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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sam Carmichael--In Casper, Wyoming--Bike and Build

Friday, July 20, 2007
Cowboys 'n Jackalopes

Howdy y'all,
I'm in Casper, Wyoming, a city of about 50,000, with one glaring claim to fame (aside from a Friendly Ghost); Dick Cheney's from here. We got to ride by Halliburton plants and the Dick Cheney Federal Building in town. Both experiences made me seethe with unadulterated liberal rage.

Despite being Satan's birthplace, Casper seems like a great little city, with a few nice coffee shops, a few nice breweries, a jazz club (!?!?!) and Taubert's Western Store, which boasts 9 floors of the finest cowboy boots $400 can buy. Just take a look at these babies:

The rides over the last 2 days have been easy, fun, and rewarding: 56 and 54 miles, with a slight tailwind, over amazing terrain, with amazing views. The sandhills of Nebraska have given way to buttes and the slightly imposing Laramie Range in Eastern Wyoming. The plains are uniformly khaki and seem to stretch out to the hazy horizon, and in places the sky seems imbued with bands of faded reds and greens.

The train conductors lead mile-long coal trains and wave/sound their horns liberally. I realized a few weeks ago that all of the trains sound a major 6 chord-- I think it's a C chord, second inversion. For those of you who care (at all), that's also an A-minor 7, third inversion. Sometimes it's encouraging, other times mournful.

We've seen jackrabbits and buffalo and antelope ("Where seldom is heard a discouragin' word...) and even a few living and dead rattlesnakes. We rode through Glenrock, WY, which boasted (naturally) Glen Rock, a great sandy outcropping featuring hundreds of carved names and dates from Oregon-bound settlers throughout the ages.

I distinctly remember seeing a scene like this in Oregon Trail, the computer game we played incessantly during indoor recess in 3rd grade. It seems everyone on the trip has fond memories of fording rivers and hunting for bears and buffalo until the game grew disgusted with their excess and cut them off.

Oh, speaking of excessive, here's a few of our state sign pics in Wyoming and looking back into Nebraska. This is but a taste of the ridiculousness that takes place at every Bike & Build state sign photo-shoot.We're spending the next day-point-five here in Casper, and working on a Habitat site tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to it-- it's been a while for some of us (half the group was rained out in Ames) and my knee's bothering me, so it'll be good to let it rest a bit. Most of us are freaking out about being in Wyoming-- it feels a little too close for comfort to Seattle.

After being embedded in this routine, anything else (AKA the real world) seems downright terrifying.

Aight, enough from Casper. I'm glad so many people are reading and enjoying this blog (and Terra's) because I'm having fun writing it and sharing this crazy experience with all of you sane folks back home. I'll leave you with a few more pics, because sometimes those work better at conveying this place, and its space.-Sam

Bald Eagle Sighted In Roulette--No Longer Endangered Species

The Bald Eagle, symbol of our Nation, nearly extinct at one point, has been removed from the endangered list recently.

As I glanced out my kitchen window yesterday, I saw a Bald Eagle cruising low over the Allegheny River in my backyard in Roulette. It's distinctive white head and massive wingspan left no doubt in the identification.

123 Bald Eagle pairs were counted this year in Pennsylvania, mostly in the Philadelphia area. Bald Eagles have been spotted in the last few years in the Potter and McKean County areas.
They are a beautiful bird, and a sighting gives you great excitement.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bridget Does Laundry--In Douglas, Wyoming

Thursday, July 19, 2007 Bike and Build

Douglas Wyoming
54 miles to Douglas Wyoming. 2.5 hours doing laundry punishment duty. At least there is wireless.

PS: yesterday we met a man walking across the US. Holy crap! The other day we met a guy walking backwards across the US, he just wasn't all there though.

Watch out for him, I believe his name is Mr. Bill.

Posted by Bridget Sheehan

Olean Police Need Help Locating Father and Son

WESB News: 07/20/07 -

Father and Son Missing

Olean Police are asking for the public's help in locating a father and son missing for about 6 weeks. Paul Ertell Jr. and his 14-year-old son Brandon were last seen June 1st. The family is concerned because Paul requires daily medication and they have no way of knowing if he's taking it.

