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Friday, June 2, 2017

Think About It

I’m Fine…
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

How many times have you said something like I’m fine when you’re not? Why do we do that? We’re going through something and someone out of genuine concern asks us how we’re doing and we come back with, “Oh, I’m fine”. I suppose that for many, we just don’t feel like getting into it. Or for some it’s all about relativity. After all compared to some, I am doing fine. But are we really? The answer is yes, I am doing fine because the alternative is… well you know what I mean.

I just talked with a family member whose daughter is going through cancer and has been for many years. All things considered, she’s doing fine, but do you have any idea what fine is like for her. Her life consists of chemo treatments, medications, doctor appointments and she continues to hold down a full time job. All things considered, she is doing fine.

Attitude has so much to do with how we deal with life and its presenting issues. To one a flat tire is a major event, while to another it’s just an inconvenience. Learning to take life in stride takes practice. It’s easy to see the downside of things, but the upside; you have to work at it. Some seem to walk through life with a pessimistic attitude that keeps them down. For the pessimist, life doesn’t get better it gets worse. There is no hope; there are no “I’m fine” moments. It reminds me of some of the conversations I hear around the coffee shop about what new medication one person is taking, and the upcoming surgery another is having. Doom and gloom with agony and despair dot our conversations. Where is our hope?

Perhaps that’s the problem, we lack hope. We can’t see that no matter what is happening in our lives there is a hope that transcends even the worst of the worst. With hope I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it guides me through some of the darkest moments. Did you know that hope has a name? It’s Jesus. So yes, I’m fine because of hope. How about you? Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Just think about it. More people have been killed in the name of Christianity than any other religion. Funny huh?

Anonymous said...

Think about it! Poster 7:06, Do you know where your salvation will be?Believe me it's not funny!!

Anonymous said...

The Afterlife is real. Ghosts,friendly kindred spirits,demons and the devil are all real. Trust me brother,our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is real also.Yes as something as powerful as Christianity is has been the root cause of more deaths than any other religion. Most of these deaths were well worth it and they are all walking in his glory right this second.

Anonymous said...

Poster 7:06, God has a plan & a purpose for everyone of us including you! Jesus loves you as well as He loves us, I know where I'll be for eternity and yes it all will be worth it, I have a very dear friend going through a season with cancer, she has a great attitude, she's going to beat it, her last Dr appt was very encouraging, the Dr couldn't believe how well she's doing, she trusts in her Lord Jesus Christ, I do believe it's her attitude, she has many prayer warriors praying for her, there's power in prayer, believe me, she gives ALL the glory to our Lord & Savior! Someday you'll find out who He is, I pray it's not too late for you, myself I couldn't live without Him in my life !!! Just remember Jesus Loves you!!!!!! He's the one that formed you in your mother's womb, He ordained you, He made you fearfully & wonderfully!
Jesus prays for you every day,
"Where shall I go from your spirit? or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend up into heaven, You are there, If I make my bed in heaven, You are there, (psalm 139:7,8) Our Lord became our substitute in all these things, therfore, guaranteed the Father's help to us exactly as it was to Him, for we are joint-heirs with Him (Romans 8 :17)