in this election, as in all elections, will be based on what is best for our community and I hope that we will lay aside any vitriol or animosity that has reared its ugly head along the way and continue forward as friends and neighbors."


Anonymous said...

If the other two candidates were too spineless to even appear before the people who matter (the VOTERS), then why would anyone in his right mind conclude that they are deserving of a vote? Those two arrogant, rabblerousing troublemakers (not the candidates, but the other 2 guys) who are pulling the strings are causing permanent damage to our township.

Anonymous said...

I was amused when Dennys ad was on here, there was no way to respond or comment on his ad concerning the election. I'm very sure there would have been tons of comments for Mr. Matteson if there would have been a way to respond. I think the fox is running the hen house in your little township!

Anonymous said...

Folks, this is a very sad situation in your little town, adults can not get along, sad! what an example to set for your younger generation!!

Scot Miller said...


Your word are an inspiration to all of us. You have captured the essence of what it is to be a citizen in this our great nation. I pray for our little township and all of its great citizens and volunteers.

Scot Miller said...


Your words are an eloquent testimony to the virtues of our representative form of government. All politics are local, and there is a reason for that. You have correctly identified that we are all in this together. Your heart is a heart of love. We all need to pull together. We are a great community because we all pull together. we are blessed to have you as a correspondent.

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty one sided to me,how about a town hall so the voters get to ask the questions,I think the facts truth and the law would disqualify two in a hurry jus saying.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Miller is correct, you folks need to pull together, I was very disheartened when reading the bashing going back & forth coming from adults,
You's are blessed to have a compassionate correspondent, "Love one another" you can disagree but be agreeable with one another out of compassion, "Pull together" Look for the good in a person !!!!! God bless