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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump Budget Proposal Threatens Safe Drinking Water, Clean Air, and Job Creation

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Patrick McDonnell has warned the Pennsylvania congressional delegation that the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to environmental protection and clean energy programs will threaten Pennsylvania residents and businesses.

“The proposed cuts in the Trump administration’s budget, if enacted, would risk the safe drinking water of more than 10 million Pennsylvanians; and that’s just one program area,” said McDonnell. “The proposed budget also cuts funds for air quality monitoring, sewage treatment plant inspections, and land cleanup programs that put Pennsylvanians to work.”

In his letter addressed to the Pennsylvania congressional delegation, McDonnell warns that significantly reducing federal funding risks safe water, stifles job creation, and allows harmful pollutants to poison Pennsylvania air. Cuts to key U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program areas, if enacted, would mean:

• 30% fewer inspections of Pennsylvania’s 8,500 public water systems
• Cuts to radon and lead risk programs, putting children especially at risk from these toxic substances
• 30% cut to air quality funding, leading to limited air quality monitoring and longer wait times for businesses seeking air permits
• Cutting funds to remove and cleanup damage from leaking underground storage tanks by 50%, putting groundwater sources at risk from leaking chemical storage tanks

The proposed Trump administration budget also makes drastic cuts to Department of Energy programs that create jobs and provide economic benefits to Pennsylvania residents and businesses through energy efficiency programs, new technology, and increased resilience and reliability of the electrical grid.

“These programs pay dividends far beyond the investment in the form of jobs, lower utility bills for Pennsylvania families, and new growth opportunities for the economy,” said McDonnell. “Enacting the drastic cuts of the Trump administration’s budget only hamstrings Pennsylvania’s future.”

The letter to the delegation can be viewed here


Anonymous said...

Its about time the DEP had some cold water thrown on it.
The statements in this article are misleading to put it mildly and are not Facts.
Sounds like 'The sky is falling!'

Anonymous said...

This article hinges on Fake News. Conveniently excludes many other truths and stretches those presented.

Anonymous said...

seems like everyone is apologizing for the Donald these days.

Anonymous said...

Better than our last president apologizing to the world.
I'm sorry that america is better than the crap hole you live in, but give me 8 years and I will change that.

Bill said...

About time some of these worthless government agencies were shrunk!!!

Jaughn Eggandflour said...

Then privatize all those services and put people to work

Sharon said...

Really, Mr. McDonnell?? Are you sure it's the proposed Trump budget cuts to EPA that "would risk the safe drinking water of more than 10 million Pennsylvanians," not to mention all the other dire outcomes you forecast? Are you sure it's not "the failure of state regulators to adequately enforce safe drinking water standards [that] could have serious public health implications"?
Because that was the warning issued by the EPA in a Dec. 30, 2016 letter to Pennsylvania's DEP. The letter went on to say these failures could cost the state millions in federal funding.
DEP's inspections of public water systems fell from 3,177 in the 2009-10 fiscal year to 1,847 in 2015-16, according to the EPA. The number of unaddressed violations doubled over the last five years, from 4,298 to 7,922; and those figures don't account for violations that may have gone unnoticed.
So, the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Trump's budget is misleading and self-serving. DEP has been woefully inadequate (at least, according to the EPA) for at least the past two years.
Why is it that every time a politician or a political appointee opens their mouth they tell you only what they want you to hear?!?!

Anonymous said...

How did all the most intelligent people in america wind up in the northern tier of pa?

Anonymous said...

exactly 1046 thank you so much!!!

Karl Altenhein said...

wake up people , big gov. hates to be cut .

Anonymous said...

Just more liberal the sky is falling trash talk !

Anonymous said...

Trump is a lying sack of crap. All you people who support that idiot are just that idiots.

Anonymous said...

Post 4.33, I laughed out loud at your Comment! I'm sure many didn't get the sarcasm inside the post, I loved it. I think the same many times upon reading the posts. Entertainment all right, you just can't make up some of these comments if you wrote a book, because nobody would get it or understand!

Anonymous said...

To the witty, erudite and supercilious posters at 4:33 and 10:13 (I feel comfortable using big words in addressing you because you've shown yourselves to be smarter than the average northern tier schmuck, even able to pick up on sarcasm that lesser folks would have missed), I would ask this: what rationale method did you employ to arrive at the conclusion that the posters on this blog reside in the Northern Tier? Although the blog is administered from a community in that region it is read by folks around the country and beyond, therefore, comments could originate from far-flung locations. To leap to an erroneous conclusion such as yours does not indicate intellectual superiority, but rather cognitive limitations.
However, you're both mildly amusing so I hope you don't get discouraged and quit commenting.

Anonymous said...

Everything is always Trump's fault. The mess this country is in now I am sure it is his fault too. I cannot believe that people can't see the evil that Obama did. No wear your blinders and blame someone else.