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Friday, March 21, 2008

We Have Mail

Hi Mr. Jones:
Just dropping a line to say "Hello."
I'm a fellow journalist, having written for The Bradford Era and Olean Times Herald. I'm also reporter for the Endeavor News and Tri-County Sunday. Currently, I'm editor at Pitt-Bradford's newspaper and a first year student.
Also I see you were a publisher. I'd like to learn more about this. I actually want to start my own newspaper one of these days.
And you're from Roulette. I'll be in Keating Summit this weekend; my grandparents have a camp up there.
Hope to hear from you,
Alex Davis

p.s. Nice web site.

Hi Alex.
Thanks for the e-mail. To answer your questions: When I was a teenager, I had a keen interest in reporting the news from my hometown of Bolivar, NY. I worked through John W. Sanford in Cuba, NY, who operated the Allegany County Bureau for the Olean Times Herald at that time.

While in high school, I landed a job with the now defunct Buffalo Courier Express covering Allegany County, NY, which I held for a time.

I was the top editorial winner in 1958 at the St. Bonaventure Press Day event. My editorial "On Integration" won first in competition with hundreds of entries. That win helped me to get into St. Bonaventure University in the Fall of 1958, where I was on the staff of the school paper there. Costs of college and the realization that journalists didn't make a heck of a lot of money at that time, motivated me to drop out of school in the Spring of my first year.

My parents published a shopping guide and helped me start my own shopping news in the Portville and Eldred area. Advertising was the name of the game back then and news took a back seat to making a living.

In the following years, I was engaged in many enterprises from repairing TV;s to running a bulldozer, having a retail supermarket, a tv & appliance store, a furniture store, a flea market, and the last 15 years, a dump truck driver hauling asphalt.

Last year I started "Solomon's words" to try to fill a need for faster news reporting in the Potter County area. Always being a news junkie, I was reading about ten news sources online, trying to get the news from my area. Thus "Solomon's words" was started as I published the news I found pertinent to this North Central PA area, and added my own stories as they developed.

I feel that news online is the wave of the future, as it offers instant stories and pictures to it's readers.

I spent some time in Philadelphia in 2002, and was impressed when the TV stations had 3 news helicopters reporting live over the scene of news events. We'll never have that here in Potter County, but, the internet makes a good second choice.

It is not my intention to take anything away from the newspapers and radio stations that do a great job of reporting in their corner of the world, but to bring that news together, where my readers can keep up to date with what they need to know.

At 67, I don't know if I will ever live long enough to make this a paying proposition, but a young fella like you would be in on the ground floor starting an online newspaper now. My phone number is in the book. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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