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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bruce's Blog--Day 17--Last Day Of Idaho

Bruce Takes A Break

Our last day in Idaho brought many intriguing surprises our way. As you all may know by now, I made the decision to bike 80 miles and run 20 miles each day between 06/16/08-06/19/08 to make it near Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming to promote.

With that said, our day began around 2:00 P.M., which was later than we would have liked to get out on the road. It all worked out well though because we had another TV interview with Channel 8 News based out of Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Believe it or not, I saw an Emu, which is native to Australia. There was this Emu farm right next to our camp site.

Before heading out on the road, I planned the day’s route out with Tim as it has changed slightly. I took Interstate 15 down to Route 30 for 80 miles. You would think I saw a lot of eye-capturing things, and, well, you have a right to believe that. The scenery was indescribable, and so I will ask that you take a look at the pictures for the day.

Also, in terms of elevation, I broke my record twice today. Santiam Pass before Sisters, Oregon was 4,928 feet high. Soda Springs Summit (SSS) demolished that with a total of 6,066 feet in altitude, only to be beaten by Georgetown Summit at 6,283 feet.

I felt it get slightly cooler at that altitude, but on a 90 degree day, it was much appreciated. I like biking and running out here because every once in a while I see a train go by. One of the conductors, when I raised by hand, blew the whistle for an unusually long time. Either way, he waved and it made my day.

While I was enjoying the light breeze, Tim had called me over his “sophisticated” device called “Walky-Talky.” He informed me that I was fast approaching an infuriated Chicken Hawk. I, of course out of curiosity, picked the pace up and saw that he wasn’t joking. The moment we would turn our backs on it, it would swoop down and attempt to nip at our heads or maybe just Tim’s. I was wearing a helmet.

Check the video out for more coverage. After this exhilarating experience, I finished my biking leg just 40 minutes before it was completely dark. I was determined to finish my 20 miles of running because I surprisingly felt well. It was most likely because I was in the routine. Now is where I had to become brave and venture out onto the faintly moonlit Route 30.

Though the run was refreshing at that time of night, let’s just say the desert comes alive at night. I was only 6 miles into the run and there were nocturnal critters all over the place. I was able to handle the skunk and other indistinguishable creatures but only until I saw two unmistakably unpleasant ones, coyotes.

It was as if they were analyzing me because I’m sure they don’t have runners come there way every night. Perhaps, they didn’t know what to make of it. Either way, I was finished. I told myself I would get up early and do 34 miles before I got on the bike to finish up the day.

So, tomorrow, I will be getting up around 6:30 A.M. to have at least 12 hours out on the road. I know it’ll be a feat, but it’s enjoyable to have that much time in the wilderness to reflect and contemplate the awe and wonder of our great God!

I guess I should be going to bed because I am only going to get about 7 hours of rest. These next few days will be rather busy.

As I may have stated before, the internet may be hard to come by for a while, so we will try our best to keep you abreast. Wyoming, here we come! God bless all!

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