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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sept. 27, 2007
Wet Leaves, Sun Glare, Frost Create Tricky Travel for Motorists
HARRISBURG – While fall in Pennsylvania offers motorists breath-taking views, it also presents its share of driving challenges. Today, PennDOT reminded motorists to drive with extra caution and remember there can be wet leaves on the road, increased sun glare and frosty mornings.
“Clearly, one of the biggest challenges drivers face in the fall is wet leaves, which can be as slippery as ice,” PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler P.E. said. “Motorists need to be aware of their surroundings and, if wet leaves are present, they should increase their following distances and allow extra room for stopping.”
In addition to creating slippery conditions, wet leaves can also cover traffic lines and other pavement markings, so motorists need to drive slowly and use extra caution, particularly on narrow or winding roads.
Fall is also associated with intense sun glare during morning and afternoon rush hours. The glare can reduce visibility to near zero. In such instances, motorists should watch for sudden, slow-moving traffic and be prepared to reduce speed quickly. It’s important for motorists to keep their windshields clean, both inside and out to help reduce glare. Motorists should also be certain that their vehicle’s sun visor is free of clutter and that a pair of good sunglasses is within easy reach.
Many Pennsylvanians will soon wake up to the season’s first frost, which can lead to slippery conditions, especially on bridges and overpasses where moisture freezes more quickly than on roads. Motorists also need to be alert to shaded areas, where icy spots on the pavement can develop. In addition to driving with extra care, make sure your vehicle’s windows are clear of frost before venturing out onto the road.
PennDOT reminds motorists that under Pennsylvania law, if snow or ice is dislodged or falls from a moving vehicle and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian causing death or serious bodily injury, the operator of the vehicle from which the snow or ice came is subject to a fine of $200 to $1,000 for each offense. Pennsylvania law also states that no person shall drive a vehicle with ice or snow on the front or rear windshield or side windows that obstruct or impair the driver’s view of the road.
PennDOT also offers motorists these additional tips for fall driving.
  • When driving in severe weather or in areas with wet leaves, increase your following distance. If you are being tailgated, let the other driver pass.
  • With twilight approaching earlier in the evenings, make sure that your vehicles’ headlights, tail lights and turn signals are all working properly. Turn your headlights on as soon as sunlight begins to fade.
  • Be sure that your vehicle’s heating system and wipers are functioning properly and remember, under Pennsylvania law, if your wipers are on, your headlights must be on.
  • Be sure that your tires have sufficient tread depth to deal with the potential for early-season snow.
  • Drivers should steer clear any time an emergency vehicle has its lights flashing and where road crews or emergency personnel have lighted flares or posted signs. Pennsylvania law says motorists must move to a lane not adjacent to the scene of an emergency response, police stop or a tow truck picking up an abandoned vehicle. If drivers cannot move over because of traffic or other conditions, they must reduce their speed.
  • Always buckle up and never drink and drive.

Rick Barkley--Kayaking The Allegheny--Home Again

Home Again

September 29th, 2007

I’ve been home a week, and trying to get a little better caught up. Suffice to say for the moment, that the end of the trip was about as planned, on time, and with no unpleasant surprises. I’ve begun work on the detailed journal as well as pictures. It won’t be quick, but I want to do it once, without leaving anything out. I imagine it’ll appear either here or on the website when finished, and most of you will get a notification when it’s done.

In the meantime, the gear’s been aired out, packed away, and I’ve been working on how in the world I can keep off the 20 or so pounds I lost. It’ll be pretty hard to mimic burning about 8,000 calories a day.

For any folks interested, the Victory Party’s been nailed down, and will be in the basement of the First Lutheran Church in Blasdell, 6:30 p.m., Saturday, October 13th. Anybody wanting to come, but not knowing how to get there, get in touch with me, and I’ll guide you in. I did get a replacement phone for the one that bit the dust (?) at Kinzua. For folks looking for pictures sent online, as I suspected, this old computer can’t handle the software to get them into it. An alternate method, or waiting until we replace the computer, will have to do.

Terra Curtis Updates From San Francisco

Saturday, September 29, 2007

For all of you who are still following this thing...

Thank you! This is for you.

