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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tobyhanna Army Depot To Hire 350

Tobyhanna Depot Hiring

Tuesday, November 13, UPDATED: 4:57 p.m.
By Jon Meyer

The area's largest employer is getting larger. Tobyhanna Army Depot wants to hire more than 300 people.

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Workers at Tobyhanna, such as this woman, repair military electronic equipment.

In the past five years, the depot has added more than 1,000 jobs. Now the military base in Monroe County is hiring hundreds more this is just the beginning.

A lot of the work done at Tobyhanna is repairing military equipment used and damaged in Iraq and Afghanistan so many of the new jobs there are in response to the war on terror.

Now, the depot wants to hire 350 people by the end of the year.

It's help from the home front. More than 5,000 workers at Tobyhanna are doing what they can to make sure soldiers overseas have proper working equipment to get the job done.

"It brings a lot of money into the area, gives people jobs, takes people off unemployment, good place to work," said worker Rich Evans.

The depot is hiring most of the 350 positions in electronics. Salaries range from $33,000 to $46,000 plus full-paid benefits.

"For the area they are very good opportunities. There are a lot of advancement opportunities at the depot and a lot of potential for folks if they're coming in at entry level," said Tobyhanna Chief of Staffing, Loretta Yearing.

Night vision technology is just one of the things workers at Tobyhanna repair. Some of the workers said they are proud to be part of the war effort.

"I take great pride in what we do because if it wasn't for us, a lot more guys would be dying over there. We help that out which is a good thing," Evans added.

"To be part of that effort, to make sure they get a quality product is what we do here and a lot of people here are veterans so it's that much better," said worker Joe Galada of Hazleton. He is one of those veterans, just back from Iraq. He saw the need for quality equipment in battle. He saw how easily it got damaged. He knows the need for these repair jobs here at home.

"You sit there and complain a little bit that it's beat up but that's no problem. You have no problem fixing it because you know what it's for," Galada added.

While most of the new jobs are in electronics, there are industrial positions and some jobs requiring a deployment overseas. Those pay a lot more.

A Tobyhanna spokesperson said there will likely be hundreds of more hires after the new year.

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