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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mike Manning Vows To Continue Ride On Motorcycle

Mike Manning, the Germantown, Ohio firefighter riding his bicycle across the USA for burn victims, was forced to interrupt his ride between Mansfield and Coudersport Tuesday. He has vowed to continue his ride on a motorcycle.

Mike writes:

"After leaving Mansfield in hot temperatures and a 22 mph headwind my body began to reach its breaking point. A saddle sore I had been nursing for 2 days finally became too much to overcome. I pushed and pushed, chewing aspiring and taking breaks. It felt like a lighter was being held under my seat, no matter if I was standing or sitting. I continued riding, tears rolling down my face from the pain, both emotional as well as physical. My legs were strong but it didn't matter. I could not pedal anymore and knew it would be at least a week before I could ride again, and knew it would just come right back in a few days of hot riding."

"I crawled off of my bike and sat on the side of Rt. 6 under the scorching sun weeping for all of the people I felt I was letting down. My sincere hopes of this ride were not to be via the way I had planned and trained for 4 months."

"I must ask for and accept the offered help of others. This started when I called the Coudersport FD chief Andy to come pick me up 50 miles from his station. He is a saint and sent his son Cecil to come get me. Thank you. I have never truly needed the help of others until 3 pm on May 15, 2007. I was immobile and in the middle of nowhere. They fed me a great spaghetti dinner and then gave me hotel money so my wife and I could get some sleep when she came to pick me up later in the night. We decided to drive home anyway and I am mailing your money back to you, thank you all for your generosity."

"I saw my Fire Chief this AM after arriving home late, I humbly broke the news of my injury and my new plan. He immediately insisted I take his 100th Anniversary Harley Ultra Glide Fire Edition to San Jose instead. After debating this offer I decided it was safer and more fitting to what we are trying to do here."

"Good night all and I'll resume the ride on Tuesday AM.Again, all are welcome to ride with me. I know there are a lot more motorcyclists than cyclists out there. C'mon, help me make lemonade out lemons and show our support, both in motorcycles and in fundraising dollars."

This is only a portion of the Mike Manning's post on his website Feel the Burn 2007. Click on the link on the lower right margin to see Mike's complete story and to follow his progress across the country to benefit burn survivors.

We are proud of you Mike, and admire your efforts in this cause.

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