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Monday, May 14, 2007

Commissioners Were Going To Spend $12,000,000.00

By James Jones

The Potter County Commissioners last week, announced that they have saved Potter County residents 8 to 12 million dollars, by claiming the former Adelphia Headquarters Building as a new home for the Courthouse Annex they had planned to build.

Time Warner Cable, successor to Adelphia, has supposedly agreed to give the 56,000 square foot building to the County. The Commissioners made a move early on to go after the building, after Time Warner gutted their operations in Coudersport, putting over 500 people out of work.

The Commissioners, dedicated and named the building after Ferdy Gunzberger, who spent a lifetime guarding the finances of Potter County, as if to indicate that Ferdy would approve of their intentions. I personally believe that Ferdy would roll over in his grave if he could see what they have done.

State and local agencies working to bring jobs to Coudersport to replace those lost at Time Warner and Adelphia were aghast at the Commissioners actions, thwarting their diligent efforts to get a job producing employer or maybe a community college in that building. They made this known early in the process and thought that the Commissioners had seen the light.

But, without any public input, and no input from the committee they appointed to investigate the possibility of building a courthouse annex, they went ahead with their plans to take this building for themselves. Apparently no thought was given to the plight of the people who currently rent space in Coudersport to the County. These present county offices, if vacated will make Coudersport's main streets look like a ghost town.

And apparently none of them cares that this building may have the potential to be used as a college, as indicated in a May 11 th article by Donald Gilliland, published here earlier. And no thought about its potential for a job producing company to use.

That coupled with a hefty tax increase this year, a settlement for sexual harassment by a commissioner, the purchase of a $186,000.00 parking lot for the jail makes a taxpayer wonder how much more we can stand. Nobody paid much attention to their proposed annex project because we all know when it came time, that the public would get up in arms and put a stop to it.

The public in Pennsylvania put a stop to the Legislature's midnight pay raises by voting out the perpetrators. Potter County voters have the perfect opportunity to express their feelings about the commissioners actions tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at the polls.

All three incumbent commissioners are up for re-election, and fortunately there are three very qualified candidates running against them whose dedication to the Potter County area is well known.

Susan Sullivan Kefover, Paul Heimel, and Doug Morley have all spent a lifetime enjoying and promoting Potter County and making it the God's Country that we all love. They know that we have to keep jobs here, that we need institutions of higher learning here, and that our elderly people with limited incomes can not afford to be taxed out of their homes.

It's time to change the leadership in Potter County. Vote in these challengers and I know they will co-operate to keep Potter County a great, affordable place to work, live, and enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

GREAT ARTICLE JIM! I hope that the current commissioners and voters all read this. I don't think the commissioners had Potter County, Coudersport, or its residents' best interest in mind when they made this controversial decision.