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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hit And Run In Port Allegany Friday Nite

Port Allegany police are investigating a hit and run accident that occurred Friday night on South Main Street in the boro involving a motorcycle and a flat bed pickup truck.

The motorcyclist was transported to Charles Cole Hospital.

Police from several area communities were involved in attempting to apprehend the pickup truck which had front end damage and was leaking fluids.

Evan Dana Posts From Valentine, Nebraska

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Valentine, NE (84 miles)
Sidenote: There was an article in the Lowell Sun last Friday about Bike & Build and my experience thus far. If you didn't get a chance to read it in the paper (I hear it was on the 3rd page with a photo!) you can find it online.

Breakfast today was exactly what we want. Cereal, toast, fruit, muffins, and enough for seconds, thirds, and fourths.Today seemed like two separate days weather-wise. This morning, it was cool and only mildly breezy. This afternoon, it was quite hot and we faced intense headwinds. The shoulder on the road was pretty good and there weren't any climbs, so we're pretty happy overall.

I needed a solo ride today and just sank into my aero bars, legs spinning away at circles. I watched the ground blur and streak through my shadow, with my head down on this straight, flat terrain. I took a nice leisurely lunch break nap on a picnic table in the shade. This was in a town, that looked exactly like what you would imagine a "small old western town" to look like.

There was a saloon (L-Bow Bar), an antique store, a bank, and not much else.A muscle in my lower back/butt was mighty tight today, so about 10 miles after lunch, at the first tree I saw, I pulled over to stretch. I happened upon a napping Amelia, and looked up to see Grandma's Playhouse and Ice Cream Shop. Delightful. I chatted with Amelia for a bit, then "Grandma" drove in and opened up her shop. I had some delicious sorbet, lemon, lime, and raspberry! And she filled our waterbottles with ice and water. Such a treat!

Then, a few more miles down the road, we saw Bill, who is walking backwards across the country. I believe he drives down some miles, walks backwards to some point, then forwards, always facing West. He also set many other records, such as 2-finger push-ups. Editor's note: Bill walked through Roulette on May 1st. see solomon's words article for details.

Neat.We had to wait a bit after reaching the church to find out where to shower. Did you know you can take a nearly heart-stoppingly-cold shower and almost enjoy it after a day in the sun?

Posted by Evan Dana

Aaron Faust--800 Miles To Go--Appalachian Trail

New Jersey Blues

Phew! The last few days coming off a 7-day break have been rough for me mentally. For the first time on the trip I seriously considered getting off the trail for good.

The hiking did not come as easily as it had before the break. I was still putting in big days and physcially I was feeling good, but my mental state was kind of shot. I didn't want to hike anymore.

That desire I had for the first 1,300 miles was not the same as it was. But, the encouragement of my great family and friends has helped and I have decided to take a "one day at a time" approach to the rest of the trip.

These next 800 miles are going to be tough, but I will do my best and see how far I can get.Many people hike the A.T. for many different reasons. Some hike to escape something or to avoid responsibilites at home. Others truly love to walk. Still others use the trail as a way to find something or as a way to provide answers to some question in their life.

Undoubtedly, everyone who hikes learns a lot about themselves. I've realized over the course of the trip and especially in these past few days just how important the people I care about are in my life. The off week with my family for the 4th and the wedding events with my friends was wonderful and getting thrown back out onto the trail after that was hard. I wanted to be back with those people, instead of out in the woods alone.

I suppose many hikers get the blues at some point in their journey and it is something I need to overcome, if I can. I appreciate the thoughts and encouraging words from everyone that has lent them and hope to get as far as I can on this trail.

The week of the blues started on Monday July 9th. I spent the evening of the 8th at the Church of the Mountain hostel in Delware Water Gap, PA. It took my parents and I like 4 hours to get there, but we finally did. I had a restless night of sleep, but manged to get enough rest to be back out on the trail by about 8am on the 9th.

I crossed the Delaware River and ascended into New Jersey. It was a super hot and humid day and I did not see a soul the entire day. This did not really help my psyche. I walked 24 miles that day, with nary another hiker in sight. I camped alone at Brink Road Shelter and was feeling pretty sad as I fell asleep in my tent.