Police say the two may be in a Silver 2001 Ford Windstar with Pennsylvania license plate ESY-9914. Paul Ertell is 39 years old. He's six foot tall, 250 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Brandon is 5"5", 115 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, you're asked to call Olean Police at 376-5678.

Fire At PA Pellets In Ulysses

Several Fire Companies have been dispatched this afternoon to PA Pellets, LLC in Ulysses for a reported fire in the pellet bin.

Great Wellsville Balloon Rally This Weekend

Perfect weather is expected to greet visitors to Wellsville this weekend for the Great Wellsville Balloon Rally. Launches are at 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 6 a .m. Saturday and Sunday. There will be an all-day festival on Saturday. From The Wellsville Daily Reporter.

Roulette First Baptist Presents Heritage Singers Tonite

Heritage Singers At Roulette Baptist Friday

The Heritage Singers from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown,WI will minister in song & preaching at the First Baptist Church of Roulette on Friday, July 20th at 7:00pm.
All are welcome to attend.

Roulette Water Is Safe To Use Without Boiling

Boil Water Notification Lifted

----Roulette Township Water System--

July 20, 2007

On July 17, 2007 a test for Cryptosporidium and Giardia was performed on Well #2. On July 19, 2007 we received the test results from Environmental Associates indicating a negative result for both Protozoa in that water supply.

Effective immediately, per Jeff Hoover of the PADEP, we are notifying all residents of Roulette Township that are utilizing the Township Potable Water System that the boil water notification that was issued on July 13, 2007 has been rescinded effective immediately.

This does not include the camps and residences south of the Mary Lou Fourness property located on Laninger Creek Road. Those properties are still being supplied from the spring which is still not able to be chlorinated due to extremely low flow rates. This portion of the water system is completely separate from the rest of the system at this point and poses no threat to the rest of the system.

The water has now been proven, as we originally suspected, as being safe for human consumption. There will still be an undesirable odor and possible rust like stains caused by the water due to high Iron and Manganese contents in that well. Neither of these are harmful for consumption, just unpleasant.

The residents located on Railroad Ave. will be affected the worst by this as they are the first people on the system off of Well #2. As the water moves towards town from there it will mix with water being supplied by Well #4 and will be less unpleasant.

The Supervisors would like to, once again, thank the residents of Roulette Township for their patience and understanding during these trying times.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bike and Build--Lusk, Wyoming

18 July 2007

Lusk at Dusk!
I'm feeling much better and can now eat without horrible stomach pains for hours after, but the Sickness has now hit Patrick and Anne; both are recovering.

We spent the last two days in Chadron, Nebraska. I saw the new Harry Potter movie with Katya the night we arrived in Chadron; we were two of the handful of people that hadn't seen it yet, so we sacrificed seeing Transformers with Sam, Tommy, Anne, Logan and Greg (maybe more, not sure) to catch up.

Yesterday (our day off), after my first round to the library, I printed off some photos to send as postcards when I visited the Chadron Wal-Mart with Marie, and then the two of us hit up the natural foods store and a scrapbooking store before meeting up with some Bike & Builders at The Daily Grind, a local coffee shop and wandering over to Safeway.

I went back to the library for a second round of the internet before dining at the delicious Angela's Eatery on Main Street with Marie, Derrick, Whitney, Sam, Bronwyn, Terra, Katya, Katie, Chantel, Evan, Elle and Jackie.

Today's ride, an 81-mile jaunt from Chadron to Lusk, Wyoming, was beautiful! We saw bison, got refreshments in Crawford and I posed with a Burlington Northern caboose (my grandpa worked for them), stopped for our first lunch at Fort Robinson, Katie, Lauren, Jackie, Bridget and I posed for some pictures at the Wyoming state sign, ate our second lunch in Van Tassel (population 18) and arrived in Lusk just as rain started to fall.

Tomorrow's 50-something mile day will take us to Douglas, Wyoming, where we might hit up a water park, we'll have dinner at the ranch of the pastor of tonight's church and we'll receive mail!

Road Construction Near Galeton--Paved Shoulders

Flagwoman stops traffic on Route 6 West of Galeton on Wednesday while workmen lay blacktop on new paved shoulders on this portion of the road. A. L. Blades of Belmont is paving this area covering the old concrete road with blacktop, making it much smoother to drive on. The Galeton area is alive with construction with new sewer and water projects scheduled along with the rebuilding of Main Street through the Borough, all sorely needed for years.

