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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Son Charged In Laceyville Triple Murders

TOWANDA, Pa. - A 31-year-old man charged with killing his parents and brother hoped to inherit the family's rural farmhouse, state police said Saturday.

Steven Carl Colegrove of Deposit, N.Y., was arrested early Saturday in the shotgun slayings of his father, Joseph Colegrove, 60, mother Marlene Colegrove, 56, and his 36-year old brother Michael Colegrove, police said.

He appeared without a lawyer Saturday morning at an arraignment in Bradford County, and was ordered held without bail.

Police had earlier said that Steven Colegrove and another surviving brother, Robert, had been cooperating in the investigation.

Authorities believe the three were shot in the early morning hours Wednesday. Their bodies were discovered later that day by a friend who went to their home in Laceyville, a town of about 400 residents approximately 30 miles northwest of Scranton.

Joseph Colegrove spent 40 years with the Goodwill Fire Company in Laceyville, including 13 years as chief. He owned a barbershop across the street from the fire hall and had been working two days a week on a neighbor's farm, friends said.

The family was well-known in the area, where Marlene Colegrove drove a school bus for the Wyalusing school district and her husband and son served as volunteer firefighters.

Police believe the two men were killed in their sleep but that Marlene Colegrove awoke before she was killed, state police Cpl. Michael Giantisco said Saturday. Each was shot in the face, police have said.

Steven Colegrove sat calmly through the arraignment and did not speak. A preliminary hearing was set for Wednesday.

Festivals Today

WESB News: 08/11/07 - Italian, Swedish Festivals Continue Today

The Italian and Swedish festivals continue today. In Bradford, the booths open at 11, children's rides are from noon to 9 p.m. The Legends will perform from 1 to 4 p.m. and Dick Otto will perform from 6 to 10 p.m. A fireworks show caps off the night at 10 p.m.

In Mount Jewett, activities include magician Dwayne Hill and JJ Jingles the Clown roaming the festival grounds; the annual pie contest, a showcase of local talent, the Maypole Dance at 12:30; and the Swedish Meatball Contest. Entertainment includes the Toe Heel Country Line Dancers, Brother Dietze and the Dixie Boys, the Backwater Four, Comedian Paul Lyons, The Jets and Wildfire. The parade starts at 5 on Main Street and the fireworks show starts at 10.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fresh Garden Produce Offered In Roulette

A table offering fresh produce from the garden has been set up on West Main Street in Roulette, just over the bridge from Elliott Lumber.

Available today are tomatoes, cabbage, hot peppers, cucumbers, and string beans in limited quantities. You are invited to take what you can use. A donation is appreciated but not required.

Sam Carmichael Reflects On Cross Country Ride

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Reality sets in...

Well folks, we've got four days left till we reach Seattle. Time really has a way of catching up to you when you're blissfully unaware that it's been passing.

I've had a few conversations about what other riders think about when they're on their bikes. I've already talked about Terra's random mantras. Bronwyn says that she prays a lot. She also spends a lot of time thinking about farting, judging from the many conversations we've shared on that topic. Nate said "I don't think about anything. No... I take that back. I actually spend a lot of time thinking about what I've been thinking about." Candace sings selections from "Oklahoma" at high volumes, leading me to believe that she's not thinking about much at all.

Lately, I've been thinking about how bizarre the transition from fantasy to reality is going to be. Or, rather, from one reality to another. It's amazing to consider all the things we've come to accept as mundane, everyday occurrences. Before this trip, my earliest class was at 1pm, a pleasant fact that allowed me to wake up at about 12:30.


On B&B, there have been days when I've ridden 103 miles before noon. We get up at 5, or 6, and promptly rub any number of the following substances on our bodies:

-Butt-Butter/Chamois Cream/Vaseline/Gold Bond Cream on to the most private places you can imagine, in staggering quantities.
-Deodorant for the most considerate riders.
-Gold Bond Powder for those who prefer the "dry" solution to chafing.
-Sun-Screen, anywhere from SPF 15 to SPF 50 (for Emily and Greg, whose shared skin tone falls somewhere between alabaster and eggshell).
-Moisturizer/Aloe Lotion for those who have forgotten the above step and wish to retain their outermost epidermis.

We also pray to all that is holy that our spandex and jersey have managed to dry fully overnight. Putting on wet spandex, over cold (sometimes mentholated) butt-butter is second only to vicious plaque scrapings in my list of the most dreadful physical sensations I've ever experienced.