The 10th came and I still was feeling quite a bit off. I walked 4 miles to a road crossing and stopped at a deli. I needed to talk to someone, so I phoned my father. He offered some good words of advice and told me to give it some time and things would be all right. I ate a turkey sandwich and kept on moving. Again, hiking most of the day without seeing many hikers. The trail has been getting more sparse the farther north I get.

I walked 19 miles to High Point Shelter, where an ATC Ridgerunner was camping. If he hadn't been there I would have camped alone again. I did hit some nice trail magic at High Point State Park from "Five Eyes" and his brother. The hot dogs and Gatorade were uplifting.

On the 11th I busted out another 19-mile day to Vernon, NJ. The terrain that day was supremely easy, but the heat was unrelenting. Another sparse day of hikers, but when I got to NJ Rte. 84 I was able to get some ice cream and a hitch into town, where I stayed at St. Thomas Episcopal Church hostel. There were others there, which was nice. There I called several friends and their words cheered me up and I began to feel better.

The 12th came and the heat and humidity finally let up. I set out in the morning with a hiker named "Stone Age." We hiked all day together, which was awesome. The weather was cool and the hiking was beautiful. At Prospect Rock we even had a view of the NYC skyline. It was that clear out. We hit several pieces of trail magic and crossed into NY state. When we arrived at Wildcat Shelter some trail angels were there giving out brownies and sodas. It was a truly great day on the A.T. and I was really re-envigorated.

What a difference a day makes! I tented again that night and had a wonderful night of sleep. In the morning I was meeting Stamatis for a night at his house in Boonton, NJ.

I slept in on Friday the 13th and didn't hit the trail until like 9:30am. I didn't have much water, so I headed two miles to the next source. NY seems to be pretty dry this summer because when I got to the source, Fitzgerald Falls, it was almost completely dried up. There was a small trickle, so I was able to fill up, but it took some time.

I left the hikers who were waiting in line for the trickle and headed up Mombasha High Point. It was a nice climb and I saw a few people lunching at the top. I kept moving because I was to meet Stamatis at 1pm at Harriman State Park. The terrain was surpisingly difficult. A lot of short, but steep climbs with myriad rocks. I didn't make the time I thought I would, but Stamatis was waiting for me when I got to the park. It was good to see him.

We went to Boonton and ate at his father's restaurant and I will be spending this evening and all day tomorrow here. I am zeroing tomorrow. The previous 90 miles in 4 and a half days have taken its toll, mentally especially, but today the physical started to play a role. My knees are sure hollerin' at me. An off day will be good.

I will be back on the trail Sunday and going to take it one step at a time. I am going to be in a New York state of mind for a while, so that will help. Connecticut soon, however.

804 miles to go.

Posted on July 13th 2007 by Aaron Faust

Chicken Barbeque Today--Roulette

West End Trailblazers are having a Chicken Barbeque today beside Gustin's Garage on Fishing Creek Extension between Route 6 and Main Street in Roulette starting at 11:30 am.

Gerber Baby Cereal Recalled--Choking Danger

Gerber Baby Cereal Recalled Over Choking Hazard
Organic Oatmeal, Rice Baby Cereals Clumping May Choke

WASHINGTON -- Gerber Products Co. recalled all packages of its organic rice and organic oatmeal cereals Friday because of potential clumping of the baby food, which can pose a choking hazard.

Gerber said it has received complaints of choking but no reports of injury.
The company said a "limited quantity" of the cereals could contain lumps that do not dissolve in water or milk. The cereals were distributed nationwide and to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Food and Drug Administration compliance officer Sandra Williams said the agency was aware of the voluntary recall "and we concur."

Gerber spokesman David Mortazavi said the company was recalling 306,760 packages of organic rice cereal and 167,724 packages of organic oatmeal cereal.

All codes of the two products, sold in 8-ounce boxes, are being recalled. The organic rice cereal UPC code is 15000 12504 and the organic oatmeal cereal UPC code is 15000 12502.
The baby food should be not be eaten, and customers can call the Gerber parents resource center at 800-443-7237 or 231-928-3000 to return the product and receive a full refund.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Causer--New Jobs For Coudersport--Potter County

WESB News: 07/13/07 -

New Employer in Potter County

Good news for Coudersport and Potter County. State Representative Marty Causer says he's "anticipating a major announcement early next week (in regard to) a commitment of a new employer coming into the area with a significant number of new jobs."

