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Thursday, March 1, 2007


The national weather service has posted the possibility of freezing rain tonite and a flood watch , as an inch of rain or more is expected tonite and tomorrow, Mar.1 & 2. Saturday nite, shortly after dark, a full eclipse of the moon is expected to be seen in this area. This type of eclipse is reported to give the appearance that the moon is bleeding. Hope the sky is clear!


Broadband phones are vulnerable! The traditional phone companys have been losing customers at a record rate, with the advent of broadband internet phones. The new phones from, Vonage, Time Warner, Comcast, Zito Media, and a host of others, offer local, long distance, and some international calling, with user features comparable to those offered by your local phone company, but at a greatly reduced price.

Same features, less money per month, keep your phone number, why not switch now? Here's the difference, and the reasons you should STOP AND THINK, BEFORE YOU MAKE A MOVE!

I can count fingers on one hand, the number of times in the last 60 years that Ma Bell's phone didn't work. And two of those times were when my house was hit by lightning. Not the case with tv cable. When the electric goes out, so does the cable, so does my modem and my router. In this rural area, power failures are quite common. You say "I have a generator", great, but the cable amplifier up the street doesn't, so you are still out. And guess what, WHEN YOUR CABLE IS OUT, YOUR BROADBAND PHONE IS OUT TOO! We have been spoiled by the reliability of Ma Bell, Verizon, ATT, and the other telcos.

We can only hope we don't need an ambulance, a fire truck, or other emergency services, while our phone is out. One only has to read the blogs on Time Warner Cable, to see how many times cable service is down, or internet is not accessible. On top of that, you will have to go to the phone booth, down the street, to call customer service, or even to call the power company to tell them your electric is out.

Even with these things considered, BROADBAND PHONE SERVICE is still a BARGAIN! The voice quality is as good as Ma Bell's. But, DON'T jump in, unless you keep your regular phone for emergency calls. Just take off the long distance or have a cell phone available, as a back up, when your broadband phone service is out.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


The Jacksons, a Potter County music group, performed three musical selections from their new albumn called 'Roots', this Sunday, February 25 th at the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle. The lively style of their music was a hit with the Sunday church crowd. The albumn, which features 12 gospel songs, is dedicated to Doctor David Minor, Senior Pastor of the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle, who has guided them spiritually for 45 years. The CD was produced at Frosty Hollow Studios, a new recording studio, on Cherry Springs Road, in Coudersport, PA. Vocals are done by Sue Porter, Gail Ayers, Mikki Vargas, Judy Hannon, Cathy Lent, Lori Nagel, and Vivian Jackson. All are daughters and granddaughters of Clarence and Vivian Jackson. Musicians are Lori Nagle,Glenn Wasser, Collin Ingalls, T. J. Wright, Andrew and Noah VanNordstrand and Arthur Metzger. CD's are available for $15. and a second CD of strictly instrumental christian organ music by Sue Porter is $12. Purchasers are directed to Frosty Hollow Studios, 814-274-7419.