As a bit of an update: I have now moved into my own apartment here in San Francisco. I am living in the lower haight with 4 other roommates in a 3-floor house. My room's fairly small, painted a salmony shade of pink, and has a loft bed. I spent a couple days cleaning and re-arranging and now I'm quite happy with it. The roommates are great, and we have an AMAZING roof-top room looking south over Market St., the Mission, the Castro, Twin Peaks, and beyond. I have started a little tutoring gig with a small company called Connexion Tutoring. Last week I biked out to Tiburon (18 miles, one way) to tutor a sophomore girl in precalculus. I'm hoping to get more gigs in the city, but the long bike ride (relatively speaking of course) actually turned out to be quite nice, despite that damn climb out of Sausolito and onto the GG Bridge. In addition, I'm interviewing for an assistant coaching position for the girls varsity at Urban, a local private high school. Little pieces are coming together.

So, tonight I attended the 15th anniversary ride of Critical Mass here in San Francisco. (Also, see this, this, and this.) There were a bunch of people (thousands I would guess) and lots of funky-ness. I'm gonna upload some photos and video, you can provide the narration. Oh - craziness - I ran into Colin who had just crossed the GG Bridge at 5pm! The "photo" I thought I was taking of him actually turned out to be a video. You'll see. Check it out:



Delivery Man Steals Narcotics From Sprouts Drug Store

WESB News: 09/29/07 - Man Accused of Taking Drugs from Store

A deliveryman has been charged with stealing 55 thousand dollars worth of drugs from a Shinglehouse drug store.

Police Chief Brad Buchholz says 25-year-old Nathan Wikman of Springville, NY, was employed by Prestige Delivery Systems, and while delivering to Sprouts Drug Store, he removed several bottles of narcotics from the store. The bottles were recovered during a traffic stop.

Wikman allegedly took methadone, oxycodone, morphine and oxycontin, among other drugs. He's been charged with 20 felony counts each of theft, receiving stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.

Those charges are related to alleged thefts on Friday Police say more charges are pending.

Two die after head-on collision in

Allentown, NY

ALLENTOWN — Two people died after a head-on accident on State Route 417 in Allentown Friday at 2 p.m.

State Police are preparing a full press release today.

A complete story will appear in Sunday’s Spectator.

From the Wellsville Daily Reporter

Senior Expo At Consistory Friday, Oct. 5, 2007

Causer Hosts Senior Expo in Coudersport Oct. 5

Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) is inviting area senior citizens and their families to his Fifth Annual Senior Citizens Expo on Friday, Oct. 5, at the Coudersport Consistory.
The free event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and lunch will be provided.
“Once again, area seniors will have the opportunity to gather a wide variety of helpful information all in one place. They will also have access to health screenings, and door prizes will be awarded," Causer said. “The expo really is a great event, and I look forward to seeing everyone there."
State, county and local vendors will be on hand to distribute information and answer seniors' questions. Information about health care, insurance, nutrition and exercise, fire safety, financial planning, fraud protection, government services, hunting/fishing and personal safety will be available.
Health screenings available during the expo include:
  • Carotid Ultrasounds and Risk Assessments by the Hamot Heart Institute
  • EKGs by the Bradford Regional Medical Center. Steven Herrmann, MD, PHD, who is Director of Cardiovascular Services at The Heart Center at BRMC, will be available to interpret and discuss the results with seniors.
  • Total Blood Cholesterol, Random Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Body Fat Composition by Charles Cole Memorial Hospital.
For more information on the expo, contact Causer’s Coudersport office at (814) 274-9769 or visit his Web site at
Causer’s offices in Bradford and Coudersport will be closed on Oct. 5 due to the expo. His Harrisburg office can be reached that day at 717-787-5075.
Rep. Martin T. Causer
67th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
(814) 362-4400
(717) 787-5075
Contact: Patricia A. Hippler
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 772-9846

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lame Duck Commissioners To Go Ahead With Office Annex

The Potter County Commissioners voted Thursday to accept the former Adelphia “school” building from Time-Warner Cable as a gift for the sum of $1.00.

The building will be turned into a county office annex at a “considerable savings to taxpayers” according to the commissioners.

The former Coudersport High School building was extensively renovated by Adelphia several years ago.

When asked by WFRM what would happen to the L.L. Smith building in Roulette currently housing Potter County Human Services, the commissioners said there is already a potential client interested in occupying the structure.

