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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rep. Causer Vows To Fight Gun Control

April 3, 2007....Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) said today that sportsmen and other Second Amendment rights advocates are right to be concerned about the deluge of gun control bills being introduced in the Democrat-controlled state House, but he believes most of the proposals have little chance of advancing beyond the “idea” stage.

“Each session, hundreds of bills are introduced, referred to a committee by the speaker and then die there. They are never voted out of committee, let alone approved by the House or the Senate or the governor,” Causer said. “The process of turning a bill, or an idea, into a law can be long and complicated. It is that way by design – so we can weed out bad ideas that have no merit.”

One such example is House Bill 760, a gun control measure introduced by a Philadelphia Democrat, Rep. Angel Cruz. Causer has received numerous calls and e-mails about the bill after a local TV station aired a story on it. The bill calls for a statewide registry of guns and requires gun owners to renew their registration annually and pay $10 per gun per year. The gun owner would have to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check and carry a registration card – with the owner’s photograph – with the gun at all times. If registration is denied for any reason, the firearm would be confiscated.

Causer emphasized that while the bill has in fact been introduced, it has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee and has not yet been discussed or called up for a vote. Should it ever make it to the full House for a vote, Causer would work hard to ensure its defeat.

“There are plenty of rural Democrats across this Commonwealth who I believe would vote against this measure because it only makes life more difficult for law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to stop criminals from gaining access to or using guns,” Causer said. “There is no question that Philadelphia has a major problem with gun-related crimes, but the problem has nothing to do with our gun laws. It has to do with enforcement and effective prosecution of those who violate the law.”

Other gun control measures introduced so far this session would:

Allow for municipal preemption of state firearm laws.
Assess criminal penalties against a firearm owner if his or her firearm was used in a crime and had been incorrectly stored.
Limit handgun purchases to one per month.
Require mandatory reporting within 24 hours of lost or stolen firearms and notice of multiple purchases.
Causer invites anyone concerned about House Bill 760 to sign his petition in opposition to more gun control in Pennsylvania. People can sign the petition electronically at or download a hard copy of it to collect signatures and then return to him via mail. People without Internet access may stop by Causer’s local offices to sign the petition:

Bradford Office – 78 Main St., First Floor.
Coudersport Office – 2 Allegany Ave.

Causer will forward the information on to the chairmen of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Tom Caltagirone (D-Berks County) and Rep. Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin County).

Rep. Martin T. Causer67th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives
(814) 362-4400
(717) 787-5075 Contact: Patricia A. Hippler
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 772-9846
April 3, 2007

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