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Monday, August 25, 2008

Value Of Wind Farms Questioned By Major Media

Canisteo Valley News
As more information comes about wind farms, the more negatives we see and hear from the major media. The New York Times, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, conservative paper Human Events, and others, have had negative stories about wind projects.

In a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, Jeff Ball wrote quote:

"The wind and solar lobbies are currently moaning that they don't get their fair share of the subsidy pie...But wind and solar have been on the subsidy take for years, and they still account for less than 1% of total net electricity generation".

An article in famous British newspaper called the guardian - spoke of wind energy's subsidy system as "hugely flawed" - and stated that it places a unfair burden on families at a time when household bills are soaring.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps people should take a look at this video and see what wind power has done for one community:

This could be Potter County, if people would stop the BS and let progress happen.

Anonymous said...

This is another T. Boone Pickens produced advertising scam. T. Boone is trying to confuse electric production with oil. He is a billionare oil tycoon that wants to make more money by using tax subsidies to build his wind farms in Texas. The turbines shown are not on pristine mountain ridges and are not a few hundred feet from peoples homes. It is estimated that it would take 36,000 wind turbines in PA to produce 4.5% of the electric in this state. Governor Rendell wants 18% produced by wind turbines. That is approx 162,000, 410 ft high industrial wind turbines to make only 18% of PA's electric, and they all would have to be backed up by conventional power plants. They are so inefficient it is pathetic. Thanks Mike Healy for pointing out how ridiculous turbines are for PA. and how wrong they are for Potter County and how poor a governor Rendell is.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would feel you could take Texas wind(wind rated at a 6 out of 7)and compare it to Potter county(wind rated at 2 out of 7)is hard to believe. It takes a 27 mph wind to make a turbine run a 100%. As the wind slows so does the output, raising havoc with the grid. In a 7 mph wind the turbines will lazyally turn but produce nothing. 0 to 7 mph is this areas average wind speed! If it wern't for tax subsidies and carbon credits the wind companys would not even consider Potter county.

Anonymous said...

This couldn't be Potter County. We don't have the wind that West Texas has. Even your prophet T Boone would admit that the northeast part of the country (including PA) is not conducive to wind energy. I'm sure he would love to get at the natural gas up here, but not the wind. I'd bet at the turn of the 19th century people thought that timbering every single tree in Potter County was progress as well. Sure it resulted in short term economic prosperity, but it took nearly 100 yrs to recover from that devastating progress. Mark

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Mr. Pickens’ company is investing tens of millions of dollars in wind generation projects and stands to benefit substantially if his plan were invoked. Let's also not forget that he also controls Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (CLNE), the largest provider of natural gas for vehicles, so again, he would dramatically benefit from his plan.

Anonymous said...

1. Mike Healy is not even on my top 500 list of people I would look to for how potter county should proceed.
2. I am pretty tired of the miss Quote on wind levels here Look at the wind maps and our ridges are well in to the red. No down town Coudersport dose not have high winds, but it's in the valley, and anyone who's ever put on a roof can tell you just how the winds climb at just 3 storeys. Wind mills are growing larger because it is cheaper per Watt to make them that way. Wind power was a good idea before T. Boone (and after) he just says what we know to be true very effectively. Though I disagree that they should be built so far from the population as the wire tech is not up to speed.
3. The government brought about the TVA, progress others thought was a very bad idea that has turned out pretty well.
4. I would argue wind power did not make the emerging green technology list because it is no longer emerging at least in comparison to the tech listed on that site.
5. Tourism will not bring health insurance, only low wage dead end jobs.
6. I have been to wind farms and they are not that loud your air conditioner in the next room behind the closed door makes more noise. The wind on a windy day makes more noise.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Mr. Pickens was born naked too!!!!

ENIS,,,a Native Potter Countyian,,,,,,,are ya suprised?????

Anonymous said...

Tourism may not give you health insurance but no one has ever said that it does.

It (Cherry Springs) is a revenue stream that before 2000 did not exist.