This Week's Job Listings--Coudersport + 25 Miles

Job Order Number Sorted in Ascending orderJob TitlePayDistance from Zip CodePosted Date
510277 Office and Plant Support$7436.00/year0.99 miles9/28/2007
509718 TRUCK DRIVER$24960.00/year13.61 miles9/27/2007
509711 Multi Action Die Setter and ForemanCompetitive Salary21.58 miles9/27/2007
509702 In Process InspectorCompetitive Salary21.58 miles9/27/2007
509387 PCC Construction Trainee$14872.00/year21.05 miles9/26/2007
509317 COOKCompetitive Salary0.48 miles9/26/2007
508845 Server and WaitressCompetitive Salary0.01 miles9/25/2007
508760 Tractor Trailer DriverCompetitive Salary7.19 miles9/25/2007

WFRM Reports

News notes from WFRM

Pennsylvania’s fall archery deer season opens Saturday
and continues to November 10. A statewide late archery season will run December 26-January 12. Game Commission Biologists say hunters should find good opportunities in most locations but the drought and some severe summer storms may have caused whitetails to move into other territory.

A thunderstorm erupted suddenly at around 11:00 a.m. Friday in downtown Coudersport dumping copious amounts of hail and a half inch of rain in less than 15 minutes. The bucket full of hail reminded some of the white stuff that will soon be on the way for a longer visit.

Cowanesque River Bridge On Rt. 49 One Lane For Repairs

WESB News: 09/28/07 - Part of Potter County Bridge to Close

Beginning Monday, the westbound lane of the bridge over the Cowanesque River on Route 49 in Harrison Township will be closed for bridge deck repairs.

A traffic signal will be in place to control alternating one-way traffic across the bridge. The lane will be closed for about one month.

The repairs are part of a PennDOT betterment project on Route 49 from Mills to Harrison Valley.

PA State Senator Flips Out--Loses His Mind

WESB News: 09/28/07 - PA State Senator Wants Tax Increases

Pennsylvania state Senator James Rhoades wants to raise the state sales tax from 6 percent to 9 percent in a recently authored bill.

Rhoades also wants to see the personal income tax rate rise from 3 percent to 4 percent.

Rhoades says the plan would generate $9 billion in new revenue and essentially wipe out school property taxes in nearly all the state’s school districts. He would like to see the bill put to the voters in a referendum in November 2008.

Tidoute Hit Hard In Wednesday's Storm

WESB News: 09/28/07 - Tidioutte Continues to Cleanup After Storm

The borough of Tidioute continues to cleanup after Wednesday nights severe thunderstorm which caused widespread damage in Warren County.

Tidoutte was the hardest hit area with damage to houses, and numerous trees and electrical wires down throughout that area.

The National Weather Service says straight line winds from the storm caused the damage. The National Weather service says three funnel clouds were sighted.

Potter County Part Of New Geo Trail

WESB News: 09/27/07 - Allegheny GeoTrail Starts Next Week
The Oil Region Alliance in Oil City is heading up a 10-county inititive to create a geocaching trail throughout the Allegheny National Forest and surrounding communities. The project will be called the Allegheny Geo Trail and will include McKean, Cameron, Elk, Potter, Warren, Clarion, Crawford, Forest, Jefferson and Venango counties. Ten to 20 caches will be hidden in each of the counties. The trail will officially launch on Monday. For more information, visit Allegheny GeoTrail.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weather Watch From WFRM News

The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the entire WFRM listening area until 10:00 o’clock tonight.

Gusty winds, heavy downpours and dangerous lightning are all a possibility.

A severe thunderstorm warning was posted for McKean County Wednesday evening but even though funnel clouds were reported over James City and Port Allegany, there were no confirmed touchdowns.

Funnel clouds were also reportedly seen in the Warren and Titusville areas with a possible touchdown near Titusville.

Around 7:00 pm this evening, Coudersport Firemen were dispatched to the Time Warner Data Center on Bank Street, where water was reported on the second floor, and Austin Firemen were sent to Route 607 just past Colley Hill for a tree in the roadway.

Coudy Man Rams Cars--Threatens Troopers--Jailed

September 27, 2007

COUDERSPORT – A 29-year-old Coudersport man who police said went on an alcohol-fueled rampage Tuesday morning, ramming vehicles six times and threatening to kill state troopers, has been jailed on $250,000 bail.