I've already sketched out the ridiculous amount we eat in numerous postings. Coming down from our carbo/calorie-loading high will be tough, too. I think we've all got the metabolisms of gerbils by now. Save Logan, whose energy consumption is probably on par with most of the towns and cities we've visited. Combined.

I won't get into the initial crotchety creaking and cranking it takes to contort our bodies onto bike seats and into clipless pedals at 7am. The sounds that come from 30 people doing bike/person origami are often funny, and sometimes heartbreaking.

At some point in the day, we reapply gels and creams and lotions and ointments to our nether-regions, and often top it off by ingesting other similar substances, called "GU" or "Hammer Gel," or "Honey Stingers." These have the consistency of motor oil or whale snot. I would imagine. But they sure getcha up the hills.

When we reach our host site, we explode the contents of the trailer into the most sacred spaces of whichever church is generous enough to host us, and a fine mist of bike grease and butt-butter-vapor settles delicately over every surface. As soon as showers are located, we rush off, dropping socks and twice-worn boxers in our wake. These showers are usually communal, and Greg usually does something ridiculous. We've all become more... open? comfortable?... with our bodies and those of others on this trip, as seen from previous posts. After all, we've all got 'em, right?

After we've eaten about 3 gallons of food each, we fall asleep at 9:30. Now, I haven't fallen asleep at 9:30 since I was 8. But I sleep like a baby every time. And then we get up and do the same thing the next day.

It's bizarre to describe this insane routine and feel nostalgia, but that's just what it provokes in me. In all of us.

As I said before, time oscillates on the trip-- when on bikes, it passes incrementally and then, all of a sudden, the day's over.

Okay, in Nebraska time passes at the same lethargic pace no matter what you're doing.

Lately, when friendly strangers ask where we're coming from, I tell them "Providence. We left yesterday morning!" It usually gets a laugh, but for me that answer tells it all. That's how it feels.

We left yesterday, and tomorrow's here.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dow-Jones Drops 387 Points In Trading Today

The stock market took a tumble today as the Dow Jones dropped 387 points. Trading took a early loss today, but seemed to start to recover at mid-day, only to close severely on the down side. The New York Stock Exchange was also down 296 points.

John Rigas Talks As Prison Looms

The cable 380 network reports:

founder John Rigas is repentant but defiant as he and son Timothy prepare to report to prison on Aug. 13. Opening his home to Buffalo press this past week, he tells NBC affiliate WGRZ, "it's something I live with every minute of every day."

The 82-year-old Rigas (who's seeking an 11th hour retrial) adds, "I am not responsible for anything that's criminal and I should not take that responsibility. We turned everything over to our auditors. Our lawyers were at all our meetings, they would take the minutes. They would fill in the reports for the SEC for years, we never had any problem with the SEC, we didn't make that our business, we just asked them to let us know, but there never was any problem until this incident happened."

He adds, "As CEO, I can't duck responsibility for the business. But I'm not an accountant at that level and I'm not an SEC expert at that level."

Expressing regrets to anyone who lost money in the debacle, he concludes, "it's just a Greek tragedy." His interview can be viewed here.

Adelphia Headquarters Up For Sale

COUDERSPORT, PA-The three-year-old, 72,056-sf headquarters of Adelphia Communications Corp., which was never fully occupied by the once-giant cable and communications company, has been put on the auction block. The minimum bid is $1 million, and the suggested value is $30 million.

The three-story building’s exterior is polished granite and giant pillars mark the entryway. The grounds contain wall-wash lighting to highlight it at night, and the interior is fitted with custom-crafted wood detailing, including wainscoting and raised panel doors along with state-of-the-art technical capabilities. It is located on approximately two landscaped acres off Route 6 in this rural area of Northwest Pennsylvania.

Adelphia filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2002, after disclosing off-balance-sheet debt in excess of $2 billion. Two founders and officers, John and Timothy Rigas, were subsequently found guilty of using fraudulent cash-management systems to enrich themselves and others. Time Warner Cable and Comcast have since acquired much of Adelphia’s communications business, however, the bankruptcy reorganization proceedings continue amidst disputes by creditors.

Newport Beach, CA-based LFC Marketing Services Inc. has already disposed of 72 former Adelphia properties in 17 states via its online real estate auctions. This, among the few remaining real estate assets, is the “jewel in the crown,” according to Jack Ukropina, LFC’s auction manager.