Police Reports From WFRM News

WFRM Reports:

A 16 year old Gaines driver escaped injury in a one-vehicle crash Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Pigeon Hill and Slider Roads in West Branch Township. Police said the boy’s 1994 Pontiac Grand Am failed to negotiate a curve, spun around 180 degrees and traveled into a ditch before rolling onto its roof.

Several people have been cited for a fight taking place early last Sunday morning in the parking lot of the Northwoods Tavern, Route 6 west of Coudersport. Jeramy Good of Honey Brook, Anthony Pekarski of Levittown, Anthony Corbin of Hamilton, New Jersey and Joseph Mowday of Coatesville are all charged with disorderly conduct while Good and Pekarski are additionally charged with criminal mischief for a fisticuff in which a car owned by Danyelle Whitman of Coudersport was damaged to the tune of $500.

PA Laws Now Available Online

Legal Website On-line in Pennsylvania--WETM-TV
Last Update: Jul 13, 2007 8:49 AM
Posted By: Tim Dowling

You can now do your own research on laws in Pennsylvania with the click of a mouse.Starting today, all Pennsylvania laws will be posted on a publicly available website.The Keystone State is the last state to do so.The laws will now be available for you to read on the official website of the State Legislature.That address is is the first time people can access Pennsylvania's legal documents for free online, without having to buy textbooks or do research in the library.

Roulette Township--Boil Water Notification



The Roulette Township Supervisors, per the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, have issued a BOIL WATER NOTIFICATION effective immediately for all residents that utilize the public water supply.

This means that all water, that is to be used for human consumption, should be boiled at a rolling boil for at least 1 minute prior to its ingestion. An alternative would be to use bottled water for drinking purposes. This is a precautionary measure to insure the safety and health of the residents of Roulette Township.

The reason for this notification is due to there never being any testing done on Well #2 for Giardia or Cryptosporidium.

Both the PA DEP and the Supervisors feel that there is no cause for alarm as this well served as the primary water source for the Township for many years prior to it’s decommission in 1999.

The Supervisors have approved for an emergency test for these Protozoa and will hopefully be able to lift this requirement before the end of next week.

State Police Ask Help Solving Potter Burglaries

July 13, 2007

State Police at Coudersport are seeking information from the public about two separate burglaries that took place between May 28 and July 9.

The first incident took place sometime between 6 p.m. May 28 and midnight July 2 when someone stole five five-gallon pails of fire suppression foam, worth approximately $450 and siphoned about 30 gallons of diesel fuel from a firetruck at the Harrison Valley Fire Department, 202 E. Tannery St.

The second burlgary took place between 6 p.m. June 28 and 5 p.m. July 9 at a storage shed located on a field along the east side of Alma Hill Road, about a mile north of Butter Creek Road in Oswayo Township.Someone damaged an exterior door frame upon entering the shed and stole two red Jonsered CS2171 20-inch bar chainsaws valued at $800.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (814) 274-8690.

Secretary Being Charged In Theft From H.B. Fink


SMETHPORT — An Emporium woman is being charged with taking about $19,000 from the Port Allegany law firm where she was employed. Jennifer Weichman, 34, of 55 Sizer Run Road, is facing charges of theft by unlawful taking, a third-degree felony; theft by deception and two counts of theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received, first-degree misdemeanors.

The police criminal complaint, filed by Guy Distrola of the Port Allegany Borough Police, states that between April 2005 and July 2007, while Weichman was working as a legal secretary for attorney H.B. Fink, she took about $19,179 which belonged to the firm.

