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Saturday, June 3, 2017


This is a link to our GoFundMe page. We are a young family that has been a part of this community our whole lives. My husband and I have worked so hard to keep our family afloat for the last few years and unfortunately we have run out of options to move our two children into another home before we have to leave our apartment of 4 years due to necessary repairs. I would never reach out for help like this, but our situation is growing increasingly dire by the day. Our two young children need a home, and we have no way to make that happen without help, and we are running out of time. Anything helps, thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

They have programs set up for that, no need to go to the public and start begging for money. And before anyone goes off and says "They can't afford a phone or internet or some other bs, there are plenty of resources available.
They can go to the Public Library in Coudersport and use a computer for free and there are buses available for transportation, and numerous options for phone use. There are even options for emergency housing.

Here, let me provide some useful information:

Potter County Housing Authority
109 Market Street
P.O. Box 312
Coudersport, PA 16915
(814) 274-7031

Potter County Human Services
Potter County Human Services
62 North Street, PO Box 241
Roulette, PA 16746
(800) 800-2560

Anonymous said...

Well Said 3:39

Anonymous said...

I guess I can see that the info you offer, 3:39, could be useful, but this might be a family that doesn't want to become part of the 'system'. It's really easy for folks who've never hit hard times to sit back and say there's government programs to take care of that so why should I be bothered. Problem is, there's a downside to those government programs.
And what's wrong with going to the community/church for help? It was the church and community who took care of their own before we turned that responsibility over to the government.
I don't know anything about this family except for what's posted in their appeal, but I certainly think showing concern, consideration and benefit of the doubt is the way to go, rather than seeing it as "begging for money".

Anonymous said...

Amen 6:41, totally agree, you ask for help from the govt, you're playing right into their hands, I'd pick **** with the chickens before I'd depend on the govt, yes, churches do help those in need rather than turning to the system, they control toooooo....much now!!!!

Unknown said...

Government funding for housing has a waiting list. Even for emergencies. The food and cash program has the same steps you file today you may not get an appointment or anything for a month and even then you will be lucky to get enough to get by. While still waiting for housing. Oh and if they stay with friends or family they have to claim those people on their application so if they happen to make more then the set amount this family in need will receive nothing. This family is trying to find away to support themselves! Isn't that the issue with some of the people now days so many people want an easy way so they depend on the government instead of depending on themselves? Props to this family for wanting to be independent.

Anonymous said...

They have 2 kids you are not going to tell me they are not on welfare already. They didn't pay their bills to begin with which is why they got kicked out. How are they going to keep paying when they get money from people to help get them in new place. Where is their families why are they not helping them

Anonymous said...

Man is NOT our source nor our provider nor is man our answer to our problems!