A significantly reduced Adelphia, now based in Greenwood Village, CO, has selected LFC in conjunction with Michael Finley, director of corporate services in the Newport Beach office of Grubb & Ellis, to sell the property in a “must sell,” sealed-bid offer. The bid deadline is 8 pm EDT, Oct. 11, and bids must include a $50,000 deposit. Following the deadline, bids will be passed, unopened, to the court-appointed administrator of the Adelphia bankruptcy proceedings.

Currently, “some Adelphia lawyers and tax people are working in the building,” Ukropina tells “The seller’s legal team is in the process of drafting a lease agreement to allow them to continue there under a new owner. This could change,” he says, “but there will likely be a one-floor, sale-leaseback arrangement for the first year.” The lease rate has yet to be determined.

Area Festivals This Weekend

WESB News: 08/09/07 - Italian, Swedish Festivals This Weekend
Bradford's Festa Italiana opens at 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Some food booths will be open and the Bob Lucia band will perform. Opening ceremonies start at 7 o'clock and festivities will go on until about 10 p.m. The festival continues through the weekend, and includes a fireworks show Saturday night.

Mount Jewett's Swedish Festival starts Friday. It includes a parade, the Viking Ship Races and a fireworks show.

WFRM Website--Unable To Post

The WFRM website which was knocked offline by a lightning strike at the North Central Internet Company's headquarters last Friday, returned online yesterday, but is still unable to receive posts from WFRM. The company says that they are working on it and hoping to get it functional by late this afternoon or tomorrow. Gerri Miller from WFRM says she will keep trying to post as soon as it is functional again.

Stock Market Takes A Deep Dive This Morning

The stock market is taking a deep dive this morning with the Dow-Jones and the NY stock exchange showing a nearly 200 point drop in early trading.

Triple Murder In Bradford County

From Elmira Star Gazette:

State police at Towanda discovered a triple homicide in a Bradford County home at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, according to a press release issued at about 3:45 a.m. today.

Joseph Colegrove, 60, Marlene Colegrove, 56, and Michael Colgrove, 36, were found dead in a Kirk Road residence in Tuscarora Township by police.

It is believed that all three victims lived at the residence where they were discovered.

No other details have been released at this time. The investigation continues.

Adelphia Building To Be Sold In Online Auction

WESB News: 08/09/07 - Adelphia Building to be Auctioned

The Adelphia Communications headquarters building is up for auction. The Coudersport facility will be available in an online auction for a minimum bid of a million dollars. Analysts say that's a fraction of the building's 30-million dollar value.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bike and Builders Near End Of The Ride

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Will I ever catch up on this blog?

So, how can I catch you all up on the goings-on of this crazy group? Last time I blogged, we were in Missoula, Montana. I don't think I mentioned the Big Dipper Ice Cream shop, home of the Supernova (see pictures on Sam's blog). Sam and I polished off 6 scoops of ice cream with 6 toppings AND a brownie on the bottom. It's insane the amount of ice cream that we consume. (Side note: both Nate's and Brianne's parents are in town tonight and what did they BOTH treat us to? Ice cream. So, sitting in the church freezer are TWELVE half gallons of ice cream. 30 people, 12 half gallons. That's almost a quart of ice cream for everyone. Then there's peanut butter and microwavable fudge topping, sprinkles, and choc. chip cookies. Does this sound like an athlete's diet to you?)

On our way out of Missoula, we all had our pictures taken at the Adventure Cycling HQ. From there, we rode on to Superior, MT, after a morning stop at Liquid Planet for some of the rider's caffeine fix. This days ride was especially beautiful as we were able to avoid I-90 most of the way on frontage roads. Unfortunately, Courtney's tire was going flat about once every mile, so the last 10 miles into lunch were quite slow. Lunch was well worth the wait that day, though. This is where we ate (and swam and hung out for no less than 2 and a half hours):

Directly after lunch, there were about 10 of us riding down a back road directly adjacent to a railroad track. I can't give you the details here, but I will say that we had a very memorable mile down this road - I think it was also quite memorable for the girl that drove by and the conductor who, yes, STOPPED his train to watch us pass AND gave us a "toot toot!" and a smile. Ask me about it later.

In Superior, we stayed at the local elementary school directly next to the fairgrounds where, lucky for us, the rodeo was taking place that evening. Most of us bought our $9 tickets, found a seat, and prepared for what turned out to be one of the most "enlightening cultural experiences" (in Derrick's words) of this trip.

The men's events were all violent; the women's were not. Win found a guy wearing a t-shirt that read "Liberalism is a mental disorder." At one point, parents threw all their children 8 and younger into the rodeo pit (for lack of a better term) to chase a calf with a ribbon on its tail. The parent of the child who successfully removed the ribbon from the calf's tail got a handle of whiskey; the child received nothing. Sexual and political jokes were being cracked left and right. It was a trip.

