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Friday, March 23, 2007

Star80z: Spontaneous human combustion, how strange is that?!

Star80z: Spontaneous human combustion, how strange is that?!

A blogger in Ventura, California, discusses case of Spontaneous Human Combustion in Coudersport, PA. Click the title to read.

Adelphia Auctioning Properties in Coudersport, Eldred

Adelphia Communications Corporation has announced, an online auction of their remaining real estate assets, in Coudersport and Eldred, locally, and properties spread over 17 states.

Adelphia has selected Internet real estate auction specialists, LFC Online, to sell most of its remaining real estate assets.

There are close to one hundred properties located all over the country, including both raw land and developed sites.

"I see these properties as ideal Internet auction candidates because of their diverse locations and potential broad market appeal to investors and individuals," notes Bill Lange, president of the LFC Group of Companies.

Paul Hemann, Assistant Treasurer, Adelphia Communications Corporation states, "Due to the diverse nature of the property portfolio, we required wide market exposure and a transparent sales process that would ultimately result in the highest possible value for our constituents. LFC Online and Grubb & Ellis Company met those requirements."

Bids start at $1,000.00. Property listings are detailed on LFC's website. A click on the title of this article will take you to the listings. Note that there are 7 pages.

Bulletin..Rat Poison in Pet Food

MSNBC TV had just announced that New York State has identified rat poison in the recalled cat and dog food. The substance may have come from wheat gluten imported from China. The next question is "Is this product used in products for human consumption?" It is reported that wheat gluten was used in the pet foods to thicken the gravy. NYS is having a news conference today at 1:00 for details on their findings.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Black Bear Makes Spring Debut

Jessica Studer, of Coudersport, reports a large black bear crossed the road in front of her, last night, on the Barnum Road, between Eldred and Olean. She said "My car came so close, I think it brushed the hair in his backside, as he climbed over the guardrails."

Area residents should be aware to protect bird feeders and small pets, as these bears will be especially hungry, after hibernating all winter. A black bear destroyed rabbit pens and ate the rabbits last year in Roulette.

Pastor Allen Speegle at Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle Sunday

Eustis, FL pastor, Allen Speegle will speak this Sunday, March 25, at the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle, starting at 11:00 am. The public is invited to attend. The Tabernacle is located on the Port Allegany Road, in Coudersport, PA. For more information, you may contact the church office at 814-274-7573.

Pastors Allen and Janice Speegle are the senior pastors at Family Bible Church. They began ministry in the early 80’s in north Alabama, where they served until 1993, when they then moved to Florida to serve as pastors of Family Bible Church. As parents of two daughters and a granddaughter, they say, "We place a strong emphasis on the family unit. It is our desire to develop a church that ministers to the whole family.

" The Speegles teach practical Biblical truths that help people to experience the fullness of life that God alone can offer. Pastor Allen has a heart to encourage and minister to other leaders and pastors both locally and nationwide. His simple approach to the wisdom found in the Word makes it easy to understand the love of God for the individual.

Click on the title of this article to go to Pastor Allen Speegle's website.

Philip Cornish, Coudersport, and other third year bible students from Rocky Mount will be ministering and sharing at the Gospel Tabernacle youth services, Sunday, March 25, at 6:30 pm. The public is invited.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Report Potter County flood damage

WFRM Radio reports: "The Potter County EMA is advising any permanent Potter County resident who suffered damage due to last week’s flooding to contact their township or borough and provide an estimate of damage and pictures, if possible. Municipalities will be collecting the data and reporting it to the EMA."

Click title to go to WFRM


A $2500.00 reward has been offered to identify a robber who robbed an Olean, NY credit union.

"To help in the search, Olean Police are making a short video clip of the robbery available to the public. To view the clip, visit ` and click on the departments link and then the police link. Once in the Police Department window, click on Criminal Unit."

To go to the story in the Olean Times Herald, click on the title of this article.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The sugar shacks are boiling down maple sap this weekend. Several area producers have opened their operations to visitors. Click the title on this story to go to the details on the pa maple website.

Governor Rendell Announces Partnership With Elk Foundation for New Visitor Center in Pennsylvania Wilds

Governor Rendell Announces Partnership With Elk Foundation for New Visitor Center in Pennsylvania Wilds at Benezette Township in Elk County.

