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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bruce's Blog--Day 38--East Of The Mississippi

No Fat Left On Those Bones

Bruce Trowbridge enters Illinois
What an utter scorcher today was! There wasn’t a moment throughout the day that I wasn’t dripping with sweat. We went though two entire cases of gatorade and water within seven hours.

As I was fast approaching the Mississippi River, which, by the way, as you can probably tell in the video, we were extremely enthused about, I had to cross an enormously long drawbridge. We were unsure whether it was legal or not, so we drove up to the toll area and asked one of the attendants. She said they normally permit bikers to cross. I was very grateful because now crossing the nation would be official.

Some people say that I should incorporate the third leg of swimming when I come to rivers for a triathlon. I am going to go out on the line and say, “I’d be fending for my life with some of them.” They look as if they can devour an entire city.

The Illinois border was just beyond the drawbridge approximately 300 meters. Before I could cross, I had to go through literally swarms and swarms of insects I do not know the name of due to my lack of knowledge in the entomology science. They were most irritating, either way.

WE are now east of the Mississippi and over 2,000 miles in!

During the end of my bike leg, a friendly Hispanic man came up to me and asked for directions to somewhere in Illinois. He brought a map over and tried to speak English the best he could. He was taken by surprise when I blurted them out in Spanish and left with a smile.

Dusk at this time was only a couple hours around the corner. The sun was behind massive cloud cover, there was a fresh breeze in my direction, and the aroma of the corn crops caused by the humidity made for the most pleasurable run ever. In fact, I ran well into the night for about one hour thanks to the assistance of Tim driving right along side me, for I would not have been able to see otherwise.

It all worked out, though. Before I conclude today’s blog, I would like to share something that has been on my mind for some time. Amidst all the debate about war, it doesn’t disregard the fact that we have soldiers fighting for our freedom.

We live in a GREAT nation that gives us many freedoms. I know that without that freedom, I would be unable to run/bike across the U.S. and help those abroad who are in great need.

Let’s think of those, too, who are out there fighting for our freedom and keeping the peace. Let’s keep them in our prayers, and if we see a veteran or one who is on active duty, don’t be afraid to say hello and thank you for your service. May God bless you all.

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