The next day we crossed into Idaho (again) and into the Pacific Time Zone. Our route took us mostly over I-90 the whole way, including multiple sections of road work. Sadly, as I was trying to take a picture of Bronwyn and Marie crossing the "road closed" section of the road, I dropped my camera. This being the second blow in one week to the poor device, I pretty much pronounced it dead then and there. Broke down and got a new one - credit cards can be (temporary) saviors.

From Wallace we rode a beautiful bike path part of the way into Coeur d'Alene. There was also a section on I-90 taking us over 4th of July pass, approximately 1,000 feet of climbing in about 2 or 3 miles. Not too bad. The end of the ride took us up the cliffsides above Coeur d'Alene lake, conjuring up images of the Pacific Coast Highway. Once we were back down at lake-level, Sam, Evan, Eric and I jumped off the bikes and right in. It was perfectly refreshing. Wish I had pictures, but at this point I was still sans-camera. Maybe Sam will post some from there.

Out of Coeur d'Alene, we were blessed with a 42 mile ride entirely via the Centennial Bike Path into Spokane (WASHINGTON!). In order to get pictures at the state sign, we all left the bike path on foot, walked across a grassy separation and climbed up underneath the I-90 overpass. It was worth it, as Washington is our last state line sign together.

So, here we are in Spokane on our second night. We had a build day today at a big site. Habitat seems to have built an entire block. It was neat to work with two other large groups, mostly younger than us. Local media was there throughout the day, so if you feel like googling local Spokane TV channels, you might find some footage.

Tomorrow we're off to Wilbur. It's hard to believe we get to Seattle on Monday. Everyone's got it a bit in sight at this point, and you can tell it's on everyone's mind. No one really knows what to expect.

Galeton Woman Airlifted After Car Crash

Galeton Fire and Emergency crews took a 53-year-old woman to the Tioga County helicopter pad around 8 p.m. Monday after an accident sent her vehicle airborne and left her injured.

Shirley McAuley, of Galeton, Pa., was airlifted to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

State police at Coudersport investigated the crash on Burton Hollow Road in West Branch Township.

The police offered the following account of McAuley’s accident: McAuley was traveling north on the road when she failed to make a slight left turn as she left an s-turn. McAuley lost control of her 2002 Jeep Liberty. The SUV crossed onto the left side of the road, then back over to the right, before sliding sideways off the road, over a ditch and slamming into an embankment. The Jeep’s driver side then hit a metal road sign before going airborne and rotating clockwise and landing back on the road, 15 feet away. The vehicle then bounced about five more feet and came to a final rest facing northeast.

Police are unsure if McAuley was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. The
airbags in the vehicle did not deploy during the accident, but the Jeep was badly damaged.

An Official at Geisinger Medical Center said McAuley did not arrive at the hospital as a trauma patient and was not in critical condition this morning. The official declined to be any more specific on McAuley’s condition report.

Information from Star Gazette

WFRM Website Back On Line

In a check at midnight, WFRM's website was back online and intact. Watch for updates in the morning as employees get to work.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ashes Recovered In Yard Saled Turtle

Anita Lewis has recovered the turtle containing her husband’s previous wife’s ashes.

Lewis, of Elmira, accidentally sold the ceramic turtle at her rummage sale Saturday. Later, her husband, Terrence Lewis, told her the urn contained the ashes of his first wife, Marcia Lewis.
The turtle was recovered at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Horseheads after a tip from an anonymous caller to the Star-Gazette.

Recent State Police Reports

Dustin Jared Mahon, 23 , of Ellerton, FL, was charged with public Drunkenness after police found him lying in the middle of River Street in Roulette creating a traffic hazard.

State Police charged Chad William Jones
, 22, of 11 Third Street, Roulette with public drunkenness, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct Saturday at 1:47 pm. Jones allegedly stood in the middle of River Street, causing a traffic hazard.

Stanley Pickering of Harrison Valley reported his car was struck by a hit and run driver at Connie's Market at 9:00 pm on Thursday.

Troopers have charged Matthew Charles Schutter, 37, of 160 Railroad Avenue, Roulette, with criminal trespass, harassment, and disorderly conduct. He reportedly refused to leave a business owned by Gary Fessenden at 94 Main Street in Roulette at 2:45 pm on Thursday, and allegedly threw Mr. Fessenden to the ground.