PA Welfare Settles With Doctor Kruszewski

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has
settled the case of Stefan P. Kruszewski vs. Pfizer, Inc. et al pending
in the United States District Court for the Middle District of

In 2004, Dr. Kruszewski filed a First Amendment claim
against DPW alleging his contract for services had been wrongfully
terminated for raising concerns over the commonwealth's handling of
patient abuse reports and allegations of overmedication of patients.

DPW has consistently denied all claims. However, the parties settled the
case for an undisclosed amount. Under the settlement, neither party
admitted any wrongdoing or liability for the claims of defenses asserted
by the other. The settlement was viewed by both parties as the best way
to avoid costly litigation.

Fireworks Started Million Dollar Fire In Mansfield

Teen charged in N. Tier fire
July 19, 2007

By George Osgood
Star-Gazette Wellsboro Bureau

MANSFIELD – A 17-year-old Mansfield-area youth who police said inadvertently started the July 11 fire that destroyed Arnot Building Supply will face a felony count of criminal mischief.

At a press conference this morning, police and Tioga County District Attorney John F. Cowley said the youth had a legal firework commonly known as a “ground spinner” that had a short fuse.

In normal practice, the firework is placed on the ground, the fuse it lit and it spins and emits showers of sparks for about 30 seconds, said investigating officer Jamie Jones.

But the 17-year-old lit the fuse and tossed the firework into the air, Jones said. It landed on the roof of Arnot Building Supply, then fell into the storage area where the fire started, igniting flammable material and starting the blaze that brought out 100 firefighters and ultimately destroyed The Arnot Building Supply retail store, a storage building behind it and the corporate offices of businesses owned by Gary Butters of Mansfield. Fire damage was estimated at more than $1 million.

The boy who lit the firework was accompanied by another 17-year-old and an 18-year-old, On July 12, the second 17-year-old contacted state police and troopers contacted the Mansfield Police Department.

Police interviewed the youth who they said threw the firework and the 18-year-old and got consistent stories from all three. But neither Cowley nor police would confirm that the suspect admitted lighting and throwing the firework.

Police said they expected to file the criminal mischief charge in Tioga County’s juvenile court in the next few days. They did not believe the youth would be taken into custody.

Teen Lifeflighted After Rt. 6 Accident In Gaines

July 19, 2007

GAINES – An 18-year-old woman was gravely injured this morning when her vehicle left U.S. Route 6 and hit a tree.

The woman, who was not identified this morning by police, was flown by the Guthrie Air helicopter to Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre.

Emergency workers said the crash occurred at 9:46 a.m. about 2.5 miles west of Gaines in Gaines Township, near the Tioga-Potter County line.

The woman was pinned inside the vehicle, and rescuers had to use hydraulic tools to free her.

A Galeton ambulance took the woman to the Wellsboro helipad, where the Guthrie Air helicopter picked her up.

Martin Jacobs Pleads To Tax Evasion

WESB News: 07/19/07 - Bradford Doctor Pleads to Tax Evasion

Bradford doctor Martin Jacobs pleaded guilty Wednesday to a single tax evasion charge in U. S. District Court in Erie. Jacobs was facing seven counts of tax evasion against him. He pleads to a single count of tax evasion for the year 2001. Jacobs will be sentenced on November 13 in Erie.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Worker Quality Swings Jobs For Potter

From WFRM:

The quality of the local workforce is being credited as the main attraction for Empereon Marketing deciding to open a call center here in Coudersport. Governor Ed Rendell in his announcement by telephone yesterday lauded the work of the Potter County Housing and Redevelopment Authority but said the real credit goes to the workers.

The sentiment was expressed by Empereon CEO Travis Bowley who said the town found them. Bowley told WFRM that he was actually made aware of the availability of the former Adelphia “Tennis Center” because Jamie Evens of Turtlepoint, a former Adelphia employee, mentioned it to Bowley’s “right hand man” Eric McCaffrey. Evens had worked with McCaffrey when Adelphia was a customer of Empereon.

The young CEO’s impression of the town confirmed by his mother, Beverly Bowley, who told WFRM the family cannot believe the “friendliness” of Coudersport’s townspeople. Mrs. Bowley is a native of the Batavia, NY area and has relatives there who own large dairy farms. She said she is looking forward to visiting her family more often now because Batavia is only a couple of hours from Coudersport. The CEO’s wife and his father also attended the briefing yesterday.

