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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Potter Commissioners Still Working Toward 4 Day Work Week

Potter County Today
A report from Potter County’s Four-Day Work Week Committee will soon be presented to the Board of Commissioners. If approved, the new schedule would result in most county offices being closed on Fridays while being open for longer hours on Monday through Thursday.

Last week, Commissioner Susan Kefover, who is chairing the committee, participated in a conference call set up by County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP). Also participating were Lancaster, Northampton, Northumberland, Cambria, Berks, Clarion, Perry, and Cameron counties, the Administrator’s Office for Pennsylvania Courts, and CCAP staff.

The call was held to discuss the feasibility of counties moving to a four-day work week to save on fuel and utility costs. Earlier this year, the Court Administrator’s Office sent a directive to all courts to remain open five days per week because of required timelines and defined functions of their offices. Many counties were discouraged from proceeding to a four-day work week with this directive, as it affected all court-related offices.

Potter County’s committee has been studying the challenges and benefits of leaving the work schedule initiated in 1938 with the Fair Labor Standards Act, or moving to the four-day work week. That information was shared with the other counties. At the end of the call, the representative from the Court Administrator’s Office said, “If true savings are realized over time, the court would be willing to take up this issue again.”

If approved, new schedules will be developed and workshops held to educate all departments involved in the changes. Many counties related that they will be following the actions of Potter County on this issue.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how this saves the taxpayers any money as the Annex will be heated and lighted 5 days a week. The IU9 and DMHS will be in there Mon thru Fri. The only thing is now some offices will be open until 5:00 or 5:30. So now the taxpayers will have to know which offices are open on which days. I think this is a noble idea, but if you can't do this in a way that it benefits the taxpayers then I don't think it has any real value. I'm sure working four day work week will make the employees happy. I wish I could work four days a week.

Anonymous said...

If the commissioners would also get the offices that the county is still paying rent on in the annex as they were supposed to do, more money would be saved. According to documentation the offices of the District Justice, District Attorney's office and Domestic Relations are still not in the annex or courthouse. So the savings for the 4 Day work week is really not alot as the county still is paying rent, utilities etc on these rental properties. I believe they hired someone to get these offices moved and he is being paid thousands of dollars to get these offices moved. So how are we the taxpayers saving through all this? Get these offices moved and then propose a day work week and tell us then what the savings are. I can't see any savings at this point if these offices are still not in the annex. Can someone please explain to me what the savings are? By the way when you do decide to move these offices to the annex can you make sure they have adequate space as some of these offices now are very small and cramped or will be smaller and cramped when you the commissioners move them into a smaller area from where they are now. Think about it, your office was quite small in the courthouse and your new space it very nice so why do you want to move some of these offices to a smaller area then what they have now? The taxpayers paided out thousands of dollars for a layout of the annex to be done and now you want to make changes and give the offices smaller spaces. I don't understand..oh wait I get it, make your new offices such as tax claim and assessment, Domestic Relations, smaller than what they are now give them less space, cram them in a smaller area then what was designated to them in the beginning so we can save money that way while all of your other offices have the adequate space they need. Someone needs to take another look at this picture before a 4 day work week is considered.

Anonymous said...

Let's just face it. This is not for the benefit of the taxpayers (convenience-wise or money-wise). They just want 3 day weekends.

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible idea and is not in the best interest of the tax payers.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. It will be a very nice approach for the tax payers to get services instead of taking off work to get the services they need.

Anonymous said...

It is to the community's benefit. Do you realize most people work past 4:30 and can now have access to offices after work that would normally be closed. I for one would like to be able to buy my license after work instead of trying to leave work early to pick it up! As far as tax money...It may not be a HUGE savings which seems to be the only focus here but it will be a savings. What does it matter anyway? As long as the services are available and now at a more convenience time what does it really matter. As usual you have to have a few that will complain about anything!

Mr. Negative said...

Can someone explain to me how this would save the taxpayers money? Your still have to heat the buildings 5 days a week and you still have to have the lights on for the employees for 40 hours a week. You may think it is more convenient...except for that one day of the week that you "really" need help and guess what??? Uh Oh...that person is off today..and if it's a will now have to wait until Monday. Other private companies have tried this, but it never works when you have to server your customers 5 days a week.Alsl, for the person that would rather have things done after work, maybe you should try doing your stuff at lunch time. I think it would make more sense to let the people have a 1/2 day once a week and have some offices open on Saturday....we're heating/cooling the building anyway.