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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Garth Posts Yesterday--Finish Today

7:20 P.M. July 2, 2007

This morning, after I did my call-in and ate some breakfast, I went on my longest run of the trip. It was 12.6 miles from Edinboro to Albion, which isn't very far for me but it was enough to get me about 8 miles away from the Ohio border.

I felt pretty good, except I think I could have gone a little faster. But I guess that's not the important thing. The important thing is that I finish. Once I got to Albion, we drove back to the campgrounds where my dad and I did some fishing. My dad caught a couple of little buggers while I caught jack squat. I'm starting to not like fishing. I think that's why I run, because I don't have the patience to fish.

We then drove into Erie and ate at Sara's, where we had some great hot dogs and onion rings. When we were done indulging ourselves with our foot-long, char grilled hot dogs, we drove to Lake Erie to check out the beach. To my surprise, it was actually a very nice beach and reminded me of the island that we go to in the Bahamas, minus the hundreds of people walking around.

We left there and went back to the camper, where my dad did some more fishing before we drove back to Albion for my last run of the day. I ran about 3.5 miles to Route 226, which is the road that I will be taking tomorrow for my final run. I really felt good on this run. I was stretched out really well and just cruised my way through it.

I am pretty excited to finish tomorrow, but I think I could make it across a couple more states. Although, I heard from a friend that Ohio is an extremely boring state, so I might just go home once I get across Pennsylvania.

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