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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rep. Martin Causer Schedules Local Hours

Outreach Office Hours in September
Please Stop By
Dear Friends,
In my ongoing efforts to make government more accessible to you, I have scheduled the following outreach office hours in September:
Thursday, Sept. 4:
Emporium Borough Office
9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Port Allegany Borough Office
1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Visit My District Offices
You are also welcome to stop by my offices in Bradford (78 Main St., 1st floor, telephone 814-362-4400) or Coudersport (2 Allegany Ave., telephone 814-274-9769) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed from noon to 1 p.m. for the lunch hour).
Contact Me
Or call toll-free 1-866-437-8181, visit my Web site at or e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Marty for posting your info on this site.
I hope all the people posting positively here will contact you in regards to the wind turbine's.
Vicki Sherwood

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely right Vicki.
The positive fact every one should report to Rep. Causer in there should be NO WIND TURBIBES in Potter County.

Anonymous said...

"Your absolutely right Vicki.
The positive fact every one should report to Rep. Causer in there should be NO WIND TURBIBES in Potter County."

If that is how you feel then so be it, I have my own opinion and right to contact Marty, Susan, Paul and Doug with my questions, comments and concerns on the matter as do you.

Please note though in doing so I sign my name!
Vicki Sherwood

Anonymous said...

God hates wind turbines every time one builds a wind turbine God kills a puppy. I even heard that employees at wind facilities give cigarettes to children.

Anonymous said...

Look at Jim's headline article for today, Sept 2nd 2008..


Minus the red that cannot be seen by human eyes..this is what you see at Cherry Springs.

Wind Farms, with many turbines sprouting Strobe lights, will hinder this from being a haven for



Cherry Springs is a National and International Treasure.

Why scrap it with unwanted light?

P. Edward Murray

Curt said...

This past weekend was also good for viewing with probably 75 astronomers setup. We were on the observing field Sunday night & had great views of several galaxies with knowledgable/friendly astronomers. and...

I do wish the people against wind turbines would refrain from posting false information regarding light pollution. How can we accept truths from SGC when it's sprinkled with rumors & misinformation.


Anonymous said...


I wish you could tell us exactly what you believe is "false information" on Light Pollution?

What do you know about it?


Come on man, tell us what you know!

Anonymous said...


I've been fighting light pollution since 1991.

I know the POLC folks and I helped create POLC.


P. Edward Murray

Anonymous said...

Whoever thinks they have a close enought relationship with God to know that he kills puppies when someone istalls a wind turbine should be put in an institution.

Anonymous said...

People that can't quit posting about the wind turbines should be put in an institution.

That would make this site much nicer for those of us that like to read something other than futile arguments.

Can we please just drop the wind turbine debate. It is clear to see that it is going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Wind turbines in Potter county is the biggest issue since the Goodyears striped all the trees of the mountains in the 1800's. That move destroyed the fishing steams and all the hunting in the the north eastern Pennsylvania. It was looked on as progress at the time. Yes, the trees grew back and the deer came back and the fish came back over time, but the 276 ton, 400 yd plus concrete foundation, 410 ft high industrial wind turbine x dozens on every mountain top will scare this county forever.
If some of the readers of these post can't stand to read the facts of wind turbines , don't click on comment and scrol through them.

Anonymous said...

"410 ft high industrial wind turbine x dozens on every mountain top will scare this county forever."

The turbines are not 410 ft high to my knowledge...the extention of the blades must be in your measurements.

Dozens on every mountain top? Are you kidding me? Guess you should have bought the mountain top land because not wanting to view progress is not a good enough reason to stop clean green energy.

"Goodyears striped all the trees of the mountains in the 1800's."

Oh I get it a "tree hugger" too? Timber harvesting has come a long way since the 1800's with respect to land owners, impact on the environment and management of growth...just as wind turbines have been being improved as far as noise, shadow flicker and vibration.

If every industry got it right the first time there would be no "New and Improved" version, model or method needed.

Anonymous said...

The turbines are not 410 ft to your knowlege...

Sorry buddy but the turbines are atop a 400 ft tower.

And I'm not particularly against wind farms if they are sited WHERE THEY CAN DO THE MOST GOOD...


Deserts are good places, Texas is good and the Dakotas.

Shore and off shores of major bodies of water such as THE GREAT LAKES and other seas & oceans are good also.

Not to forget the idea of


Of course, most Americans CAN'T do this because of high costs right now and the simple fact that you can't SELL ELECTRICITY BACK.

When the above is changed by law and prices go down, AND when the Grid Infrastructure is shored up, we will have more than enough power.

Fact is it will take time.

Oh and that doesn't even include the recent thermal invention last year that will revolutionize energy production...

When the device is mass produced, you will be able to hook it up to your roof or next to anything that gives off heat and obtain electricity from it.

P. Edward Murray

Anonymous said...

"Sorry buddy but the turbines are atop a 400 ft tower."

Sorry Eddie Star Gazer, it is a "hub" not a tower, you must be confused with the cell phone "towers". The structures are different. And they are not ALL 410 feet high.