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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Genesee Township Voters: We Need a Change

I’m writing to urge you to come out this Tuesday, May 16th to vote in the primary. Our votes are about to be counted and each of us needs to decide whether to vote for a change of Township Supervisors that will benefit a large majority of our residents.

We need new supervisors who will not "close the books" and refuse to look at the misdeeds of their predecessors, including the misappropriation of tens of thousands of dollars. Our new Township Secretary has worked diligently for a year trying to make sense of unaccountable accounting. Thank you Kristine for trying. We truly appreciate your efforts. So, we are still left with the following issues:

* Township accounting where we can’t even get answers about how many $2.00 stickers have been sold or where the $50.00 annual fees for garbage were spent for many years.

* Misappropriations of tens of thousands of dollars from a special fund to support “other interests."

* No accounting for electronic transfers from special funds to the general fund.

* Manufactured time sheets.

* Through all of this a complete disregard for township code book laws and sunshine laws,

In addition, if the UNELECTED supervisors are not replaced, then there may continue to be a total disregard for our only ELECTED supervisor and his lovely family, and they may continue to be shamefully mistreated.

As you know, I have been consistently critical of what I feel to be corrupt practices of the township supervisors who put the current "appointed" supervisors in place before they left.

You should also know that any and all accusations that I have made concerning our township can be backed by facts and figures received from the township offices by my pushing very hard to have the “right to know” as a citizen honored. While the town office was not happy to share this information with me, I am happy to share it with any and all concerned citizens.

If obtaining facts and figures makes me a trouble maker, or if trying to make politicians accountable for their actions makes me a whiner or an instigator, then I guess I'm going to have to live with those labels. But I will do so with a clear conscience knowing that I have tried to work in the best interests of my town.

Thankfully, in this country and in this township, we are still allowed to vote with our hearts, minds, and moral conscience. Remember, your vote is your own and what you do in the voting booth is not open to the judgment or criticism of others.

Please vote in the primary for the best interests for our whole township and elect new supervisors.



Anonymous said...

I would like to see YOUR facts and figures of where this money is, and going.

Anonymous said...

Just about everything is fair in love and war and elections, too, but outright accusations of "misappropriation" are, quite frankly, libelous. There is a constitutional right known as due process in this country (much life freedom of speech). There may be questions or uncertainties about appropriations of public funds, but our legal system determines if the criminal act of misappropriation has transpired. That judgment is not up to an individual citizen because -- although that's surely not the case here -- the person making the judgment could theoretically have political motivations or even be trying to affect the outcome of an election.

Little Johnny said...

It is my opinion that Mr Matteson is in direct contact with Vladimir Putin and they are trying to change the outcome of this election. I'm calling for an immediate investigation into this dilemma. Come on people of Genesee.....your petty crap is pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

As a past customer of one of your supervisors,I would NOT trust that he could feed my cat,let alone run a town.He ripped me off!

Anonymous said...

I think Bigfoot took the money so he could buy more Jack Link's jerky.

Anonymous said...

The only misappropriation of funds that I can see is the money the township is forced to spend to defend itself against your garbage BS lawsuit Mr. Matteson. In the township meetings that I have attended, I have gotten the impression that the majority of the residents of this township (myself included) support the "appointed" supervisors you are referring to. You can spin this any way you want but the basic fact is you are not speaking for the majority of the township residents and you are not looking out for the best interests of the town, this is entirely politically motivated to get your buddies elected.

I agree with 8:33, making these kind of accusations without displaying the "facts and figures" that you keep eluding to is, guite frankly, libelous. If you have facts and figures to support your accusations then bring them to the front so your fellow taxpayers can see them and make their own decisions. If you won't then stop stirring the pot and let the township heal.

Anonymous said...

A used car salesmen and someone that cannot hold a job will make good supervisors

Anonymous said...

if mr. matteson is endorsing someone, I'll avoid them like the plague

Anonymous said...

The only reasonable resolution to this whole thing is to write in Elmer S. for supervisor.

Anonymous said...

As much chaos going on over there, write I'm n Clinton/Obama......

Anonymous said...

Very sad.. . ..& pathetic folks.. ..

Unknown said...

One could ask Mr Matteson, why he is not running for a Genesee Township Supervisor position.... "Be a part of the solution , not the problem."

Anonymous said...

If you think Genesee needs change so bad that you sue your own Township. Why Mr. Matteson isn't your name on the ballot? Put your money where your mouth is for once! Same goes for Mr. Baxter. Why aren't we seeing your name on the ballot?

Anonymous said...

because they want to sit back and run their mouths...its all they have ever been good for. they're just mad because they dont have 3 puppets instead of 1, and that one is gonna cost this township dearly, mark my word, when we get done with this lawsuit, we could have built new buildings all over genesee.

Anonymous said...

10:15 pm, totally agree, this is a very sad situation your little township is in, like you said, it's going to costs you's mega monies, sad... sad...sad!

Anonymous said...

Neither Mr.Matteson, or Mr Baxter are capable of holding political office, too much ego in each of them. When they had money it was easy to buy your way in, but now that the money no longer flows, the egos should diminish also. Both of them have enough to take care of in their own lives without trying to run a township.

Anonymous said...

I think you've just turned EVERYONE off by signing ok main st attack This used to be a peaceful friendly town until all this stuff was started.. Dont think you will make much headway in recruiting people to vote for anyone but current acting supervisors. Attack is such a cruel word and people are not encouraged by it. Bring this town back to the peaceful friendly town it once was.

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the recognition of my efforts in your post, I am left in an awkward position. I feel it is important to recognize that MANY people and families have been affected by this election and continued social media coverage, this includes those currently serving, those running for election, those that served our board in the past, those that were previously employed, those that continue to work for our township and even family members of yourself. With respect for all of these people and what they have all been through, I feel it is important to clarify that any opinions and statements contained in this post are not that of mine or coming from me. As the current Right To Know Officer for our township, my office is open to the public and all requests are given the same priority, I have never been directed not to work with anyone seeking information through official means from the office or to limit/monitor the information that I produce for someone, the utmost respect for the township code and sunshine laws within the township office has been given and will continue to do so. - Kristine