Former Austin Man Killed In Train Crash In NY

State police at Warsaw are investigating a fatal tractor trailer and train collision at the Ribaud Avenue grade crossing in Silver Springs.

The accident occurred at 5:08 p.m. Friday on the Norfolk and Southern Railroad grade crossing. An active crossing warning lights controlled the railroad crossing.

Alvin VanHorn, 32, of Diamond, Ohio, drove the tractor trailer and had just made a delivery to Morton Salt, according to police.

VanHorn drove the tractor trailer into the path of the westbound train enroute from Binghamton to Buffalo.

VanHorn died in the collision and officials took his body to the Monroe County Medical Examiners Office in Rochester for an exam.

Silver Springs and Castile fire departments responded to the scene.

Information from Elmira Star Gazette.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Wild Turkeys Come To Town

Click on this picture to enlarge it---see the wild turkeys--2 adult and several young--that visited a field at the corner of Route 6 and Fishing Creek in Roulette on Saturday.

An Eagle, several osprey, and now wild turkeys, have made themselves visible in this Potter County community this year as part of Governor Ed Rendell's Pennsylvania Wilds promotion.

In Deep Ashes Over Turtle Sale

From Elmira Star Gazette

Anita Lewis of Elmira is desperately seeking the woman who bought a ceramic turtle from her on Saturday. Lewis was unaware that the large, brown, turtle contained the ashes of her husband’s previous wife.

Sizerville Man Charged In ATV Accident

State police in Coudersport said Ernie L. Walters, 58, of Sizerville, was driving south on Gardeau Road at 9:30 p.m. Saturday when he lost control of his ATV, traveled about 50 feet and struck a ditch and was thrown off the ATV.

The ATV finally came to a rest 10 feet down the road with the front tires on the recreational vehicle road.

Police took Walters to the Charles Cole Medical Hospital for chemical testing, where he was found to have an illegal blood-alcohol level.

Police also found that Walters had been receiving stolen goods. Walters has been charged with receiving stolen property and driving while intoxicated. Information from Star Gazette.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rep. Marty Causer To Host Senior Expo

I am hosting my Fifth Annual Senior Citizens Expo. This is a great event for both seniors and their families, and I encourage you to join me.
Friday, Aug. 10
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
at the
University of Pittsburgh
at Bradford
Sports and
Fitness Building Gymnasium
in Bradford


Free Admission
Free Lunch Provided
State, county and local vendors will provide information and answer questions about:

  • Health care
  • Insurance
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Fire safety
  • Financial planning
  • Fraud protection
  • Government services
  • Hunting/fishing
  • Personal safety
Health screenings will be offered, and door prizes will be awarded.
Educate Yourself
New this year is a variety of educational programs about senior health. Learning the risk factors for diabetes, living with heart disease, learning about congestive heart failure and a discussion of the importance of exercise are just a few of the topics that will be addressed.
More Information
Contact my Bradford office at (814) 362-4400.

And if you can’t make it on Friday, mark your calendars for Friday, Oct. 5, when I will hold another senior expo at the Coudersport Consistory. Information on that event is available by calling my Coudersport office at (814) 274-9769.

I look forward to seeing you at the expo!

*Please note: Due to the expo my offices in Bradford and Coudersport will be closed on Aug. 10. Anyone in need of immediate assistance may call my Harrisburg office at 717-787-5075.

Evan Dana Posts From Wallace, Idaho

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wallace, ID

Last night we stayed in Superior, MT and were enthralled with the Rodeo! Some of the highlights include Steer Wrestling and Bull Riding. (Hopefully, more pictures will follow!) Steer Wrestling involves jumping off of a speeding horse onto a running steer (in this case a young calf with horns) and pull it to the ground by the horns. Then, through brute strength, roll the calf over a full turn. Yeah, most cowboys missed jumping onto the steer, let alone the rest of it.

In one fell swoop, we crossed the final time zone change, into Idaho, and through Outlook Pass. We climbed up to Outlook Pass, a measly 4660ft above sea level, without much ado. We knew we had reached the base of the pass when the headwind died and the grade increased a bit. The mile of ascent without headwind was easier than the 14 miles preceding it. The descent was quite enjoyable as the moderate grade and headwind helped to keep our pace less than ridiculous.

The most enjoyable part of todays ride was the quiet and serene paved bike path snaking along a river for the last 10 miles into the quiet and colorful town of Wallace.

Well, my computer finally kicked the bucket, so I'll be much more sparse in my blogs. Photos may also be fewer and father between. Sorry, folks. Put up some good comments or emails to me, though, so I can stay updated!