Not everyone likes stargazing but then most of us across the United States and that's 97% of us, never get to see a star studded sky like at Cherry Springs.

Your post reminds me of the time in 1991 when I traveled to Hawaii to see a Total Solar Eclipse.
You see I ran into a couple there on holiday and being that the eclipse was 2 days away, I inquired good naturedly if they were staying to view it...

Oh, no, was their reply...

I guess some folks are just clueless...

Very,very sad that those who live near Cherry Springs don't even know what they have?

P. Edward Murray

P.S....Get out at night and look at the stars..doesn't cost anything at all!

Anonymous said...

I bet Mike Healy would agree, T. Boone Pickens was born naked, but he was also born rich.
Enis, quite picking on Mike.

Anonymous said...

"Enis, quite picking on Mike."

Naw,,,,,Mike has always taken the high road and posted his name!!!! The blogger,,,I'm sure it was Sirblogalot,,,,,he's still bummed out that the "money trail" doesn't lead to his door!!!!
Anyways,,,,nuff said on Pickens!!! If the Sweetwater Commissioners ever become FREE AGENTS,,,,,I would welcome their game in Potter County!!!! Sweetwater has some "serious thinkers"!!!!!

ENIS,,,,a Native Potter Countyian

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video clip Mike.

But now we get to listen to the anti-turbine tear T.Bone Pickens is our prophet?! Give me a brake, we are not clueless we are looking for clean green energy and if it is in the form of wind turbines then so be it!

All energy compaines are heavily subsidized by our government, do you understand that? Gas, oil and coal companies get huge tax breakes and subsidies so why not clean green energy from wind?

We are not clueless, we are looking for alternative clean energy. Wind is not the only form of clean energy but you can bet your bottom a solar power company will look at our county and see the "stay out" sign our unfriendly residences and county commissioners have placed for all to view!

Anonymous said...

Enis wrong again.

The money trail leads to AES, T Boone and others.

I have turned down energy companies on my land.

Injecting the politics of envy into the discussion is a "no wind" proposition here.

Try again.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know the Commonwealth of Pennsyvania is not subsidizing the oil and gas industries, nor mandating that a certain percentage of electricity needs to come from these sources as it is with industrial wind facilities.

The energy conglomerates in order to keep earning their huge profits have to have industrial wind energy in order to just keep doing business in Pennsylvania, because of government mandates.

I'm against all corporate welfare. Let's get rid of any subsidies for gas, oil, and coal too and let the market decide.

Anonymous said...

SIRBLOGALOT,,,,I'm gonna answer yer blog in reverse!!!

"Try again."

Mission accomplished,,,,just wanted ta bring ya out!!!!

"Injecting the politics of envy into the discussion is a "no wind" proposition here."

Injecting lies,,,,horror stories,,,and the lack of common sense into a debate is damage to the cause!!!!!

"I have turned down energy companies on my land."

Good for you!!! After their departure,,,,did they race to the net and post lies 'bout yer family or were they a lil classier?!?!?!?!

"The money trail leads to AES, T Boone and others."

This is not a Communist Country,,,,it's America,,,and the people (AES, T Boone and others) that do the work should be rewarded!!!! Also,,,,,,being it's America,,,,all outside "others" have a right to whine,,,,and doing so,,,,should buy American Cheese!!!!

"Enis wrong again."

Well if I am,,,,,,,I'm man enough to apologize,,,,,but as I can see there has been no attempt from you,,,,and maybe that's why I brought ya out!!!!!

ENIS,,,,,a Native Potter Countyian

Anonymous said...

Potter County Native Wordsmith from Chester County

Why should they be rewarded with the tax dollar credits of every PA resident?

Why keep the horror stories out of the debate?

Tell us your opinion of the T.Boone interview with Fast Company Magazine in 6/08 issue. Excerpts are posted on another thread on this blog.

As always, you make the day when you answer questions in reverse with questions and non sequiturs.

If I read your post backward, will I hear

"Paul is Dead"
"Paul is Dead"
"Paul is Dead" ?