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Monday, July 30, 2007

Bridget Sheehan Posts for Bike and Build

Sunday, July 29, 2007

So what are these Teton things?

We had been hearing about the Grand Tetons for a couple days and the ride to Jackson was going to be our first opportunity to see these things. I myself had no idea what to expect. There were so many mountains in the distance that day, I wasn't quite sure I would be able to tell the difference. Before we departed for Jackson a bunch of us decided to get coffee, chat on the phone and ride a giant Jackalope. I mean we did only have to ride 80 miles so we didn't really have much to do.

After all that was over we were off. We had a great gang and we were not afraid to stop every 5 miles. At the first stop Marie, Nate, Win, Lauren, Courtney and I had to pee. At the next stop we picked up Brianne, who was fixing her flat tire. The next stop was a bit of a delay. There was major construction going on so we couldn't ride up part of the mountain, we had to be driven by a huge truck! We were ecstatic.

Once we got off the truck we were about 20 miles into the ride which meant about 5 more until we hit lunch. The problem with this leg of our ride is that everything is so beautiful, I want to stop every 5 minutes and take pictures.

After eating some PB&J @ lunch we rode about a mile and hit the continental divide, we stopped. Then we hit more construction, we stopped again.

Then we saw it a sign that would provide our destiny, at least for the next 17 miles.

We had the road all to ourselves for a while and we were coasting down it at 30mph. No trailers. No cars or pickup trucks and no tractor trailers. But soon our victory ride was over and we were back down to a mere 23 mph with traffic on the road and thats when a bizarre freak accident occurred. I was riding behind Lauren and all of a sudden her seat broke off her bike and she went flying onto the road. Thankfully there were no cars around and we got the situation under control. Lauren is ok, just bruised and sore. She rode in the van the rest of the way and we carried on the next 60 miles riding a little slower than usual. The good news is that we finally saw the Tetons!

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