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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Service at Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle

Easter Services at Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle will include MIME and the tabernacle flag team.
Sunday services start at 11:00 AM.
Wednesday services are at 7:00 pm.

PA Freedom Of Information Coalition Launches Web Site

A group formed to help Pennsylvania citizens obtain public information has launched a Web site featuring the Pennsylvania Open Government Forum, where people can post questions and get answers about accessing their local government and the state.

The Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition (PaFOIC) Web site at also features updates on open government legislation and news, a “how to” guide to submitting requests for public records, links to the Right to Know policies of state agencies, and the complete texts of Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law and Sunshine Act.

“We want to be the best source for ‘Right to Know’ information and assistance in Pennsylvania,” said Gayle C. Sproul, an attorney who is president of the PaFOIC.

Potter County news professionals, Donald Gilliland, Editor of the Potter-Leader Enterprise, and Gerri Miller, News Director of WFRM were a driving force behind the formation of the Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition.

Click on the title of this article for the rest of the story from the Bud Angst Report.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Students Get Lowdown On High-tech Journalism

By RACHEL CANELLI Bucks County Courier Times

The pen isn't mightier than technology.

With the future of newspapers shifting more to the World Wide Web, reporters need to have more than just a pencil and paper in hand. Journalists have to know how to use technology.

That's what local media professionals talked about Wednesday morning to Bucks County Community College students during a free forum. The event, which was part of the school's eighth annual media day, was called “News on the Net: The Future of Online Journalism.”

The discussion featured talks by three producers, writers and editors for online news organizations: Eric Redner, a writer and editor for; Jonathan Tannenwald, a producer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News Web site,; and Angelo John Lewis, corporate convergence editor for Calkins Media, the parent company of the Courier Times. The Web site of the Courier Times, the Intelligencer in Doylestown and the Burlington County Times is

The speakers discussed their careers and answered questions.

Besides being able to write quickly on deadline, journalists need to be comfortable using video cameras and digital audio recorders, Tannenwald said. Reporters should also be ready to generate reader participation through blogs, Lewis said.

“It's the wave of the future,” said Redner. “With production costs, it allows every person to be their own journalist.”

Click on the title for the complete article from the Philly Burbs.

Adelphia Bondholders Lose Appeal

A US District Court judge quashed the Adelphia Corporation Bondholders appeal of the Adelphia bankruptcy settlement last Monday. The bondholders were asking for another $250 million.

The judge effectively told the bondholders that the settlement had been made and that to change it now would upset the entire settlement procedure. Adelphia said this last appeal cost the company $50 million in legal and professional fees.

This decision should allow Adelphia to finish winding down its affairs. An online auction is disposing of most of the remaining Adelphia properties in 17 states. A previous article on Solomon's Words carries the information on where they are and how to bid. Large yellow signs have been posted on some of the properties in the Coudersport area.

The Connection Receives 2006 MVP Quality Award

BURNSVILLE, Minn. – The Connection® was recently named as a 2006 MVP Quality Award winner by Customer Inter@ction Solutions® magazine, the leading publication in CRM, call centers and teleservices industries.

“We are very honored to receive this prestigious accolade in our industry,” Fred Weiner, President and CEO of The Connection said. “We pride ourselves in providing superior quality service to our clients and their customers.”

Each year, Customer Inter@ction Solutions® magazine bestows its MVP Quality Award on contact center companies that have demonstrated the highest commitment to quality, excellence and customer service in the areas of company policies and procedures, customer service, technology, human resources, ergonomics and public image.

“The Connection has exemplified the search for excellence. They have demonstrated their ability to build a feeling of community within their company, while providing the best service they can give to their clients,” said Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Customer Inter@ction Solutions®.

The Connection® is an award-winning, US-based live operator call center and service agency. Since its inception in 1981, The Connection has evolved into one of the largest outsource call center service agencies in the country, as well as one of the fastest growing inbound call center businesses in the nation. The Connection has five call center facilities, located in New Mexico, Nebraska and New York and employs over 1,500 people.

New Coudersport Call Center Hiring Management

April 6, 2007--The Potter County Career Link has listed several management jobs for a call center in Coudersport. The listing dated yesterday, includes the following: Call Center Manager, Human Resources Manager, Call Center Trainer, and Call Center Quality Assurance Coordinator. The listing mentions a May operations date.

