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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vote Postponed On Frackwater Processing Plant At Coudersport Authority Meeting

Bryan Welsh

A lot to digest and some perplexing information needing further researched. A big thank you to CAMA for postponing the vote on the lease agreement on the frackwater processing plant. An informed public is the basis of a true democracy. 

Public q and a meeting on July 12.

Big thanks also to the citizens who made it to the meeting. We the people need to be part of the process if we want our voices heard.

I will be setting up a page on Facebook tentatively called "Lets talk!" as a contact point and general way for me to try and answer any questions or concerns.

It will hopefully enable me to address things in a more timely manner. I'll also be putting my cell number and email addy there to share with those who don't use Facebook. Feel free to contact me any time. I will be spending a lot more time at 129 main street as my wife and I are opening an art studio and used book store there. Feel free to stop me if you see me on the street. Open communication is integral to any relationship whether it's personal, business, or governmental.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the truck traffic thru Coudy, 24 hrs a days and seven days a week ........ the town is going downhill by the day ....... But Sheetez will get a big share of proceeds from the truckers ....

Anonymous said...

Boy I know, all those jobs would be a terrible thing. In general the processing plant would need to put up a bond for the roads. An approved truck route could be established that would cut down on the town traffic. But what the heck, nobody needs a job, lets run em outa town on a rail!

Anonymous said...

Suggestion -- uninformed comments or observations can obstruct a meaningful discourse about an issue such as this. Before you render an opinion please take the time to understand what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the number of your neighbors, supporting their families with the jobs that are coming to the area?

Dwayne Shaw said...

Truck traffic is already at a high. They will spread the love across the town. Everyone needs to stop hating and love a little more.

Anonymous said...

I heard that these processing plants out west produce an end result of water that is so clean, safe and clear that it is better than mountain spring water. Its better because its been treated with chlorine, fluorine, etc. and is of high quality. A couple plants bottle the water and sell it as 'bottled drinking water' on the market. That would create even more jobs at the water bottling plant that could be coming after the treatment plant is in operation.

Anonymous said...

let,s get the environmental impact to the public and honestly enough already with the reese hollow episode we want to keep our water etc safe for future generations and the impact on our land

Simple Simon said...

You "Chicken Littles" need to quit crying about the "sky falling" in Reese Hollow over less than 100 gallons spilled when you have a creepy 50,000 gallon or more pond near pure carbon that sits 100 yards from Mill Creek and has been seeping into the water table for decades. Pull your heads out of their dark holes and think about what you are saying. Why is it that nobody has the gonads to bring up any of the other "contaminations" in town from each and every old fuel station/garage that used to dump their oil and antifreeze down the floor drains? How about the old tannery sites where they just filled in the formaldehyde contaminated ponds? How about all of the old houses in town that had asbestos siding on that were just covered up? How about the old town dump site that was just "filled in" to allow Adelphia to build the tennis and data centers? Are you people dumb enough to think that people don't know about this stuff??? If you are really that slow, you must have been sitting to close to pure carbon when they cleaned the vents and dumped the raw sulphur out into the air....

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Pure Carbon

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what people will trade for the promise of "jobs".

Anonymous said...

Let's talk impact. Every resident and tourist negatively impacts our roads, water quality, air quality, and land.
The need for instant gratification be it coffee, food, utilities, and entertainment make us do strange things. Just look at the mayhem that happens regularly outside of McD's, Sheetz, or a DG during lunch and holidays. You can almost hear the ozone layer ripping apart.
The panacea of the cable, internet or phones not working can be humorous.
By the way, all of the above operate by consuming electric (wind,nuclear,coal,natural gas generated) and natural gas. So do you.
The cry for absolutely ice free roads leads to increased use of salt that disintegrates your vehicles and eventually makes its way to the streams. At least you can go the speed limit, or faster, during inclement weather.
I could go into storm water from development, lawn fertilization, and a cadre of other subjects but I won't.