To read the rest of this story, published today in the Bradford ERA, click on the link on the lower right margin of this page for the Bradford Era.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

WFRM Updates Sweden Valley Incident

WFRM Reports:
A Sweden Valley man has been jailed in lieu of $25,000 bail after being arraigned last night before District Judge Annette Easton on charges of burglary, aggravated assault, fleeing and eluding police officers.
Authorities say the incident began at around 6:30 when 32 year old Charles Olson struck his wife Becky on the side of the head, choked her, and banged her head off the floor several times threatening to kill her after she allegedly admitted cheating on him earlier in the day with 28 year old Drew Watson.
Charles Olson left the house and went to Watson’s home to confront him about the affair; went inside and according to police, pointed a loaded gun toward Watson threatening to kill him and fired one round into the living room floor before leaving the scene.
Olson then led several police officers on a high-speed lengthy chase throughout Sweden Township during which he kept in contact with his wife by cell phone and threatened to commit suicide.
Olson was taken into custody near North Hollow Heights close to the home of his in-laws, Allan and Linda Faulstick who apparently had intervened and were with him when police arrived. Police say Olson handed an officer a plastic baggie containing a small amount of suspected marijuana.
A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for July 17 before District Judge Annette Easton.

Rain In Roulette--Prayer Works

The only rain cloud in Western Pennsylvania is over Roulette right now giving us a nice drenching shower. Who says prayer doesn't work.

Dow Jones Is Hot Today With 283 Point Jump

The Dow Jones jumped 283 points today in the biggest one day gain since 2003.

Burglars Steal Fuel From Fire Truck In Harrison Valley

WESB News: 07/12/07 -

Burglary at Potter Co. Fire Department

State police are investigating a burglary at the Harrison Valley Volunteer Fire Department. Sometime between Memorial Day and July 2 someone entered the building and took five 5-gallon pails of fire suppression foam valued at 450 dollars. They also took about 30 gallons of diesel fuel from a fire truck. Anyone with information is asked to contact Coudersport-based state police.

Family Of Slain Officer With Roulette Ties To Benefit From Class Reunion

7/12/2007 8:03:11 AM

Woodrow Wilson class reunion organizers will hold the outing in memory of Brian S. Gregg, the slain Newtown officer and Class of 1977 historian.

Class reunion organizers were missing a key ingredient this year in preparing their 30th reunion — slain Newtown police officer and Woodrow Wilson Class of 1977 historian Brian S. Gregg.
"Brian and I have worked together on all of our previous reunions," said organizer Jaki Angelo Mason, "so it was a bit hard [emotionally] for me to get this off the ground. I had so many ideas but didn't know where to start."

Eventually, though, the committee decided to hold a reunion and benefit for their fallen classmate, who was shot and killed in the line of duty almost two years ago.

Gregg’s parents, John and Nancy Gregg, who live nearly 300 miles west of Bucks in Potter County, said they might attend the reunion.

"So much has happened," Nancy Gregg said. "We think things like this are incredible — and it’s an honor."

The committee is hosting several events on the same day as the reunion, Aug. 10, to raise money to benefit Gregg’s widow and son, as well as establish three one-time scholarships for a graduating senior from Neshaminy, Harry S Truman and Council Rock North high schools. The scholarships will recognize students from the Class of 2008 for school involvement and commitment, similar to the Wilson Award that Gregg received in 1977, Mason said.

The Brian Gregg Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at 8 a.m. at the Middletown Country Club at 420 N. Bellevue Ave. The tournament is open to anyone interested in participating. The price is $125 per person. To register, e-mail Jim Ferland at
The 30th reunion committee will also hold a Chinese auction during the reunion, scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. at Brookside Manor in Lower Southampton.

"We had a tough time rallying without Brian, but once we decided to make this a combo fundraiser/reunion and settled on raising money for educational scholarships that would benefit three graduates from three schools, that really helped us focus our energy on making the event worthwhile," said reunion committee member Carol Robidoux, a former Courier Times staff writer.

The committee is also hoping to raise money for a new bench in Brian S. Gregg Memorial Park on Congress Street in Newtown, organizers said.

Gregg, who put together photo slides for previous reunions, was killed Sept. 29, 2005, in the emergency room of St. Mary Medical Center in Middletown.

He and another officer brought Robert Flor to the hospital after he was arrested for driving drunk and beating his girlfriend. When Flor's handcuffs were removed so he could use the bathroom, he grabbed an officer's gun and shot Gregg.