Unnamed sources suggest that 200 customer service personnel may be hired to staff this new call center. Previous information has indicated that a new company or companies are poised to replace the jobs lost in the former Adelphia and Time Warner tennis center. Time Warner is reported to be donating the building to the Potter County Redevelopment Authority.

Click the title of this article to go to Potter County Career Link.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Former Coudersport Band Plays Benefit At State College

April 5, 2007--A former Coudersport band played a benefit tonite in State College for the benefit of children in Uganda. The event will be the third State College show for "The Slant", a band that formed in Coudersport when the members were in high school.

Mark Zedonek, a California University of Pennsylvania student, sings vocals and plays acoustic guitar for the band.

"We want to get [our] fan base up before summer starts and do a couple shows a week in the summer," Zedonek said. "This summer would be a really good time to get together and just do shows, so we decided to play as many shows as possible this summer."

As of now, Zedonek will be moving in with his band mate Brad Austin (junior-geography) for the summer. Because the band's drummer goes to school at Bloomsburg, the band will be able to play the State College bar scene over the summer, Austin said.

Click the title of this article for the whole story from the Daily Collegian Online or click on this link to read an interview from the Daily Collegian

"We'd like to play more shows around here because it's a good atmosphere and people seem open to it," he said.

Solar Flares Disable GPS

by James Jones
April 5, 2007--Researchers are scrambling to try to find a fix for a problem that may disable GPS services, in the next few years. GPS is used for navigation of ships, trains, and planes, cell phone location for services such as E911, onstar services, and etc.

A solar flare, last December, caused GPS receivers to malfunction or not function at all. This phenomenon occurred over an area comprising roughly half of the earth's surface. The solar flare caused radio interference at ten times the normal levels.

The occurrence of these solar flares, or sunspots, as we used to call them is now in the low cycle. The highest peak in these emissions will be felt in 2011. Most of us old timers, who used cb radios in the early 1960's remember these peaks in sunspot activity, when you couldn't talk across the street on your cb radio.

Apparently the frequencies used by GPS are affected similarly. GPS non-functionality could have a disastrous effect on modern society.

Click on the title for a complete story on the GPS problem from the News.

Lyman Lake To Be Ready By Late Spring, Early Summer

HARRISBURG April 5, 2007— Construction of a new dam at Lyman Run State Park is nearing completion, clearing the way for refilling of the park lake and its reemergence as Potter County’s leading tourist attraction, Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Michael DiBerardinis said today.

“When the park beach and lake areas last were open in 1999, more than 130,000 visitors made Lyman Run State Park Potter County’s largest tourist destination,” DiBerardinis said. “With the filling of the lake later this year, and completion of the construction of new modern restrooms and shower facilities in two of its campgrounds, Lyman Run should regain its status as one of the leading attractions in the county.”

Built in the early 1950s, the old dam at the 595-acre state park near Galeton had experienced seeps and leakage — and been closely monitored as a result — almost since its construction. Safety concerns forced the dam breaching and draining of the lake in April 2000.

Allan A. Myers Inc. of Worcester began the project to remove the old dam and spillway in April 2004. The company began construction of the new, 50-foot high, 1,000-foot long, earthen dam and spillway later that year. The total cost of the project is nearly $17 million.

“All major dam construction is complete and road grading, turf reseeding and landscaping will be finished in the coming weeks,” DiBerardinis said. “Pending the project’s certification by the Department of Environmental Protection, filling of the lake could begin later this spring.”

Last stocked with trout in 2000 by the Fish and Boat Commission, the 45-acre Lyman Run Lake had been popular with anglers and other park visitors. Barring problems with the filling process or weather extremes, the lake should be available for fishing and limited boating by late spring or early summer.

“DCNR knows the value of Lyman Run State Park and its lake to the economy of north central Pennsylvania and we remain committed to expediting this project,” DiBerardinis said. “We know thousands of visitors anticipate the day when the lake again graces the park grounds, and brook trout swim in its clean, cold water.”

For more details on the dam project, call the park office at (814) 435-5010. For information on Lyman Run or any of the state’s 117 state parks, call toll-free, 1-888-PA-PARKS, or visit (click on State Parks).

