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Friday, July 11, 2008

Roulette Address Changes Creates Dilema For 911 Dispatchers And Emergency Responders

New Road Names and Addresses In Roulette Township

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A recent change of some Roulette Township road names and the addresses of the people who reside there have been creating some problems for 911 dispatchers in Tioga County and emergency responders in the Roulette area.

Railroad Avenue in Roulette Township used to run into Seymour Drive which continued up the south side of the Allegheny River to Reed Run Road.

In the recent 911 address change, Railroad Avenue now starts in the Village of Roulette and continues all the way to Reed Run Road as shown on the map above.

Seymour Drive is now the private driveway that goes from Railroad Avenue to Bob Seymour's home as per the map.

The re-vamping of the road names required renumbering of the addresses on the roads affected.

Residents were notified some time ago that they needed to make these address changes with the US Post Office, utility companies, and especially the companies that provide telephone service to their residences.

What is happening is the new addresses are entered into a computer in the 911 dispatch center in Wellsboro, and when you call 911 for an emergency, your address comes up automatically. If you haven't changed your address with your phone company, your old address will come up and emergency services will be dispatched to the location that is now shown on the map for that address.

Although legally you were not required to make that address change for 1 year from the time of notification, delaying making the change can result in emergency dispatches to the wrong location when minutes count in a fire or medical emergency situation. This happened again last week when the ambulance was dispatched.

The Potter County 911 Center has asked that we publicize this information so that everyone in the area will know about the change in the road names and addresses. They also ask that the residences affected post the new numbers on their mailboxes so emergency personnel can find you easily.

You may refer to the Google map pictured above as this is correct with the new road names and location.

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