For more information visit
Danny Adler can be reached at 215-949-4205 or

Roulette Township Water Emergency Update

Emergency Water Restriction Update 07/12/2007
To all news services:
As of 8:30 AM today, a temporary emergency water use permit for “Well #2” was acquired from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. What this means is that we now have a partial supplementary water source for our residents. This source is not capable of restoring full service but it should help tremendously. The mandatory water restriction is still in effect until further notice. The area did receive a .90 inch rainfall over the last 24 hours, however this was once again a fast and furious rain that ran off to rivers and streams and did not soak into the water table where it is so desperately needed.

Roulette Township is still trying to secure additional emergency water sources to aid with the emergency, but we still have no definitive dates or times for their acquirement. If everyone in the effected service area continues to tighten their belts, be mindful and cautious of their water usage, everyone should have at least some water. The pressures may not be what everyone is used to, but should be at least enough to be usable.

We realize that this is a great inconvenience to everyone, but it is something that was and is beyond anyone’s control. The drought conditions have really hit us hard this year. We are and will continue to work feverishly to attempt to increase the water supply as soon as possible.

At 9:30 this morning I spoke with Ken Wingo of the Potter County Commissioners Office. The Commissioners have pledged their full cooperation and assistance with any portion of this emergency that they can assist with.

Everyone’s cooperation and understanding during this crisis will be greatly appreciated and will help everyone within the Township.

Jonathan Huff
Roulette Township Water System Operator

Coudersport State Police Report


•David Patrick McGinley, 42, of Roulette, Pa., was charged Sunday with a repeated violation of a no- contact protection order. He was sent to the Potter County Jail after his bail was revoked.

•Casey Lee Wolfe, 28, of Wellsville, Pa., was charged Saturday with driving under the influence following a traffic stop on Prouty Road in Summit Township.

•Thomas F. Rachiele, 28, of Albuquerque, N.M., was charged Saturday with harassment following an altercation in the parking lot of Germania Hotel in Abbott Township.

•The .22-caliber lever-action Henry gun with a wooden stock, reported missing July 2, was recovered along state Route 100 in Montgomery County. The gun had been reported missing from a private camp in Allegany Township in Potter County.

•Richard Anthony Page, 29, of Beech Creek, Pa., was charged Friday with driving under the influence following a traffic stop on state Route 44 in Sharon Township.•Jason Allen Greiss, 25, of Ulysses, was charged Friday with harassment.

Auto Accident in Sweden Township

Coudersport emergency services responded to a personal injury auto accident at 7:00 am today at the intersection of Dry Run Road and Route 6 in Sweden Township.

Man Jailed After Chase

WESB News: 07/12/07 -

Coudy Man jailed After Police Chase

A Coudersport man was arrested Wednesday night after a police chase in Potter County. State Police say 32 year-old Charles Olson was apprehended in Sweden Township after a domestic dispute earlier in the night. Police say Olson struck his wife in the head, choked her and banged her head on the floor several times. He also allegedly pointed a gun at a man, fired the weapon into a floor in the living room and fled the residence. Police say the dispute centered around an affair between his wife and the man.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Terra Curtis Posts From Sioux City, Iowa

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 Bike and Build

Sioux City, Iowa
I didn't think I'd ever say this, but, northwestern Iowa is one of the most beautiful parts of this country. Today, we rode 102 miles from Carroll to Sioux City. We climbed over 7,000 feet. It was our longest mile day and the most feet of climbing we have done so far, and it was all done with a headwind.

Coming into Sioux City and seeing the YMCA atop a hill, I wasn't sure I had the energy to make it up. But I looked over at Sam and saw that he was thinking the exact same thing: sprint it. And we did and it was the perfect ending to an amazingly arduous yet beautiful ride.

I also don't want to forget to thank Kristina of the Lutheran Church in Carroll for riding with us this morning and showing us the nice (flat) bike path.I'll try to get some photos up later, but for now, shower time.

Posted by Terra Curtis

Young Child Lifeflighted After Fishing Creek Accident

A young child was lifeflighted to Buffalo Children's Hospital after reportedly being accidentaly run over on private property, early this evening, on the West Branch of Fishing Creek Road in Roulette Township. Roulette Fire and Ambulance personnel responded along with Medic 6 from Coudersport.