Energy Assistance Extended to April 13, 2007

HARRISBURG - Cash and crisis grants for the Low-Income Home EnergyAssistance Program will be available to eligible households through April 13, Secretary of Public Welfare Estelle B. Richman said today. This is the second extension of the application deadline since the LIHEAP program opened last November.

The federally funded LIHEAP program helps low-income householdspay for a variety of home heating fuel sources and furnace repairs during the winter months. Since the beginning of the current heating season, the program has provided more than 330,500 families with cash grants and it has helped approximately 104,000 families in crisis. Cash grants are designed to help families pay their home heating bills and are based on household income, family size, fuel type and heating region.

This year, a family of four with an annual income of up to $30,000 can qualify for assistance. In addition to verification of income and household size, applicants must provide a recent energy billor a statement from their fuel provider stating the type of fuel they use and their customer status.

To learn more about applying for heating assistance, contact theLIHEAP hotline at 1-866-857-7095, Monday through Friday or visit <> .

Crisis grants are approved for families with heating emergencies,such as mechanical breakdowns or unexpected fuel shortages. In Potter County, individuals seeking crisis grants should contact the county assistance office at 1-800-446-9896.

Austin Fish Fry Friday

The Austin Community Pride Committee will hold a fish fry on Friday, April 6, 2007 at the Austin Fire Hall. Serving starts at 4:00 pm. Adults $7.50, children $6.00. Dinner includes fish. choice of potato, cole slaw, dinner roll, and desert. Proceeds go toward 2007 fireworks.

New Coudersport Office Hours**Rep. Martin Causer

Contact Me

April 5, 2007

Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) today announced a temporary change in the schedule at his Coudersport Office.

The office will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed noon to 1 p.m. for the lunch hour). Causer said the limited operation schedule will remain in effect until further notice.

“Due to some staffing changes in my offices, it was necessary to limit the days of operation in Coudersport,” Causer said. “I hope to be back to having both of my offices open five days a week as soon as possible.”

Causer stressed that his Bradford office will continue to be open Monday through Friday, and anyone who would typically visit or call the Coudersport office is welcome to call the Bradford office, toll free, at 1-866-437-8181.

The Coudersport office is located at 2 Allegany Ave. and can be reached by calling 814-274-9769. The Bradford office is at 78 Main Street, First Floor.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Gov. Rendell***$5 Million to Control Mosquitoes

HARRISBURG —April 4, 2007 Governor Edward G. Rendell today announced more than $5 million to help counties monitor and control West Nile Virus, which is spread by mosquitoes. Potter County mosquitoes will receive $45,000. Philadelphia County has bigger mosquitoes which will require $305,000 to control.

“Over the past seven years of fighting the spread of West Nile Virus, we have gained knowledge and developed strategies that allow us to efficiently target our resources for maximum effect,” Governor Rendell said. “Again this year, we will work with counties to conduct aggressive mosquito surveillance and, when needed, implement control activities. We believe our aggressive approach these past two years has contributed to a drop in the number of human cases of West Nile Virus in Pennsylvania.”

Rep. Causer Vows To Fight Gun Control

April 3, 2007....Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) said today that sportsmen and other Second Amendment rights advocates are right to be concerned about the deluge of gun control bills being introduced in the Democrat-controlled state House, but he believes most of the proposals have little chance of advancing beyond the “idea” stage.

“Each session, hundreds of bills are introduced, referred to a committee by the speaker and then die there. They are never voted out of committee, let alone approved by the House or the Senate or the governor,” Causer said. “The process of turning a bill, or an idea, into a law can be long and complicated. It is that way by design – so we can weed out bad ideas that have no merit.”

One such example is House Bill 760, a gun control measure introduced by a Philadelphia Democrat, Rep. Angel Cruz. Causer has received numerous calls and e-mails about the bill after a local TV station aired a story on it. The bill calls for a statewide registry of guns and requires gun owners to renew their registration annually and pay $10 per gun per year. The gun owner would have to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check and carry a registration card – with the owner’s photograph – with the gun at all times. If registration is denied for any reason, the firearm would be confiscated.

Causer emphasized that while the bill has in fact been introduced, it has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee and has not yet been discussed or called up for a vote. Should it ever make it to the full House for a vote, Causer would work hard to ensure its defeat.

