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Sunday, June 18, 2017

AmeriCorps NCCC Team Now Focusing On Austin

Potter County Today
A nine-member AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team completed the first stage of its Potter County assignment and will report for duty at Austin in the coming week to work in the borough and at the Austin Dam Memorial Park. 

Nine NCCC members and a supervisor are in the area through June 24. An appreciation dinner will be held for the team on Friday evening, June 23, at the Ulysses Free Methodist Church. 

NCCC is a community service program for 18- to 24-year-olds. College students and other volunteers receive modest compensation as well as help with college expenses and/or student loan relief. Drawn from the models of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s and the U.S. military, NCCC is built on the belief that civic responsibility is an inherent duty of all citizens. Each team member gets a small living allowance.


Anonymous said...

They should have come up with more substantial things for these people to do. They ran out of work real fast in Ulysses and sent them to the No. Potter school to weed and mulch just to fill their time. I hope Austin does better than Ulysses did. Next time this happens let's get our act together first. We don't need cheerleading to make a politician look good.

Anonymous said...

So much negativity on here. I did get a kick out of the cheerleader comment. I definitely read between those lines.

Anonymous said...

You mean they have already been in Ulysses, what a waist, there are so many needs here, never got an opportunity to point out places and people in town where their work is so needed. I have no idea who the task force for encouraging this work even existed. Someone sure dropped the ball here this time. The last time they were here, help to homeowners was offered, really needed services that they did in a short time, where some of the residents were unable to do. They did a great job before. I know of two instances where a paint brush and 15 minutes of work produced a miracle. Why not this time?

Anonymous said...

You just can't satisfy people. Before these workers arrived I read comments about how "the same individuals" always benefit from anything positive being attempted in town. Now that the workers have been here and worked ONLY on community projects, people complain that private individuals didn't get their help. Which is it? And the people doing the complaining apparently aren't interested enough to get involved and help make the decisions about what is done. Solomon's advertised the volunteers' arrival far enough in advance that anyone really interested in being a part of the project could have made a phone call to the Borough office to get the facts behind the visit. They could have learned about the small group of dedicated volunteers who have been meeting once a month for over a year trying to bring positive events to Ulysses - the Super Saturday specials and vendor events; the Christmas parade and tree lighting; the pumpkin painting contest; Ulysses Days and townwide yard sales; the "bench project" I saw someone denigrating in the earlier post where private individuals or businesses sponsored benches with flower pots around town - to name a few examples. People are working to bring something to Ulysses that doesn't involve hate groups and negativity, and still folks find a reason to complain. Get involved - let your voice be heard to help rather than hinder the efforts of people who care about Ulysses. The group is called "Downtown Ulysses" and works in conjunction with the Ulysses Area Improvement Assn. to foster a positive atmosphere and encourage growth for the community. They meet the first or second Friday of every month at 9 am in the Community Building. Call the Borough office and find out when the next meeting is, then SHOW UP and add your own efforts to this commendable cause. But be prepared for criticism from people who don't put forth the effort to get involved personally, then complain about everything you try to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with ya 7:33 AM.
Usually the ones doing the complaining are the ones that never get invovled...

Anonymous said...

The Austin dam is all about free labor ! Oh except for a select few that is !

Marty Zdrojewski said...

JFK once said, "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Maybe in this politically incorrect society that we live in, we can change his words a little bit to say, "complain not what your country can do for you; complain what you are NOT doing for your country." The offer still stands to all who posted as "anonymous," you are more than welcome to show up to the Downtown Ulysses meetings and not only voice your opinions, but also join in our efforts to work towards a better community. Your words of criticism will go a long ways of being heard in a better light, if you join us and work together with us, not against us (when in reality you are working against yourself, because you are being part of the problem, not the solution).