Empereon is a privately held company based in Phoenix Arizona and services manor U.S. cable and broadband industries.

The Potter County Redevelopment Authority worked with Empereon and the Governor’s Action Team to secure a $1 million funding offer from the Department of Community Economic Development, including a $450,000 Opportunity Grant, a loan of up to $350,000 through the Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund and $200,000 in Customized Job Training funds.

Bowley said he believes the projected 450 employees over three year period is on the conservative side.

WFRM Reports Potter County

From WFRM:

An Amish sawmill located on the Ulysses/Hickox Road was destroyed by fire early this morning. Volunteers from the Tri-Town Fire Department in Ulysses, Harrison Vallaey and Whitesville assisted Genesee firefighters at the scene. A spokesman for the Genesee Department told WFRM that the owner spotted flames in the back of the sawmill near the equipment at about 2:30 a.m. All units were back in service some three hours later. There were no injuries.

A Westfield resident was hurt Sunday night while target shooting on private property off of the Harrison Rooks Road in Harrison Township. State police said 18 year old Cody Sollinger was attempting to reload a .22 cal. rifle when a round of ammunition struck him in the left hand. Sollinger was treated at Charles Cole Hospital.

A camp burglary taking place sometime over the past 10 days in Clara Township is being probed by troopers locally. Thieves smashed out a rear window at a camp on Becker Hollow Road and exited the building through the front door. It’s not known if anything was taken from the camp owned by Herman Kunkel of Coplay, PA.

Vandals caused about $150 in damage to a skidder owned by Charles Buttons Jr. of Westfield while it was located on Parker Hill Road in Hector Township recently. A tire stem was removed from the rear passenger side wheel and wires to the fuel pump were ripped out.

Majority Leader Says Right To Know Top Priority

WESB News: 07/18/07 - Right-to-Know is 'Top Priority'

Governor Ed Rendell has already laid out his plans for the Legislature during the fall session, but Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi says improving Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law is his top priority for the fall session.

Pileggi says the Legislature has made great progress this year by implementing many important government reforms, but the cornerstone of reform is strengthening the Right-to-Know Law.

Pileggi is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 1, which would strengthen Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law. Since introducing that bill, he has announced his support for changing the presumption in the current law so that all government records are presumed to be open unless they fall under a specific exception established in law.

Empereon And Governor Rendell Announce New Venture

New call center to bring 450 jobs to Potter County seat


COUDERSPORT — Rocked by the downfall and bankruptcy of Adelphia in 2002 and then stunned earlier this year when Time Warner closed its customer call center here, the borough finally got some good news Tuesday.

Empereon Marketing, in a joint announcement with Gov. Ed Rendell, said that more than 400 jobs will be created over the next three years as a result of its decision to open its first call center in the state in the Potter County seat.

The center is expected to be operational this fall and will provide outbound telemarket services, followed by inbound, customer service and technical assistance services.

The company is leasing the former Adelphia and Time Warner 30,000-square-foot call center building from the Potter County Redevelopment Authority. Eventually, Empereon will buy the building.

“The people and the spirit of the Coudersport community embody all of the assets that make Empereon a leading nationwide teleservice provider,” said Travis Bowley, chief executive officer of Empereon.

“It’s a great match, and I’m looking forward to this new Empereon facility contributing to the growth of this wonderful community and to our company’s success,” John W. Wright, executive director of the Potter County Redevelopment Authority, said.

‘‘We’re trying to be as practical as possible. We’re devastated by loss of jobs. ‘While great news, we have a ways to go. We understand this is just the beginning of growing back,’’ Wright added.

The redevelopment authority worked with Empereon and the Governor’s Action team to secure a $1 million funding offer from the Department of Community and Economic Development, including a $450,000 Opportunity Grant, a loan of up to $350,000 through the Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund and $200,000 in Customized Job Training funds, according to a press release.

As part of Empereon’s $1.1 million project, the company will purchase some new equipment. The building the call center will be located in does not need much reconstruction.

“Some modifications need to be done, but nothing major,” Wright said.