Roulette Firemen set up a landing zone at the Buckler Warehouse parking lot on Buckler Drive where a Mercy Flight helicopter landed.

Pennsylvania State Police from the Coudersport barracks are investigating

Rigases Ask For New Trial--Say Brown Lied

WFRM Reports:
Area newspapers are reporting today that John and Timothy Rigas have filed a request for a new trial based on “newly discovered evidence” that Jim Brown, former chief of finance for Adelphia committed perjury in the criminal trial which led to the Rigas convictions.

Brown, who was constantly at the side of Tim Rigas during the company’s wild expansion, still has not been sentenced for his guilty plea five years ago to one county each of bank fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy. Meanwhile, The Rigases have been ordered to report to jail on August 13.

Accident Reported On Rt.6 Near Potter Pak

Coudersport State Police are investigating a reported one vehicle rollover accident just east of Potter Pak on Route 6 in Roulette Township that occurred around 3:00 pm today. Roulette Fire and Ambulance Services were on the scene. No further details are available.

Pictures--Ted and Diane Kaple Wedding--7-7-2007

Due to many requests for copies of our pictures of the wedding, we have decided to post them here for everyone to copy or download. It was a beautiful day for the wedding which took place at beautiful Kaples Pond in Roulette, PA.

Rep. Causer Cancels July 12 Outreach Hours

July 12 Outreach Hours Canceled Due to State Budget---State Rep. Martin Causer

As the General Assembly continues to discuss plans for the 2007-08 state budget, I regret to say that I have to cancel my July outreach office hours in Emporium, Port Allegany and Eldred that were scheduled to take place on Thursday.

It’s been a contentious budget season, with the governor insisting on a variety of new spending initiatives while Republicans, who unfortunately are in the minority in the state House, working to keep spending in check to avoid new taxes, not only this year but next year as well.

I'm Available To Assist You In any event, the business of adopting a budget will keep me in Harrisburg for at least a few more days. Outreach hours will be scheduled in August, but as always, anyone in need of state assistance is welcome to contact my offices.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ATV Accident On Trail Near Denton Hill

6:30 PM--Coudersport Ambulance, Medic 6, and a Guthrie Clinic Helicopter are responding to an ATV accident on the ATV Trail behind Potato City on Denton Hill where a serious injury has been reported. A landing zone is being established at the State Police Barracks by Coudersport firemen.

400 Face Little Or No Water--Crisis In Roulette

By James Jones

441 customers of Potter County's Roulette Township water system found themselves with little or no water this morning as the Gray Spring, one of Roulette's main water sources suddenly went dry due to the recent drought conditions.

The other main source of Roulette's water is a well which produces about 60,000 gallons of water daily. The well is still producing but Roulette customarily uses 114,000 gallons each day, creating a deficit of 56,000 gallons.

An open reservoir and a well shut down in 1999 because of bad sulphur smell can not be put in service because of DEP regulations to protect the safety of the water supply. Water officials are flushing the old well in case the DEP will allow an emergency connection until the normal supply is restored. There is little hope for the spring to flow again without getting some substantial rainfall.

Jonathan Huff, who is the Chief Water System Operator for the township was busily preparing the emergency notification to his customers and getting it out to the media this afternoon. He explained that if everyone on the system is very careful in their use of water, that water may be maintained for everyone. The township water system uses a gravity feed system and customers on the upper end of the system were without water, while those on the lower end had water but at greatly reduced pressure.

Customers were asked to flush sparingly, not wash cars or water gardens, and to try to cut down on showers and baths.

The township is involved in a project to construct a 208,000 gallon water storage tank near the well and the Gray Spring on Laninger Creek Road, which is reportedly stalled due to the concrete base for the tank not passing stress checks. The concrete will have to be removed and redone.

James Jones can be reached at


"The Roulette, PA Township Supervisors in conjunction with the PA DEP have implemented a mandatory water rationing plan for all residents of Roulette Township that have public water at their home or business, due to a lack of potable water supply raised by the recent drought conditions.