“There are plenty of rural Democrats across this Commonwealth who I believe would vote against this measure because it only makes life more difficult for law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to stop criminals from gaining access to or using guns,” Causer said. “There is no question that Philadelphia has a major problem with gun-related crimes, but the problem has nothing to do with our gun laws. It has to do with enforcement and effective prosecution of those who violate the law.”

Other gun control measures introduced so far this session would:

Allow for municipal preemption of state firearm laws.
Assess criminal penalties against a firearm owner if his or her firearm was used in a crime and had been incorrectly stored.
Limit handgun purchases to one per month.
Require mandatory reporting within 24 hours of lost or stolen firearms and notice of multiple purchases.
Causer invites anyone concerned about House Bill 760 to sign his petition in opposition to more gun control in Pennsylvania. People can sign the petition electronically at or download a hard copy of it to collect signatures and then return to him via mail. People without Internet access may stop by Causer’s local offices to sign the petition:

Bradford Office – 78 Main St., First Floor.
Coudersport Office – 2 Allegany Ave.

Causer will forward the information on to the chairmen of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Tom Caltagirone (D-Berks County) and Rep. Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin County).

Rep. Martin T. Causer67th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives
(814) 362-4400
(717) 787-5075 Contact: Patricia A. Hippler
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 772-9846
April 3, 2007

Click title to go to Rep. Martin Causer's website

Music Saturday at Ski Denton Lodge

Nashville songwriter Eppie Bailey and Philadelphia songwriter Steve Quelet ( didn't expect to meet a like minded songwriter to collaborate with in the Northern Pennsylvania Mountains, but there you go, just when you least expect it!....then add Judy Shunk and her rock solid bass lines to the mix and voila!....Jakob's Hollow is born. They derive the name from two sources...Eppie's second son happens to be named "Jakob". and there's a particularly scenic hiking trail that runs through "Jacob Hollow" on the Susquehannock Trail System.

Steve and Eppie also co-host the "Songwriters Roundtable"(, a singer/songwriter "in the round" showcase presented monthly at Ski Denton Lodge, near Galeton, PA now in it's second season. This month's session is Saturday, April 7, 2007, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. It features Ina May Wool , with Dan Weiss, and Joe Jencks as the featured artists. Admission is $10.00, Small children $5.00.

Eppie wrote, recorded and performed with her brother Adam in the Nashville area for a number of years, and still maintains close ties to the area, occasionally performing with her brother and former band mates. She also has a long running partnership with her sister in law Julie Cataldo in Nashville with their company Zephyr Arts (

Steve is a long time member of the South Jersey and Philadelphia area songwriting and folk communities, often returning to the area to perform with fellow songwriters. He has recorded with bands in the Baltimore and Philadelphia regions, and released three critically acclaimed CD's as a solo artist.

Together, their songs are beginning to gain notice on a national level, and a recent co-write, "Listen To The Angels", a song about Hurricane Katrina and the people of New Orleans released on Steve's most recent CD, is gaining airplay on national Folk Radio stations.

Potter County's own Judy Shunk has been a steady mainstay of the acoustic music community in the Northern Pennsylvania Mountains for years. She has a knack for making the music at any jam or stage sound better, and can usually be found joining in on the latest local jam.

Click on the links in this article to go to website.

Click Title to see Potter County Visitors Association schedule

Make Money as a Webmaster, Blogger

Rob Briggs of Port Allegany, publishes a blog called "Mad" in which he pursues the idea of working from home. He's a senior programmer for Adelphia soon to lose his job.

He posts this: "Would you be interested in taking a class on the profit making side of being a webmaster? If so, please email me at and let me know. I will be contacting the Potter County Ed Council about teaching a few different courses soon. If you have any topics that might be of interest to you, let me know."

Anyone can be a blogger, and Google lets you publish them free of charge. In fact, Google will pay you for advertising on your blog. Pick a subject you would like to write about, sign up for Google ad sense, and every time someone clicks on an ad or a link on your page, Google shares the ad revenue with you.

Some bloggers have been able to make hundreds of dollars a day, although this is not the norm. My experience so far with Google ad sense has been considerably below that figure, but the potential is there, if you get enough people clicking on the ads.