Coudersport Magisterial District Judge Annette Easton arraigned Michael F. Gallina, 29, of 409 Ross St., apartment 3, Coudersport on charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, DUI, terroristic threats, stalking, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, leaving the scene of an accident illegally, public drunkenness, criminal mischief, reckless driving and failing to notify police of a motor vehicle crash. She sent Gallina to the Potter County Jail when he failed to post bail.

State police said other charges against Gallina were pending.

Troopers said witnesses saw Galina at 7 a.m. on Tuesday in his 1985 Buick Electra station wagon in the area of the PennDOT office along Locust Street. The car struck an unattended parked vehicle there and when Gallina attempted to flee, his vehicle hit a metal light pole, police said.

Gallina then drove onto South Main Street and twice rammed a car occupied by three adults, police said. He followed that vehicle to the Coudersport Police Department, where he rammed it again, police said.

The victims then drove the car to the Sheetz convenience store on South Main Street, where Gallina rammed the vehicle again, police said.

He then put the car in reverse, backed onto Route 6 and fled east on Chestnut Street. Near the intersection of Borie Street and Allegany Avenue, Gallina struck another vehicle occupied by a woman and her 2-year-old and 7-year-old children. None were injured. His car then traveled across a sidewalk and into a yard, then he drove to his apartment on Ross Street, where he was apprehended.

Police said Gallina was drunk, damaged the interior of a state police car and a wall at the state police barracks, used loud and offensive language in public on Ross Street, at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital and at the state police barracks. He also spit at troopers and made treats against them and members of their families, police said.

Pa. state trooper charged in slaying of

Indiana County dentist

The Associated Press
INDIANA, Pa. - A state trooper was arrested in the bloody slaying of a dentist who was in the middle of an acrimonious divorce from the woman with whom the trooper was living, authorities said Thursday.
Trooper Kevin Foley, 42, of Indiana, was charged with homicide in the death of Dr. John Yelenic, who bled to death from numerous wounds inflicted during a violent struggle in his Blairsville house last year.
"It is extremely difficult to have to arrest a member of the law enforcement community, but as in any case, we follow the evidence wherever it leads," Attorney General Tom Corbett said at a news conference.
Authorities suspect that Yelenic was cut by a knife Foley owned and by a window that was shattered at the victim's house during the confrontation that led to his death. Foley likely entered the house through an unlocked back door, said Deputy Attorney General Anthony Krastek, who will prosecute the case with Indiana County District Attorney Robert Bell.
A state grand jury said Foley, who was jailed without bond Thursday, "had a well-known hatred for Dr. Yelenic" that he commented on daily and even told fellow troopers that he prayed for Yelenic's death. Foley once asked another trooper if he would like to help kill Yelenic, although the trooper did not take the comment seriously, Corbett said.
The dentist's attorney, Effie Alexander, earlier told investigators that the victim offered her money to pay for an investigation should he be killed because he believed that Foley, as a trooper, could help cover up such a killing, the grand jury said.
Aylisa McGuckin, 18, who baby-sat for the Yelenics, said she was "not really surprised" when Foley was charged because his animosity toward the dentist was so well-known.
Blairsville police went to Foley's home in Indiana hours after the dentist was found slain on April 13, 2006, but no charges were filed at the time. The trooper, however, was placed on restricted duty four days after Yelenic's death because of the investigation, state police officials said.
Foley's attorney, Thomas Johnson of Indiana, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.
No one else has been charged in the case, but Corbett said the investigation remained open.
"Trooper Foley is responsible for the death, the actual physical death. Were there other reasons for that? That will be determined," Corbett said.
Alexander last year asked a county judge and then a state appeals court to issue a posthumous divorce decree, saying it had been important to the dentist. The courts ruled, however, that since Yelenic's death had ended the marriage, issuing such a decree was impossible.
Michele Yelenic did not immediately return a message left at a telephone number listed in her name; the answering machine said the number belonged to "Kevin and Michele." Foley had moved in with Michele Yelenic, the adopted son and her two other children in late 2004.
The grand jury said bloody shoe prints in Yelenic's house matched a brand of shoe that Foley had been known to wear. Foley was also known to regularly play with a knife , opening, closing and flipping it , but was never seen playing with it after Yelenic's slaying, the grand jury said.
Corbett said Foley was also seen leaving a hockey game uninjured around midnight on April 12, 2006, and was seen the next day with a two-inch gash above his left eye and a scratch below it.
Surveillance video taken from two businesses showed a vehicle matching Foley's near Yelenic's home around the time of the murder, Corbett said.
The information about Foley's knife, his intense dislike of the dentist, and the kind of shoes he routinely wore was provided by troopers who testified before the grand jury. Corbett would not say whether Michele Yelenic testified or was subpoenaed.
District Attorney Bell said he turned to Corbett's office for help after his investigation hit a "brick wall." Corbett said the grand jury began hearing testimony in May.
Foley had been transferred from the Indiana County barracks to Hollidaysburg in October and has been on sick leave since June, said Major Robert Lizik, state police commander for southwestern Pennsylvania. While on restricted duty, Foley had been confined to the barracks where he worked, was given minor tasks, and had to turn in his gun and badge when he left each day, Lizik said.

