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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bradford City payroll clerk arrested

By MARCIE SCHELLHAMMER Era Associate Editor 
Bradford Era
The woman in charge of payroll for the City of Bradford was arrested Thursday afternoon, charged with paying herself more than $100,000 in overtime she didn’t work.

Bonita Hillyard, 64, of 397 Lang Maid Lane — an employee of the city for more than 18 years — is charged with 69 counts relating to theft and tampering with records.

Court records say she claimed she was processing dental claims for the city while working overtime. However, police installed tracking software on her computer, and it showed she was processing the claims at work and falsifying the dates and times of the entries to show she was doing it on weekends and after hours, according to a criminal complaint in the case.  Read more...


Anonymous said...

Too bad Bonnie, you've ruined not only your reputation but an embarrassing time for your family & your town of Bradford, Was it worth it ???? "Your sins will eventually find you out, prayers for your family & you, greed destroys which the enemy comes to rob & destroy...

Anonymous said...

"Being the only person in city government with an intimate knowledge of the payroll system, the mayor said, Hillyard was allegedly able to “devise a complex and calculated system” to increase her wages while it was not showing up in standard reviews and audits of the system."

No Checks, No Balances... If fraud can occur it will. She probably also never took vacation...
MBA 629 Auditing Applications and Cases

The city dropped the ball on this one and has culpability

Anonymous said...

City should be able to recover this money from the auditor's insurance!

Anonymous said...

Auditors should be fired immediately for not insisting on two signatory sign-offs....

Anonymous said...

Go to show, you can't trust anyone!! Greed will get ya every time!!

Unknown said...

Hopefully now Bradford will find someone trustworthy and flourish in taxes, government, police force, workforce and become a better community with a new better revune in the city.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would put my comments on her, she has done so much worse than you know, but for some reason they will not put it on here, I am going to see if the Bradford Era will put it in the paper,as it is so terrible, I want everyone to know to the real truth!!

Anonymous said...