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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's How Somalians Feel About US

Puppet Government punishes poor civilians by proxy.

A short poem on Somalia by Duurgube.

Somalia has been engulfed this time by endless horror. US decided to change it into a place of killings and terror.

At home people were severely severed like haddock
As as Bush`s puppets waged merciless terrible havoc

Many people at home wait for no peace anyway
But rampant chaos and killing lasting every day

Melancholy made tears trickle down from their eyes
as America, Ethiopia and the somali devils are allies

Jerusalem ponies were fully permitted to kick and kill
Helpless people that dodge away not but stand still

Human rights violations reached in a turning point
US hirelings took people’s belongings in gun point

Both teenagers and crones were seen roughly raped
And as many helplessly killed, others luckily escaped

When most of my people feared and fled in disarray
Damned Ghedi and ungodly Yusuf joyed in no delay

Devils and their allies pitilessly put many in detention
I wonder why the other world failed to give its attention

See you not brethren what haunted Somalia this time
By the way who on earth could tell me due to what crime

US marines came recklessly here in Somalia one day
And their corpses were laid in Mogadishu in a later day

Now US sends lousy Ethiopians to settle old scores
Though their bodies were dragged likewise in scores

Puppet Government punishes poor civilians by proxy
People’s resistance will defeat their plans however foxy

Infidels like damned Ghedi and Ungodly Yusuf will be ousted
So the US puppets and the lousy ethiopians will be routed

By Faarah Ali Duurgube

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this "Puppet Government punishes poor civilians by proxy". is one of the most truth-telling story in verse form. it is really brief and to the point.
I have read it several times closely concentrating it.