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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Genesee Woman Hits Wellsville Building

By John Anderson

--Wellsville Daily Reporter

WELLSVILLE — For the second time in three years, a vehicle crashed into a Main Street business during the day, and for the second time, only minor injuries resulted.

Around 3 p.m. Monday, Wellsville Village Police said Ethel Outman, 85, of Genesee, Pa., was in the passenger seat of her Chevy Lumina mini-van in front of the bookstore when she tried to climb over to the driver’s seat in an attempt to move the van closer to the Modern Diner.

Police said Outman accidentally put the van in reverse and hit the gas. The vehicle, which was facing south, went backwards across North Main Street, struck a parked car, then a second parked car before almost hitting a pedestrian and striking the pillar in front of the Youth For Christ Building.

The pedestrian, Linda Gridley, said the pillar stopped the vehicle from going into the building where people were working in a reception area.

“I was walking down the street when I heard a crash and saw a van coming at me in reverse at a high rate of speed,” said Gridley. “I dove out of the way ... God was watching out for me.”

Gridley was checked at the scene and refused treatment. Outman was taken by Wellsville Ambulance to Jones Memorial Hospital for a laceration to the head, back pain and a knee injury.

“That’s right up there with the scariest things I’ve ever had happen to me,” said Gridley. “I just hurt all over. I’m glad to hear she’s all right.”

Police said the accident is still under investigation and no charges were filed. Outman’s vehicle damaged the pillar and broke windows. Police also were assisted by the rescue squad and the Wellsville Village Department of Public Works, who shut down the sidewalk for pedestrian safety.


Anonymous said...

dude, if your going to copy's front page. AT LEASE REMOVE THE ANNOYING AD!!


Solomon's words for the wise said...

You are so right. Thanks for the reminder. Ads are written in HTML and it takes some time to separate them from the news copy. I'll try harder.