Rendell Gets Big Bonus For Getting People Off Welfare


HARRISBURG - In recognition of Pennsylvania's success in eliminating
fraud and abuse in the Food Stamp program, Governor Edward G. Rendell
today accepted a $3.7 million high performance bonus award from the
United States Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service.

Governor Rendell noted that Pennsylvania is ranked as the best
large state for cases involving errors. This is a reflection of the
state's continuing work to make certain that services are provided only
to eligible Pennsylvanians, thereby ensuring the appropriate use of
federal and state dollars.

"This bonus award demonstrates conclusively that our efforts to
accurately and efficiently provide assistance to Pennsylvania's most
vulnerable citizens are not only resulting in significant savings to
taxpayers, but also paying dividends," said Governor Rendell. "When
coupled with the fact that the number of Pennsylvanians receiving TANF
cash assistance is at its lowest point in decades while workforce
participation has reached a new high, these are truly remarkable

The Food Stamp program provides nutritional assistance to more
than one million low-income individuals and Pennsylvanians with
disabilities, including the growing number of people who are making the
transition from welfare to work.

The Rendell administration has been awarded nearly $9 million from
the USDA for exemplary administration of the Food Stamp program since
2002. The bonus awards allow the Department of Public Welfare to
continue to invest in improvements that will further enhance our efforts
to fight fraud and abuse.

To earn this bonus award, Pennsylvania's Food Stamp program
achieved a negative error rate of 0.27 percent, raking first among large
states and third overall. Pennsylvania's rate was 30 times lower than
the national average of 8.02 percent. Pennsylvania was also recognized
for its payment accuracy and negative error rates - a measure of a state
taking action in denying, suspending or terminating benefits when

"The Department of Public Welfare is working harder than ever to
be good stewards of taxpayer resources while helping low-income
Pennsylvania families achieve independence," said Governor Rendell.
"This isn't just our claim - the federal government agrees, as evidenced
by the bonus check we received today."

As a result of its focus on moving families to independence, the
number of low-income adults receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families, TANF, is lower than anytime since 1961, saving Pennsylvania
taxpayers nearly $82 million since Oct. of 2005. Of the 217,562
individuals currently receiving TANF, approximately 70 percent are
children and almost 14,000 are adults with disabilities. At the same
time, the percentage of recipients in the workforce continues on a
steady increase from 7.1 percent in 2003 to almost 51 percent in Aug.

Pennsylvania's TANF program provides short-term assistance to
families when the support of one or both parents is interrupted, or
provides supplemental support when family income from employment and
other sources does not meet basic needs.

PA Representative Martin Causer Sets Hours

Here For You

Satellite Office Hours in October
Dear Friends,
Continuing my commitment to making government more accessible to you, I have scheduled the following office hours in communities throughout the 67th Legislative District during the month of October:

Monday, October 1

Ulysses Borough Office
9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Galeton Borough Office
10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

You are also welcome to stop by my offices Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed from noon to 1 p.m. for the lunch hour).
- in Bradford: 78 Main St., 1st floor, telephone 814-362-4400.
- in Coudersport: 2 Allegany Ave., telephone 814-274-9769.
You may also contact me by e-mail me at or call my office toll-free 1-866-437-8181. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thunderstorm Downs Trees, Wires In Elmira Area

The buzzing of chainsaws could be heard well into the evening Wednesday in Elmira as city work crews and residents cut through fallen trees and branches in the wake of a brief but fierce thunderstorm.

