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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Feel the Burn--Mike to Arrive in Coudy Today

Monday, May 14--Well, I was chopping down mountains today. Felt strong after a few miles, my body did not want to get out of bed today.

After leaving Dalton's mid 30 degree temps I was on PA 87 most of the day. Today was the hardest day I've ever had in my 21 years of road cycling. Steep hills up to 2 miles long kept coming and coming, as well as logging trucks and old roads.

This is some of the most beautiful part of the US that I have seen. High rounded emerald mountains with farms and red farmhouses, crystal clear rivers and streams, deer, and birds.With the wind in my face I brought myself closer to San Jose one crank at a time.I stopped briefly in Dushore (halfway between Dalton and Canton) today and got a tour of their fire station by Lou. They have one truck that still uses wooden ground ladders, cool. The local paper did a small piece on me and the owner of the paper, Ron, bought me a great lunch at Pam's Restaurant

.Note to cyclists: PA 87 has a no leash law. I was actively chased by 6 dogs today (I have only been chased by 5 dogs total in all my years), whattayagonnado?I have not had cell phone service for most of the day including where I am now in Canton so pics will have to wait, I'm told to expect the same service tomorrow.

Chief Kim Jennings and the Canton FD escorted me into town about an hour ago and the Jennings family had generously opened their home to me. Canton is celebrating their 125th year of fire service and has refurbished their old fire bell as well as their old 1920's LaFrance fire truck. Both newspapers in town interviewed me upon arrival and Kim's wife is making spaghetti tonight.

I hope this post finds everyone well and thanks for checking in. Till tomorrow....Hi to all of the kids at Boston Shriners Hospital, keep smiling.:-)-Mike

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