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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wagner Launches Another Anti-Corruption Campaign

By Donald Gilliland
Potter Leader-Enterprise

Robert Wagner, unsuccessful write-in candidate for
Potter County Commissioner, has announced he is
launching another anti-corruption campaign in Potter

Wagner attended Thursday’s regular meeting of the
Potter County Commissioners and thanked them for their
“courage” in moving county employees into the former
Adelphia headquarters building as quickly as they did.

Wagner then read a prepared press release:
“As the result of the total censorship concerning my
campaign for Potter County Commissioner and similar
censorship in the past, I have determined to begin
publication of the Potter County True Press beginning
in January of 2008.

“This will be a paid publication costing half the
weekly cost of the Potter Leader-Enterprise and
offering paid classifieds as well.

“The newly elected commissioners are still giddy over
their apparent victory, but the giddiness will be
short lived.

“I plan to once again expose the conspiracy of Tom
Bowman - Susan Kefover - Doug Morley - John Wright -
Ken Lieberman - David Minor, Jr. et. al. with their
numerous corporations, extensive real estate holdings,
misappropriation of government funds and coercive
treatment of the residents of Potter County.

“The victory party was great and appropriate, and we
had a wonderful time. Too bad so many missed it, but
it was hard to get the word out, censorship and all.

“D. Bruce you must be getting a headache about now.
Have another drink. Do you remember the time you
called me at midnight to explain that John Smith’s
lies were ‘little white lies’ and not real ones? That
was some pretty legal work – maybe your best. You may
not recall because I think you were inebriated.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.

“Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit
before a fall.”

Wagner then stood up, shook the hands of the three
current commissioners and walked out of the meeting.

This article republished here with permission courtesy of Donald Gilliland and The Potter Leader-Enterprise

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