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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bruce's Blog--Day 15--Confused Gecko

Around 9:00 this morning, I awoke to plan the day’s route out because I wanted for everyone to be able to see the stunning scenery out here. Otherwise, it would have been straight though the interstate. One needs to travel at least 10 miles away from the interstate to see the genuine beauty.

I had eggs, waffles, cereal, yogurt, a cinnamon role, and orange juice to get a well-balanced start to my day. Then, of course, there was the one hour sunscreen application process. It just so happened to be three-fold today as I went from SPF 50 to 60 and finally 70.

The west heats up very quickly; so, we were looking at 80 degrees around 10:30 A.M. Along with heat comes humidity, and that will drain you before you know it. Tim had a 20 fluid ounce bottle of gatorade ready for me every two and half miles.

The wind was to my back most of the way which made the run more enjoyable. While I was moving along, I passed this sheep farm that did about the same thing as the cows before I entered Twin Falls. They were all lying up against their fence ten feet above but parallel to the the road on which I was running.

If my eyes weren’t deceiving me while I was passing their abode, they began to stampede and step on each other’s head. It looked like they were consoling one another just a few seconds before they saw me. What strange behavior!

My biking leg literally consisted of a snake like detour for about 10 miles before I made it back onto the interstate. The shoulders weren’t ideal, but the wind was still to my back. I was fortunate to pass their irrigation systems, which projected the water out onto the road every once in a while. That’s my kind of cool down.

While I was out there enjoying those, Tim seemed to be getting kissed by the sun. He is now dark on one side and light on the other. He must love the driver’s side tan. I also got a little sun. Apparently 70 SPF still doesn’t work in some areas. I burned a bit near my elbows and shoulder area. It wasn’t too bad, though.

While I continued to bike, Tim went swimming in the snake river. He said his body could have locked up as the temperature was 45 degrees or so. I guess it wasn’t a good thing that he didn’t notice the sign that said “Current could become stronger rapidly.” Yes, it took him a ways down the river before he could regain position.

On his way back from the river, he saw what he thought was a “Rattle Snake.” When he went back to check it out, he was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t there any longer. As for our night’s fast approaching end, we took a journey across the Raft River side to see what nature had to offer--MOSQUITOS. Fortunately, we had bug repellant. Sure enough, though, those mosquitos would find the only area of my skin without the spray.

We have camped out five out of the last six nights, and I must say tonight’s was the most interesting because of our new-found friend. It was a Gecko. It for some reason wouldn’t stop ramming itself into the side of our tent.

I would also like to note that tomorrow mark’s 750 miles into the journey, which equates to about a quarter of the way. Oh, and I must mention I was finally called Forrest Gump today. I wondered how long it would take for someone to say that out on the road.

Tim and I were also able to sing some worship songs and we’ll hopefully be able to find a church tomorrow evening. Thank you for all your prayers! God bless!

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