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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Potter Leader Enterprise Breaking Important 5th District Articles Today

"Solomon's words" was tipped off late yesterday that the Potter Leader
Enterprise was preparing to break an important article
in Wednesday's edition concerning allegations regarding
the conduct of the 5th District Primary Congressional Race.

We contacted Donald Gilliland, Managing Editor of the Enterprise
for a preview of today's edition. After working late into the
night last night getting the edition ready to go to the printer,
here's what Don wrote very early this morning:

We're publishing an 8-page voters guide - all text, no

The primary focus of it will be the 5th District race
with four pages of easy-to-read comparative issue
statements drawn and edited from the candidates' own
web pages.

We are also re-running the feature stories

we published on the candidates who actually bothered
to visit Potter County.

We also feature the two big

local endorsements: John Peterson for Thompson (local
because they were both here today broadcasting it) and
the Morley/Heimel Republican Potter County
Commissioner endorsement of Stroehmann.

There is also

an investigative piece by Kim Hoak and myself (though
it appears I forgot to put our byline on it) outlining
the allegations that Peterson has been attempting to
push the campaign negative in the final two weeks.

This independent reporting backs up and confirms that
done late last week by Pete DeCoursey of Capitolwire.

We also have a full page of Democratic Presidential
campaign information, including both Obama’s and
Clinton’s position on rural issues.

In the regular

paper, we have a front page feature package on the Ron
Paul rally at PennState on Friday as well as a feature
story on the hobby of collecting campaign buttons.

The clear indication that John Peterson has been
looking to push the 5th District campaign towards “The
Dark Side” - as several candidates called it - is

Few congressmen have more solid rural

credentials than Peterson. He categorically denies any
connection to negativity in the campaign, but we have
at least five different sources connected with
different campaigns telling us otherwise.

We can say

with total confidence that Peterson at the very least
has clearly given thought to how negative campaigning
against the apparent front-runners will benefit others
in the race.

We also have Pennsylvania Senate

President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati on the record
saying, “certainly, through all kinds of sources” he
had spoken to, Peterson “was looking for specifically
a candidate that would go out negative against Walker
and Shaner.” Scarnati termed it a “sad, sad, sad

Get the full story today in the Potter Leader-Enterprise
print edition.

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