Parking is the biggest issue that the new company will face, according to Wright. “Some of the money they received in their $1 million funding package will go to the authority for increased parking for the new facility.”

The development will help the area following Time Warner’s elimination of nearly 500 jobs in February.

Time Warner and Comcast bought cable giant Adelphia for $17.6 billion in 2005. Not long after, Adelphia founder John Rigas was sentenced to 15 years in prison and his son, Timothy, to 20 years in prison following their convictions on fraud and conspiracy charges.

When Time Warner closed its call center, it “gifted” the equipment in the building to the authority which eventually will sell it to Empereon.

“Once the Empereon owns the facility, we will sell the equipment to them, probably below market value,” Wright said.

“Empereon’s decision to locate its new call center in the commonwealth is a great example of how our economic development investments are improving the state’s economy,” Rendell said. This approach is generating real results, as more and more companies are choosing to invest in Pennsylvania.”

Empereon Marketing LLC is based in Phoenix, Ariz. It also operates call centers in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

Empereon’s Coudersport facility will provide telemarketing, customer and technical assistance services.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Roulette Water Woes Continue

WFRM Reports: The water crisis in the village of Roulette continues with new wrinkles. According to Jonathan Huff, water system manager, customers experienced no water or very low pressure this morning but by 8:00 a.m. service was back to the new normal for most. Huff says today’s problem was likely due to an excessive draw because of a “relaxed attitude” since Well No. 2 was put into service late last week.

The well was put on line after the spring which feeds the water system dried up early last week due to current drought conditions. To insure there is no repeat of this morning’s problem and that there is enough water to go around, the township supervisors have signed into effect an official restrict on non-essential water use.

Activities prohibited during the emergency include lawn-watering, irrigation of gardens, trees and shrubs, washing of sidewalks, patios, tennis courts, and such operation of water fountains, artificial waterfalls and reflecting pools, and washing of vehicles. A complete list of prohibited uses and exceptions is available at the township building during regular business hours.

Meanwhile, a temporary “boil water” order remains in effect while the supply undergoes emergency testing to insure that there are no microorganisms in the water. Residents on the western end of the town are also advised that the line is being checked for leak and if one is discovered, water will be shut-off briefly so a repair can be made

Governor Rendell Formally Announces New Jobs


Gov. Ed Rendell formally announced today that Empereon Marketing will be moving into the former Adelphia Time Warner Call Center, employing some 300 workers initially with another 150 over a three year period. The announcement came by telephone during a media briefing this afternoon at the former Adelphia “Tennis Center.”

The Governor had planned to be in Coudersport today for the announcement but had to stay in Harrisburg to deal with last minute budget negotiations.

Rep. Martin Causer also stayed in Harrisburg because the House was still in session putting the finishing touches on legislation associated with the budget.

Over the weekend, word leaked out that Empereon would be coming to Coudersport welcome news for the Time Warner workers who were laid off in early February when the media giant closed the call center some seven months after splitting Adelphia’s assets with Comcast because the local facility did not fit their business model.. In an ironic twist, Time Warner and Comcast are among Empereon’s customers.

Empereon now owns and operates state-of-the art call centers in Arizona and Colorado and a multi-lingual center in New Mexico. Travis Bowley, Empereon CEO said the main attractions to Coudersport were the work ethic of the employees and the friendliness of the townspeople.

Company officials say hiring will begin August 1 and the first wave of employees will report for work by mid-September.

14 Year Old Missing From Youngsville, PA

WESB News: 07/17/07 -

Youngsville Girl Missing

State Police are looking for a 14-year-old Youngsville girl who has been missing since Saturday. State Police say that Tara Phillips left her house Saturday and never returned or called home. Phillips told her parents she was going to the Chautauqua Mall with a friend. She is 5’ 7” and was last seen wearing blue jeans, a brown T-shirt and pink tennis shoes.

Rendell To Sign Budget Today

WESB News: 07/17/07 -

Rendell to Sign Budget Today

Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell is expected to sign the state budget today. The senate passed the budget 42 to 2 and the state house followed by a vote of 140 to 63. The 27 Billion dollar budget took over two and half weeks to pass.