Click on the title of this post to see Rob's complete post.

New Patch Issued for Virus

Microsoft has issued a new patch for a nasty virus that should be downloaded right away. The virus exploits a flaw in the Microsoft program which allows a hacker to take over your computer.

This flaw has been called many things by many vendors, but is currently best known as the "ANI exploit", or "animated cursor exploit".

The basic issue created by the potential exploit has been well-described by folks in the media, including several security experts, but in a nutshell, hackers have figured out a new way how to run malicious code using a Windows file commonly used to render cursors, and are using the user32.dll application located within the System32 folder as their engine of choice.

From the standpoint of propagation, the threat is pretty nasty: you can catch this virus simply by peering at an infected web page, or staring at the preview pane of your pre-2007 version of Outlook. It appears to infect IE and Firefox similarly.

Click on the title of this article to go to the entire article in In Security.

What Happened to Coudersport Ice Mine ??

by James Jones
I was looking online at images from Coudersport on Google images this morning and came across this old postcard showing the Coudersport Ice Mine.
I remember, as a youngster, signs and advertising for the ice mine, but never took time to visit it. Someone told me it was like a hole in the ground that ice stayed in, in the summertime, so I never thought it was anything spectacular. But this postcard shows the ice mine in all its glory.
If it looks like this, then someone should be operating it as a tourist attraction in connection with the Pennsylvania Wilds promotion.
Can anyone enlighten us on why this attraction closed, and does it still produce ice in the summertime?
If you have information on this, you may post it in a comment on this page or email it to
Click on the title of this article to see another picture from the past.

David Acker Resigns At Charles Cole Hospital

WFRM Reports****A community leader is leaving the area. David Acker, CEO at Charles Cole Hospital will be taking over as President and CEO of the Canton-Potsdam, NY Hospital on June 11 according to an announcement yesterday from Charles Updegraff Jr., President of Charles Cole’s Board of Directors.

At a special meeting yesterday, the Board appointed a Search Committee to begin the process of seeking a replacement for Acker who has been affiliated with the local hospital for more than 20 years.

In a news release, Acker is quoted as saying the most rewarding aspect of his job has been working with such a great team of people and says he will miss the personal and professional connections to the community.

Updegraff said Acker has provided the hospital “dynamic and visionary leadership for many years .” The 94-bed Canton-Potsdam Hospital is located in Potsdam, NY and serves the St. Lawrence County area with a wide array of health services.

Monday, April 2, 2007

50 Plus Girl Scout Dinner at Roulette

The Roulette Girl Scouts are sponsoring a free dinner for persons age 50 and older on Saturday, April 21, 2007, at 4:00 pm, at the Roulette Fire Hall. The scouts have served this dinner annually for over 20 years.

Reservations must be made by Saturday, April 7, 2007, by calling Pam Barber at 814-544-4057 after 11:00 am.

Sea Gulls and Geese Stop To Visit Roulette

Sea Gulls are not usually found this far from the seashore. The sea gulls and some migrating geese stopped over on one of the flood ponds left on the Kaple farm in Roulette. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Photos by James Jones

I Hate a Parade

Last fall we were trying to drive through a town (after a long and somewhat frustrating morning with the girls) and it was HOMECOMING weekend - and there was a parade - and I wanted to get on the other side of it...and I made it clear to everyone in the car with me that I was very displeased that there was a parade here and no one asked me if it would be okay... I mean, what do I care about Coudersport's football team, really? Or their homecoming queens? I needed to get to the Sheetz on the other side of the parade (potty stop, thank you very much).

This is an excerpt from Pastor Bill Beatty's blog. Pastor Bill is from Warren, Pa. Click on the title for the complete posting.

