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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Both Parties Are Corporate-Owned And Out Of Touch With Ordinary Americans


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly! Bravo to you for so eloquently putting on paper what I and other people I know think. We are tired of working all the time for nothing and told we aren't working hard enough or we wouldn't be poor. People seemingly are not aware that medicaid keeps the elderly in nursing homes after all of there entire life savings are gone. It doesn't take long when it costs over $6000.00 a month to stay in a nursing home. What will happen to these people? Will they be thrown in the street if their families can't pay? Keeping a loved one at home isn't always possible when their care is beyond what we are capable of doing. Do you know any working person that can come up with an extra $6000 a month to care for a loved one? American workers haven't had a fair shake for more that 40 years it's about time something is done about it. Viva the revolution! It's about time!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Hurst's article is BS, misleading and one sided. If I didn't work and contribute via taxes, I'd love it if the country had free health care. Hell, lets make everything free! The government is paying for it right!!! Where does the money come from????? Only the working class knows the answer! Clean up all the welfare abuse and I'll feel better about how much I'm being taxed. But I won't hold my breath because you can't afford to lose your voting pool.

B.Freeman said...

Right On! I would like to suggest that each and every one you send a copy to your Senators and your Representative

Anonymous said...

Free health care for everyone. A free living wage for everyone.
Hell, I want a Corvette. so a free Corvette for everyone. Our country is bankrupt. We are now living under Socialism, and the agenda of Pelosi, Schumer and Warren will only add to the demise of our country. Buy guns and ammo, cause things are getting a lot worse.

Jimmy Crakcorn said...

Typical liberal stating 24 million will be "stripped" of insurance. It should state that up to 24 million will be liberated from being forced to purchase overpricesd and useless insurance without being fined. Also....this 24 million is over the span of 10 years. A lot could happen in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

On health care, we as a country are not sending a clear message to our leaders on what we want. What we need are controls on the cost so that we don't have to rely on the government to provide the safety net, but the health care "industry" has political muscle and fewer medical professionals than ever have joined the profession to help others -- their main attractant is the lucrative income. Take a look at the top salaries (public record, you can find it) at Charles Cole Hospital and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Hey poster 7:03, I hope that when you are age 67-70 that you remember how much you hate socialism and refuse that government teat that they call Social Security!