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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mike's in Dalton, PA Tonite

Sunday, May 13--Feel The Burn, Mike Manning bicycling across US For Burn Victims. Mike will cycle across Route 6 Tuesday, May 15 and stay in Coudersport that night.

This one's for you Bruce!
Dalton, PA! Made it after 11 grueling hours on the bike today. Restaurants were gone after the Port Jarvis area, so it was gas station food and Gatorade until I got to Dalton.

Chief Bob, his wife Nancy, and their daughter Tammy have let me sleep in their 1800's farmhouse tonight. What a generous family.

Dalton FD has a '71 La France, the kind I learned to first operate and drive as a young FF. Brought back memories when I sat in the open cab. They also have a Seagrave ladder and an International tanker w/ pump and roll, and a front bumper mounted pump panel.

I dedicate every pedal stroke today to my friend Bruce, a burn survivor who called me over the weekend. Bruce became a burn survivor in a town I went through today. I went over two extra big hills to take a picture of the intersection where Bruce rose from the ashes. Thank you Bruce for your inspiring and supportive words which pulled me through some tough climbs today. See you in San Jose my friend.

I'm absolutely exhausted. The wind was blustery and in my face all day. I was pedaling hard on some downhills and barely made it over 13mph. I'm slamming aspirin and going to bed in a minute. Good night and Happy Mothers Day.

P.S.:I would also like to express my love and thanks to my lovely wife, whom I miss very much. She has made me who I am today and has supported everything I've ever wanted to do, even after all the shenanigans that can sometimes follow. She is the perfect girl for me and makes me happy. I hope I bring her the same joy she brings to my life.

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