Rain fell in other areas, but the city and the town of West Elmira were hit hardest. Some streets were briefly flooded, and downed power lines brought out utility crews.

Storms Spawn Tornado At Titusville

WESB News: 09/27/07 - Tornado Touches Down in Titusville

A tornado touched down in Titusville late Wednesday afternoon, according to News 4 Meteorologist Mike Cejka.

Three funnel clouds were also spotted over the City of Warren at around 6 p.m.

Funnel clouds were reported near Clarendon and Chapman State Park as well.

Phone lines and power went out in several municipalities in Warren and Crawford counties. Severe thunderstorms eventually made their way through McKean and Cattaraugus counties.

No major damage was reported in the twin tiers.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Troopers Catch 15 Year Old Driver On Ice Mine Road

WFRM Reports:

A 15 year old Port Allegany resident is being processed through Potter County Juvenile probation for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Troopers say the pulled the youth over just before midnight Monday on the Ice Mine Road in Sweden Township after committing multiple traffic violations. During the course of the investigation, they learned the driver was only 15 years old and had taken Tina Main’s vehicle without her permission.

Coudy Man Harassed At District Justice Office==Port A Man Charged

WESB News: 09/26/07 - Scuffle in Smethport DJ's Office

A scuffle in the office of District Judge Bill Todd has led to charges against a Port Allegany man.

Police say at 10 o'clock this morning 63-year-old Wayne Barnett was in the lobby of Todd's office when he allegedly started to harass 24-year-old Cory Ray Hurd of Coudersport.

Police say the lobby was full of people who were subjected to the incident. Barnett was removed from the lobby, and now faces charges of disorderly conduct and harassment.

Fessenden Construction Tapped For $42,000.--Woman Charged

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Port Allegany woman who police say defrauded her former employer of more than $42,300.

Pennsylvania State Police have charged Joy L. Brown, 33, access device fraud, a felony, and misapplication of entrusted property, a misdemeanor, in connection with $42,300.83 in charges police say Brown made to credit cards issued to Fessenden Construction Company in Roulette, Pa.

Police allege the charges were made between July 1, 2006, and May 21, 2007.

From Elmira Star Gazette.

McKean Commissioners Want SWA Dissolved

WESB News: 09/26/07 - County Looking to Dissolve Landfill

The McKean County Commissioners are again looking to dissolve the Solid Waste Authority. During their meeting Tuesday the commissioners talked about filing new paperwork in county court today in an effort to finally dissolve the authority and put an end to years of legal problems. The county is also trying to resolve royalty payments from Rustick LLC, the owners of the landfill.

New Record High Temperature Yesterday

WESB News: 09/26/07 - Bradford Sets Record High on 25th

We set a record high temperature for September 25 Tuesday.

Yesterdays high was 86. It breaks the old record set back in 1908 at 82.

Following yesterday's heat, storms and rain are expected today into tomorrow. Then, more seasonable temperatures will grace the twin tiers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Police Reports Via WFRM News

State police here are investigating a criminal mischief at the Oswayo State Fish Hatchery on Hemlock Hollow Road in Oswayo Township between August 27 and 29. Vandals drove onto a field causing about $25 in damage and scattered a dozen Busch Beer cans around a campfire.

An elderly Coudersport couple escaped injury Sunday night when their car hit a deer on Route 449 just south of Rag Hill Road in Genesee Township. Troopers said 85 year old Christina Baumann was headed south when the whitetail bounded onto the road in front of her 2007 Toyota Yaris. Both the driver and her husband, Harold Baumann, 80, were wearing seatbelts.

