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Friday, June 16, 2017



Anonymous said...

People want to blame prescription pills and over-prescribing of opioids for this epidemic. I get it. It's easier than taking responsibility for your actions. I've had injuries, surgeries, and other medicinal needs where "pain pills" were prescribed. My mindset has always been one where I hate ingesting pills of any kind, pain killers were used only when the pain was not manageable, and discard them as soon as they did their job. That job is pain reduction and not to alter reality. Heroin addiction may very well be a disease but somewhere along the line the user makes a conscience decision to stick a needle in their body. This is a societal issue where many Americans have raised a generation of weaklings and allowed corruption to saturate our government. The kid glove treatment is coming back to haunt. Its coming back in the form of disrespect, lack of self-respect, lack of fortitude, and immaturity. Our government slaps the hands of dealers and users. Like pedophiles, they're back on the street in months in many cases. There is "clean" and justifiable tax money to throw around in this war on drugs. I feel for the parents who, out of love, busted their hump to give their children life on a silver platter. The ones who didn't see it coming because Timmy was such a good boy. Make no mistake, a lot of these kids are good and they shouldn't shoulder all the blame. We, as parents, need to ask the question, "Am I coddling too much?" What's the better choice...a kid on an IPad for hours or out exploring the woods? Yes, you certainly should be nosing around in their personal lives. You brought them into this world and at all costs it's your job to prepare them for reality. I believe most in law enforcement, the ones working the streets, want to see, and do the right thing. It's the politicians who control the legal and court systems who continue to perpetuate this epidemic. You can't rely on them to fix it. It starts at home.

Anonymous said...

Education is a wonderful thing, Our District Attorney wants to be known as " Tough on Drugs" Let Action Speak Louder Than Words. I know we are a small county and our problems are small compared to larger areas, But our problems are real and large in our eyes.

Tony said...

AMEN 10:21 nobody could have hit that nail more squarely on the head...