The Pennsylvania Wilds covers Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton,
Elk, Forest, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Potter, Tioga and Warren

Click on title for the story from prnewswire

Law could open up state records ( | Intelligencer

In an article published in the Intelligencer, in the Philadelphia area, about new laws that could open up access to state records, Potter Leader Enterprise Editor, Donald Gilliland is quoted "If there's any way people in Harrisburg can keep something from the public, unfortunately, they do, the knee-jerk reaction is to keep everything secret.”

In an e mail to Solomon's Words, Donald Gilliland reported "It's a small group at this point, but we've been working over a year to get incorporated, get 501(c)(3) status and get some money.

I've been able to help at each stage of the process, and I wrote the grant that got us the first $10,000. Who says people in Potter County can't make a difference? Sometimes the trips to Harrisburg seemed like a distraction from things going on here in Potter, but I figure the only way the access problems here are likely to get fixed is if it becomes a state issue.

The state police policy of not releasing public information began here - Gerri Miller and I were the only ones in the state complaining about it at first... and the state police spokespeople in Harrisburg simply lied.

Only when Gerri and I got the PA Newspaper Association involved did the state police admit what they'd done. Now the editors of papers like the Philly Inquirer and the Patriot-News are taking it on. Progress comes slowly, and I figure if you want things to improve, you'd better be willing to pitch in and help."

Potter County residents should recognize these two veteran local news people, for their efforts and accomplishments, to make information available for all of us in Pennsylvania.

Click the title of this article for the complete story in the Intelligencer.

Monday, March 19, 2007


by James Jones

It's a little over three months, since Time Warner Cable dropped the bombshell on tiny Coudersport, PA, that they would shut down operations, at their Roadrunner national help desk, call center there, putting 500 agents out of work. On February 5th, the operations were shuttered and the phones stopped ringing. Some agents moved to other Time Warner locations, in Buffalo, Syracuse, Greensboro, and a location in South Carolina. Most of the agents, with families and homes in the Potter County area, signed up for unemployment, waiting for efforts to attract a new call center employer, to materialize. So far, one new employer, Wagner Appliance Parts, has started up, employing about 30 agents.

Time Warner's health benefits ended at the end of February. Cobra is suppose to offer an insurance program, to continue health benefits, on a self-pay basis, for a short period of time, until a displaced worker can find another job with health insurance. After a couple of phone calls to Time Warner, we finally got the Cobra information, in the mail about March 10. Well, Cobra coverage for my wife and I was $900.00 a month. I signed up for medicare at the end of February, and a supplement, that cost me about $250.00 a month. My wife sent in the papers, for the Cobra coverage, at $384.00 a month. She has unresolved medical issues, that need attention.

Today, March 19, she called Time Warner Cable to see if her coverage was in effect, so she could make an appointment with a specialist. The answer was "No, not yet. But, you can pay for it yourself, and then ask for reimbursement from the insurance company." We thought maybe we could afford to pay the first month, to get these issues resolved, and then, try to do without insurance, until she can find another position with benefits. But, no, there's not time to make an appointment and know that it will be paid, without having to pay in advance, and hope that the insurance company will reimburse us, someday. So, if we wait to make the appointment, we'll have to pay another month's premium. Premium for both of us to keep health insurance is $634.00 a month. Her unemployment is $270.00 a week, over 2 weeks checks, to maintain coverage she had through work, for a very small portion of the price.

Time Warner Cable knew they were shutting down this call center. They should have had this coverage in place when coverage ended on February 28th. I think the stall is there, to discourage their former employees from seeking coverage. Most employees made too much to qualify for Adult Basic Health Insurance through the Commonwealth.

The result of this is, people going without insurance. That means possible neglect of irreversible health issues, or seeking medical help from doctors or hospitals, and paying a little bit every month, on the bill.

Time Warner Cable should have taken care of this matter, before our health insurance ran out. Government should get involved, and penalize them for putting us in this vulnerable position. A cobra is a deadly snake. I see why it's called Cobra.

Time Warner Cable's Cobra is a joke.