Job List From Coudersport Career Link

Job Order Number Sorted in Ascending orderJob TitlePayDistance from Zip CodePosted Date
508852 Dishwasher/Clean-Up Prep$13832.00/year0.01 miles9/25/2007
508845 Server and WaitressCompetitive Salary0.01 miles9/25/2007
508760 Tractor Trailer DriverCompetitive Salary7.19 miles9/25/2007
508344 WaitressCompetitive Salary0.00 miles9/24/2007
507296 Die SetterCompetitive Salary21.43 miles9/19/2007
507035 Preschool Teacher$19760.00/year21.69 miles9/19/2007
507006 Preschool Assistant Teacher$15080.00/year21.69 miles9/19/2007
506995 Bus Monitor and Classroom Aide$7436.00/year21.69 miles9/19/2007
506848 Truck DriverCompetitive Salary22.36 miles9/18/2007
506679 Crew Worker$16640.00/year0.00 miles9/18/2007
506377 Machine Operator$14872.00/year21.77 miles9/17/2007
505469 Service TechnicitianCompetitive Salary1.91 miles9/13/2007
505163 Laborer Line Worker$13832.00/year13.77 miles9/13/2007
505156 CDL Driver with Hazmat and TankerCompetitive Salary22.36 miles9/13/2007
504628 Production Machine Tender$22256.00/year0.06 miles9/12/2007
504617 Cook$6916.00/year13.60 miles9/12/2007
503479 Harvest Worker$14560.00/year6.14 miles9/7/2007
502783 Automotive Mechanic and Detailer$14872.00/year0.42 miles9/5/2007
502401 Teller Part TimeCompetitive Salary22.49 miles9/4/2007
502308 LaborerCompetitive Salary6.51 miles8/31/2007
502297 Truck DriverCompetitive Salary6.51 miles8/31/2007
502143 TAX PREPARERCompetitive Salary0.16 miles8/31/2007
502111 Program Outreach SpecialistCompetitive Salary22.36 miles8/31/2007
502102 Part-Time Bank TellerCompetitive Salary21.42 miles8/31/2007
501640 Tax Preparer Competitive Salary0.56 miles8/30/2007

Police Reports Via WFRM News

Both drivers escaped injury in a collision taking place about a half hour earlier on Route 44 in Ceres Township. State police said that collision occurred when Michael Perkins of Oswayo turned left in front of a southbound van driven by Jacqueline Taylor of Shinglehouse.

Multiple charges of traffic violations are pending against a York driver following a crash Saturday night on Bailey Run Road in Wharton Township. Troopers said Christopher Mulroy was headed east when his Dodge Dakota went off road bounced off a tree and continued eastward over an embankment before striking a second tree. Authorities say Mulroy left the scene on foot and went to a camp on the East Fork Road while his passenger, Scott Masten of New Oxford, PA went to a camp on Bailey Run Road and was taken to Charles Cole Hospital by private vehicle.

No one was hurt in a three-vehicle rear-end collision Saturday afternoon in front of Myra’s restaurant at the intersection of Route 6 and 46 inKeating Township, McKean County. State police said the crash occured when Kathryn Doran failed to stop her Honda Civic and drove into the back of 17 year old Craig Kinney’s Pontiac Grand Am. The impact pushed Kinney’s car into the back of a Subaru operated by Jesse Cheatle. All three drivers are from Port Allegany.

State police here are probing a burglary at the Cross Fork Inn between 11:00 p.m. last Thursday and 8:30 a.m. Friday. Thieves broke a window on the west side of the building, then reached in an unlocked the door to gain entry and removed a cigar box containing about $200 in currency and coin

Monday, September 24, 2007

5 Injured When Cars Collide In Turtlepoint

WESB News: 09/24/07 - Accident Near Port Allegany

State Police continue to investigate a two vehicle accident which happened Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Champlain Hill Road and Route 155 in Annin Township.

A car driven by 62 year-old James Tilley turned into the path of a car driven by 55 year-old Nancy Thomas.

Tilley and Thomas and three passengers were taken to out of town hospitals. One of the injured was flown to Hamot Medical Center in Erie.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rick Barkley Reaches Pittsburgh Completing His Quest

And the rest….is history

September 22nd, 2007

Rick reached the point in Pittsburgh today at about 12:30 after the last 15 mile leg. He will be staying in New Castle, where they have indoor plumbing and everything.

Not sure if there was any media coverage. They were probably busy reporting what O.J. had for breakfast, and whatever idiotic stunt our brightest and finest college minds can dream up.

Rick will be updating the blog and website with his travelogue and hopefully pictures from the trip, as soon as he has a chance.


Bear Bites Boy Scout

Bear bites Boy Scout in his sleeping bag

The state Game Commission is setting traps in Hickory Run State Park after a bear bit a 12-year-old who was camping with his Boy Scout troop.

The bear entered the boy's tent Sunday night and bit down on his sleeping bag, probably trying to get candy bars and cereal hidden there, but bit the boy instead, Tim Conway, a game commission spokesman, said Tuesday.

The boy was treated at Blue Mountain Health Systems' Gnaden Huetten campus in Lehighton and released.