Paul Heimel Reports on Call Center Jobs

By Paul Heimel-- Published in the Olean Times Herald--Today

COUDERSPORT … A major new employer is coming to Coudersport, opening a customer contact center that will create at least 450 jobs over the next three years.Arrival of Empereon Marketing, a customer service and telemarketing firm for cable television operators and other big companies, is good news to a financially stressed community still recovering from the 2002 downfall of Adelphia Communications Corp. and the pullout of Time Warner Cable earlier this year.
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is expected in Coudersport on Tuesday to make the official announcement.Empereon Marketing will move into a 30,000-square-foot- building commonly known in Coudersport as the Tennis Center. It was built by Adelphia in 1999 to be used as a public recreation center. However, Adelphia ended up using the building for its growing customer service division.Time Warner Cable acquired the Tennis Center in 2006 and maintained about 600 jobs until closing it down and terminating the workforce in February.

Empereon CEO Travis Bowley said the presence of hundreds of skilled customer service employees in and around Coudersport was the main attractant to his company.
Time Warner is reportedly donating the Tennis Center to the Potter County Redevelopment Authority, which has been working with Empereon Marketing for several weeks.Bowley said hiring will start as soon as August, eventually ramping up to at least 450 as Empereon expands its operations.

The company contracts with cable giants Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Charter, as well as credit card companies and major newspapers and magazines.In Coudersport, the business will begin with outbound calling services, then expand by accepting inbound customer service and technical support calls and Internet contacts.

“That's exactly what they did out of that center before,” Bowley told Multichannel News.

The timing couldn't be better for dozens of former Time Warner Cable employees whose unemployment compensation benefits expire in early August.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Heritage Singers At Roulette Baptist Friday

The Heritage Singers from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown,WI will minister in song & preaching at the First Baptist Church of Roulette on Friday, July 20th at 7:00pm.

All are welcome to attend.

For more information on The Maranatha Baptist Bible College go to

More On Coudy Jobs

WESB News: 07/16/07

- Coudy Announcement Could be Tuesday

On Friday, we told you a business deal is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to Potter County. Today we've learned that an announcement could be made as early as Tuesday concerning a marketing company moving into the former Time-Warner call center in Coudersport.

Empereon Marketing would employ 300 people initially, but expects that figure to jump to 450 in three years. Empereon currently has officies in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

About 500 workers were laid off in February when Time Warner closed the call center. Time Warner and Comcast acquired Adelphia's assets following the cable company's bankruptcy following an accounting scandal.

Governor Ed Rendell is expected to be in Coudersport for the announcement.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bike and Build--Brianne Downing Posts

14 July 2007

The last day and a half have not been pleasant for me. Yesterday, I got the Sickness, the plague-like flu that's been taking us out for the count bit by bit over the last couple days. Jackie, Tommy, Derrick, Candace, Nathan, Kyle, me, Whitney and now Katie have all been hit. Some have suffered more than others (I vomited 5 different times and had other unpleasantries along the way), but hopefully we'll all fully recover.

The aftermath of yesterday continued well into the evening; though I resumed my slumber at 5p once the van arrived at the church, I woke up three or four times during the night with night sweats and once with a bloody nose, and though I woke up feeling much better, after eating just a piece of buttered toast and jam, my stomach hurt enough to warrant another ride in the van.

I rode 35 miles today, from the lunch stop at Johnstown (filming site of the Hallmark movie O Pioneers), population 53, to Valentine, Nebraska.I have almost 2 miles to go until I reach 2,000 miles on my bike computer.

Tomorrow's weather calls for very hot weather, thunderstorms and a chance of tornados (!!!)and our cue sheet states 91.45 miles, so we'll be waking up at our earliest time yet (4.30a) to leave at 6a. I think tomorrow is our next time zone, so I might be able to get a nap in at some point, if I find any shade.

Nebraska is beautiful (what I've seen, considering my time in the van), and I was thinking today that I'd love to drive across this landscape with my mum and dad when/if gas prices drop.

I'm starting to get sleepy, so I'm going to take advantage of it before I get another wind in me and head to sleep.

Keagle's Mailbox Hit And Runned

WESB News: 07/15/07 -
PSP Looking Investigating Hit and Run

State Police in Coudersport are looking for the person involved in a hit and run collision early Saturday morning. Police say the vehicle was traveling south and left the roadway. It struck a wooden mailbox post and then a utility pole. The mailbox is owned by 46 year old Rebecca Keagle of Coudersport. Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police.