There shall be no unnecessary use of the public water supply until further notice, to insure that at least a minimal amount of water be available for everyone.

Measures are being taken to secure additional emergency water sources to add to the water supply. For details please call the Township Office at 544-7549 or stop by during normal business hours for a detailed copy of the restrictions."

Roulette Rebel Users Should Go Direct

A problem posting pictures on was resolved by posting through Firefox, but it appears that the feed to Roulette Rebel is not working since last night. Persons wanting to see pictures and posts immediately after they are posted should access directly for fastest delivery.

Please note latest story about Roulette's Water Emergency!!!

Water Emergency In Roulette

The spring which serves Roulette's water supply has gone dry. Water pressure in the village is below 50 pounds. Jonathan Huff is in the process of preparing a water ban as there will be times of reduced water flow and maybe even no water.

Residents should not use water unless absolutely necessary. Watering gardens, washing cars, and etc. will be banned in order to maintain essential services. Residents are urged to take only brief showers and conserve water in any way possible.

Watch for further notices on Zito Cable community channel, or tune to WFRM. Solomon's words will update as more information comes available.

Rendell Makes Breast-Feeding Legal In Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A measure to protect women from being charged with violating state or local laws when breast-feeding in public places was signed into law by Gov. Ed Rendell, his office said Monday.

Local governments may not prohibit public breast-feeding, whether or not the mother's breast is concealed, and the act cannot be considered indecent exposure, obscene or sexual conduct, or a nuisance. The law was signed Sunday and took effect immediately.

PA Budget Agreement Reached--State Workers Back On Job

WESB News: 07/09/07 - Budget Agreement Reached Governor Ed Rendell has announced that the furlough of state workers has been lifted because a budget agreement has been reached. Lawmakers will vote on the 27 point 3 billion dollar spending plan Friday or Saturday.

The deal includes $8 million a year for a new Penguins, which is included with other Allegheny County projects and the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia in separate legislation. The deal also includes a minimum of $25 million in film tax credits that Rendell wanted. It can go up to $75 million in tax credits for movie producers who make films in Pennsylvania.

What had been a major sticking point -- Rendell's insistence that lawmakers adopt his proposed $850 million bond-financed alternative energy fund -- apparently has been resolved. Some minor energy bills will move now, but the main part of the package will be considered by the Senate by the end of October.

Senate President Pro Tem Joe Scarnati says the budget is one he can live with. He says Rendell proposed seven new taxes, and now there are none.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ole Bull Museum Open For Tours

GALETON — Ole Bull Museum, South Cherry Springs Road, is open to the public daily from 2 to 8 p.m. from Monday through Sept. 17.

The mini village of Norwegian violinist, Ole Bull’s, “Lost Colony of Oleana” has been visited by thousands since it was built as a summer home for curator Dr. Inez Bull’s late mother Lady Johan Randulf Bull.

New donations this year include a piano from pianist Phillip Field of East Orange, N.J.

In addition, world-famous pianist and professor Storm Bull, whose grandfather was Ole Bull’s brother, has donated original historical items to the museum.

Guided lectures are given to all visitors, along with refreshments.

The site is listed as a national historic site.

For group tours of the museum, call (814) 435-2619 for reservations or more information.

Causer Blames Rendell For Budget Impasse

HARRISBURG – Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) said tonight that responsibility for Monday’s state government shutdown and layoff of more than 25,000 state employees lies squarely on the shoulders of Gov. Ed Rendell.