Roulette Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 7

The Annual Roulette Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, April 7, 2007 in the field across from the Potter County Human Services building ar 12 noon.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Judge Cheryl L. Allen Speaks, Sings at Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle

Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Judge Cheryl L. Allen, a candidate for a vacancy on the Pennsylvania Superior Court in the May primary, spoke and sang at The Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle on Sunday, April 1, 2007.
Rarely do candidates for the Appelate Courts find their way to Potter County, and many voters refuse to vote for these judges, because they know nothing about them.
Judge Cheryl L. Allen is a lifelong Pittsburgh resident and graduate of Penn State University and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
The professional career of Judge Allen has been marked by a strong and consistent calling to serve Christ through public service.
Before obtaining her law degree, Judge Allen worked as an elementary school teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. As a lawyer, Judge Allen was employed with such entities as Neighborhood Legal Services, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, and the Allegheny County Law Department.
Judge Allen earned a merit selection appointment to the bench in 1990 and has since been elected and retained by the voters of Allegheny County. For more than a decade, and longer than any of her predecessors, Judge Allen sat in Juvenile Court.
The gravity and plight of the litigants, whether juveniles who had been charged with committing delinquent acts, or children who had suffered abuse and neglect, revealed families in acute crisis and besieged by addiction, mental illness, poverty and lack of education.
Judge Allen, as a result, became active with numerous community and social service organizations aimed at the betterment and rehabilitation of disadvantaged families and has helped to create programs such as the Birth Parent Mentoring Program which helps young single mothers manage their children and families, avoiding involvement in the Juvenile Court system; the Youth Enrichment Services Diversion Program (YES) which is a program that helps teens who are at-risk within the Juvenile Court system; and the Rankin Christian Center.
In addition, Judge Allen sits on several Boards including the Shirley H. Jordan Charitable Foundation, the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, Child Watch, the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Communities in Schools, the Institute for Research, Education, and Training in Addictions (IRETA), and Theotherapy, Inc.

Since 2004, Judge Allen has sat in Criminal Court where she presides over adult offenders.
From 2000 through 2006, Judge Allen served as an associate professor in the criminal justice department of Point Park University. Judge Allen’s recognitions and awards are numerous and include:
The 3 Rivers Youth Nellie Leadership Award
The YWCA Greater Pittsburgh 2006: A Tribute to Women award
University of Pittsburgh’s Alumni of the Year
Renaissance Magazine’s Trailblazer award
The University of Pittsburgh School of Law’s Woman of the Year
Every Child, Inc.’s Champion for Permanency Award
Second Chance, Inc.’s Woman of Standard award
The Allegheny County Bar Association’s Juvenile Justice award
The Juvenile Court Judge’s Commission award
The Pennsylvania Commission for Women’s History Month award

Judge Cheryl Allen is a lifelong resident of Allegheny County (Pennsylvania). She is the eldest of five siblings to Robert and Corrine Allen. She is married to Jimmie Skipwith and is the mother of three grown sons and a grandmother of five. Raising her sons to be responsible and productive young men is her proudest accomplishment.
During her tenure in Juvenile Court, she developed and implemented innovative programs to improve the functioning of that court and to address the needs of children and parents. She spearheaded a drive to direct juvenile offenders to a path of productivity through education.
Judge Allen’s career is distinguished by an exclusive and unwavering commitment to public service. She is a productive, principled and dedicated jurist who decides cases with fairness and impartiality. She has earned the admiration of the bench and bar for her ability to manage large caseloads, and she is recognized by the bench and bar to be intelligent, experienced, articulate and fair. A dedicated public servant, she has demonstrated her responsiveness to the needs of the community and the justice system.

Even though Judge Cheryl Allen is the only Republican candidate "Highly Recommended" for the Superior Court by the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Judicial Evaluation Commission, and she has a current rating of "Highly Qualified" by the Allegheny County Bar Association, she was not endorsed by the State Republican Party, to fill one of the two vacancies on the court.
If you would like more information, or to volunteer to support this highly qualified candidate, who knows where Potter County is, you may click on the title of this article to go to Judge Cheryl L. Allen's website. Judge Allen's email is

43 Graduate From State Police Academy

HARRISBURG – Governor Edward G. Rendell announced that 43 men and women have joined the ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police following their graduation from the State Police Academy in Hershey.

“These new troopers will help Pennsylvania to better protect its residents and ensure the safety of our communities,” Governor Rendell said. “The presence of more uniformed troopers will provide a higher level of police services and protection.”

Governor Rendell’s 2006-07 budget increased the department’s complement to 4,673; the highest number of troopers in the state’s history.

State Police Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller said members of today’s class and future classes will help the department reach its full complement by the fall of next year. Some cadets from each of the classes will fill existing or anticipated vacancies.

None of the new troopers were assigned locally.