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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Meeting Tonight On Frack Waste Water Treatment Facility Proposed For Coudersport

Hi Jim,

I don't think many residents are aware of plans to construct a regional Central Waste Treatment Facility in Eulalia Twp., on the western border of Coudersport. Since learning about this I spoke with the DEP Several times. They (DEP) shared the attached letter with me and you may pass it along if you wish.

During a phone call I was told the same technology Epiphany proposed has "never" been used to treat wastewater from unconventional wells and a similar facility has never been constructed, it's "theory."

It's important for residents to attend the meeting tonight so they may learn more about CAMA's plans, ask questions & raise any concerns they may have before CAMA, JKLM and Epiphany proceeds full steam ahead with their experiment.

Would you please post the following to your blog?

Centralized Waste Treatment Facility Meeting Tonight, Coudersport

JKLM and Epiphany Water Solutions have been negotiating an agreement with the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority (CAMA) to construct a Centralized Waste Treatment Facility to process wastewater from the regions unconventional wells on CAMA property.

Below is a letter from the Department of Environmental Protection, laying out permit requirements for the Centralized Waste Treatment Facility (CWT) and also guidelines and permit requirements the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) would need if CAMA agrees to accept wastewater from the Epiphany facility for further processing and discharge into the Allegheny.


Residents attended the last CAMA meeting, raised concerns and also asked CAMA to provide the public with details of their plans before they (vote) proceed. CAMA agreed & scheduled special meeting to discuss details of their negotiations publicly.

The CAMA special meeting is tonight, Wed. July 12 at 6:30 at the Sewage treatment plant on Toles Hollow Road, Coudersport

Thank you, 
Laurie Barr


Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that these sewage treatment plants discharge water which is clean enough to drink as their final product. Amazing

Anonymous said...

It's much easier to treat sewage than frack water.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago the solicitor advised the board members they had a constitutional duty to "keep old ladies from freezing." They took his legal advise,approved the lease. Now Epiphany will boil JKLM's frack waste upwind of the elementary school.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Coudersport, for building a fracking waste evap facility upwind from my grand daughter. Bunch of idiots and suckers. You wonder why people look at you as hicks and morons?

Doing stupid shit like this is one big reason.

I hope this guy screws you all out of 1/2 a million like was done to Warren PA because this same guy has a history of screwing people who've backed him already.

(I wonder if the assholes who pushed this unproven never before been done project down Coudersport's throats are getting a kickback)

Anonymous said...

I notice that the time of this post is at around noon on the same day of the meeting. Now we'll be told that no one showed up to the meeting. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Although the meeting already took place, it's late to ask people to attend. But because it's an "idea", that means it's bad? I believe that Ben Franklin had an "idea", Al. Bell had an "idea" Steve Jobs had an "idea", Mssrs. Ford and Wright (car, plane) all had "ideas". Hopefully you see the pattern? I'm not promoting nor disparaging this facility but get your head out of the sand and look at what is being proposed. So steam coming off of a facility is hazardous? Typically that is how water is clarified, beyond a settling procedure. It is heated to its vapor temperature, discharged as steam and the residual solids stay at the facility. Don't automatically discount something because you haven't heard of it. Do you use a phone? Computer? That was new to you at one time, correct?

Oh, trump likes it, so should all of you followers of the ignorant, lying, lunatic! Yes, he displays all of those properties.
BTW, just kidding about trump, the process was described in a 2 paragraph paper. That's way too long for him to read and comprehend by himself. Both his daughter and son-in-law to weren't there to read it for him, they were both in Moscow for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Do a little research on the guy pushing this with Epiphany, you'll find out he's tried to do 2 other major projects adn gone bust both times. He's screwed people out of a couple hundred grand himself (check his Kickstarter campaign, ooooh, this folks are pissed off)

All he needs is a postal address to strat a news scam, err, project...and he can begin seeking grants and backers to screw again.

PS, ask the guy about the redionucleides that come up with this produced water? What's the plan for that? Or, how about the volatile organic compounds that can cause cancer and disrupt the endocrine system? Is he evaporating that to the open atmosphere upwind from our elementary school?

YOU....2:19PM, the due diligence on this project. But from where I sit, it's pretty goddam stupid to try put this thing upwind from our most vulnerable citizens. And it's even stupider to enter into any kind of legal contract with a guy who already has a history of screwing things up and screwing people over.