“For months, we have been telling the governor that we cannot and will not support new taxes and excessive spending, but he has refused to listen. And while members of the House and Senate have been meeting in efforts to develop a fiscally responsible budget, the governor has refused to participate in a single meeting,” Causer said. “His lack of leadership is downright appalling.”
Rendell has been saying for several weeks that if a budget deal was not reached by July 7 that he would be forced to lay off more than 25,000 state employees classified as non-essential. At 11:15 p.m. Sunday night, Rendell announced the lay offs would take effect at 12:01 a.m. Monday, July 8.
Causer said the House was in voting session throughout the weekend with the hope of making progress on the budget in order to avert the layoffs and a partial shutdown of state government. When it became clear Sunday afternoon that a full budget agreement was not within reach, Republican lawmakers – who are in the minority in the state House – attempted to bring forth legislation that would provide enough funding to keep government running for two more weeks while negotiations continued. Their efforts were shut down by House Democrats.
“The governor is trying to blame Republicans for this furlough of state employees, but the truth is he is the one and only person with the power to stop it,” Causer said. “Instead, he’s using state employees as pawns in his political games. Getting what he wants is more important to him than doing what’s right for the people of Pennsylvania.”
In the weeks leading up to the June 30 budget deadline, the governor frequently said he would not sign a state budget unless the General Assembly approved $1 billion in funding for transportation, a tax on electric bills to help fund an $850 million energy initiative, portions of his health care plan, and funding for an arena for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Both the House and Senate will be back on Monday to continue their budget efforts.

Causer stressed that his district offices in Bradford and Coudersport will remain open despite the government shutdown. The offices are located at 78 Main Street, first floor, in Bradford, telephone 814-362-4400; and at 2 Allegany Ave. in Coudersport, telephone 814-274-9769.

Pictures From Fishing Derby At Kaple's Pond

Here's the pictures from the Art and Katherine Kaple Fishing Derby last Saturday.

Thanks to my wife Cynthia who worked on the computer all afternoon to get it to post pictures.

Fishing conditions and the weather were ideal for the event.

Oh, oh, somebody's taking pictures!

Lots of moms and dads spending quality time with the little ones.

Gotta have a new worm, the old one got lost.

Thats a nice smile.!

There's a fish on this line, even if you can't see it. Click on picture to enlarge!

Hit And Run In Sharon Township

Star Gazette--State police at Coudersport are investigating reports of a hit-and-run accident at 7 p.m. Saturday on Dug Road in Sharon Township.Robert Eugene Rice Jr., 61, of Shinglehouse, was traveling east on Dug Road when an unknown vehicle approached in the center of the road from the west and sideswiped the driver’s side of Rice’s 2000 blue GMC 2500 truck.

Rice tried to avoid contact and ended up putting the truck in the ditch, causing additional damage to the passenger’s side of the truck, as the unknown vehicle continued west, police said.

The unknown vehicle was described as a green or blue truck. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the state police at Coudersport at (814)274-8690.

Pennsylvania On Hold 'Till Rendell Gets It His Way

WESB News: 07/09/07 - Pennsylvania Shuts Down Government

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has furloughed 25,000 state workers and shutdown the states government. Rendell says he and lawmakers are close to an agreement on a state budget and related legislation. He told people planning on using state parks and other agencies quote "to hang in there.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Terra Curtis Posts From Iowa

July 8, 2007--First post from Iowa. I don't know how or why but at some point between when I was born and the beginning of this summer, I got the image in my head of a flat Iowa.

IT IS NOT FLAT. It's also not brown and plain like I imagined. It's beautiful rolling hills of farmland. The sky seems bigger here, the colors richer.

Yesterday, I rode 87 miles. The day before that we rode 100. The day before, 88. That's why yesterday Amelia and I were in hysterics. When it's 95 degrees with a tremendously strong headwind and you get 8 miles out of your way and have to backtrack over a hilly gravel road, there's no better solution than laughter.

I thought I was laughing hard the other day when Marie and Derrick and I were riding together and making up new lyrics to "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain." This topped even that. It was different laughter, I suppose. A reaction to that sort of ridiculous humor that these outrageous conditions embody. You can't do anything but laugh, and then suck it up and climb the hill while your back tire spins and your bike threatens to jump right off the road, all the while you're covered in dust because a 2 ton truck just drove by and spit up all the loose gravel.

Oh, and you're covered in sweat so it all sticks to you. But it was hilarious. HYSTERICAL. Had we gone crazy? Maybe so. The "shower" we found awaiting us at the church in Marshalltown was probably the best I've ever had in my life -- a hose and an empty bottle of Dasani that we refilled with handsoap from the bathroom. What a day.

PS - We crossed the Mississippi River!

Robbins Named To Dean's List At Bloomsburg University

• David Robbins from Potter County was named to the second-semester dean's list at Bloomsburg University.